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UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-30 
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"Miss 6 and I are major fans of this series so we were delighted to see there was more in the library. It's fun and inclusive and very cool to see that everyone can kick butt! It helps the conversations that often lead with 'that's a boy thing' and 'girls cant do that'. It is awesome to have a solid reminder that 'But the Princess in Black is brave/tough/clever and would be able to do it'.
It's going to be hard to find boys who are empathetic or nurturing as she also likes to tell me that Boys can't do things, but I'll start with her presenting gender first
" said.

"Princess Magnolia takes the day off from protecting her kingdom from monsters and heads to the science fair. She meets all her friends there among many other children entering their projects. While examining all the projects the princesses find a monster hiding in a volcano and the heroes come in to save everone...including the monster!

I like the idea that the monster just needed a place where it would fit in. And I love where this is going--anyone can be a hero! Stand up for your beliefs and help those who can't help themselves! And you might need a disguise and a secret name. :-)
" said.

"My kids (boy 6; girl 3) really enjoy these books and ask me to read them repeatedly when we get them from the library. The stories are super predictable and follow the same format, but in a way, that's why they're fun. Despite being chapter books, you can read them quickly (about 15 minutes). You have to do monster voices and play up the battle cries--they're the best. It's been maybe three months since we checked this out from the library and we still spontaneously cry out "Volcano rumble! Bucket bash! Twinkle, twinkle little smash!" Which always ends in giggles." said.

"What do you do when a volcanic science project morphs into a sticky monster that threatens to eat everyone at the Interkingdom Science Fair? If you're the Princess in Black and the Princess in Blankets, you use your brains, your brawn and a few royal friends to tote that giant monster to the entrance of Monster Land and banish him forever. As with the other titles in the series, the sixth installment is action-packed, hilarious, and a celebration of bravery and perseverance. The last chapter ends on a cliffhanger that will have fans clamoring for book seven. " said.

"This might be my favourite title in the series so far. Princess Magnolia sets off to a science fair. While she is there a monster pops out of a volcano. She changes into the Princess in Black and together with the Princess in Blankets, they attempt to subdue the monster who is only looking for a home and something to eat. Eventually the two heroes and three other Princesses band together to take it where it can live.
I like the science focus here, but I love that these princesses work together to find a solution that works for everyone, including the monster. The ending, that suggests that all princesses can be heroes, is the best!
" said.

"When baking soda + vinegar doesn't cause the requisite eruption from the volcano, a science fair participant adds monster hair. This leads to the appearance of a Goo Monster at the Science Fair.

Luckily The Princess in Black and the Princess in Blankets are there to deal with the Goo Monster (with the help of the other princesses).

Love how they work out sharing the load of the heavy monster. Glad they came up with a way to give the monster what the monster wanted/needed while removing the monster from the science fair.

I felt sorry for the moles! It was a small habitat to begin with and then the monster invaded!

And the end foreshadows more monster-fighting fun to come, with more participants!
" said.

"Princess Magnolia thinks she will have the day free of monsters when she goes to compete in the inter-kingdom science fair. But of course, she recognizes trouble when she sees it there! As a monster emergency occurs, she and the princess in blankets are there to save the day, but they require the help of three other princesses from other kingdoms. In the end, these princesses realize that they are heroes too...they just need some disguises and names.

I really like the science/ problem solving theme, the fact that our heroine's poster kinda flops showing that we aren't always the best even though we are the main characters in our own "stories", and that we've been introduced to three new heroes for the next saga!
" said.

"It's time for the Interkingdom Science Fair and Princess Magnolia, Honeysuckle, and Sneezewort and Tommy are entering. Each has an amazing science fair project. Tommy's, however, has created a monster! Can the friends stop the monster from ruining everyone's science fair projects? The characters in this book are strong, delightful characters that will inspire a new generation of princess superheroes. The plot is well-developed, engaging, and humorous. Pictures and text work well together to create an engrossing tale for young readers transitioning into chapter books. This is a must-have read for any collection.

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