War of the Realms (Valkyrie) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-11 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 16 user ratings

" Started out very interesting but as the story went on it just didnt hold my interest. Could have been better as a one or two book series. " said.

" This series is the best series i have ever read. I read these books a day or two because they are so good. I highly recommend this series. " said.

" This is a great book to end the series! It had a really happy ending compared to other books! " said.

" This is truly the best book I have ever read. I love the plot and how it ends. I can not type enough things to express how good this book is. I just have one word for it : Amazing! " said.

"I thought the thrilling conclusion to the Valkyrie trilogy was great.
I didn’t like it a lot. It was great but no more than that. WHAT happened to sylt the reaping mare? Was my question that came in my head from start to finish.
There was no mention of sylt at all. That was what confused me greatly.
However it was certainly a page turner. And Freya was a incredibly strong Character. I do not think Quinnarous was needed in this book first he was being bossy and cruel towards Archie and Freya next he was treating them like a good friend.
Anyway.. Freya And The Valkyries are trapped in Midgard , as the war amongst the realms begins. Dirian is the villain of this conclusion. When her family are taken away to an army camp to get the army to help them defeate the frost and fire giants, Freya, her beloved raven Orus and Archie are forced to travel to Vanaheim to get there they must travel through the roots of Yggdraisl once reaching their destination they meet two Vanir wishing to help them journey to Midgard to kill frost and fire giants who are also responsible for the war. Then they must travel to Muspellhem where Dirian is awaiting to battle with Freya . Who will win the war? Will the realms live. Will the realms be taken over by Dirian and the fire and frost giants.

I felt this was a really epic conclusion . But I did not really like the chapters in Maya’s perspective and I was confused about what had happened to Sylt.
" said.

"great conclusion to the trilogy!

One of the things that truly had me liking this book out of all three of them was that O'Hearn did not make Loki the Trickster into Loki the Villain. She shows that Loki cares for his family--and Freya is in a way his family--and will fight to defend his home and family from anyone who attacks them. Loki is the catalyst to help Freya begin her journey to save the realms and that to me is very fitting. I loved the journey to Vanaheim and everything which followed.

Loki's battle with the Frost Giants was epic and so was Freya's with Dyran. The resolution was well done and something I could live with especially because even those who died were reborn in a sense. I will say that Archie continually harping on Loki made me want to punch him out, but maybe that was the point.

Would like to see a sequel soon.
" said.

"Valkyrie: War of the Realms by Kate O'Hearn is the third book in this fantasy trilogy. Have you ever wondered what life would be like in a diverse world? All nine realms has had one question stuck in their minds for days now: How will Ragnarok possibly be kept from happening? Ragnarok-the war of all the nine realms including Earth-has been on the verge of arriving to Asgard, and slowly making its way to all the other realms. Freya, a well trained reaper of souls who claims Asgard as her homeland, has the weight of Ragnarok on her shoulders. Forced to leave Asgard and find shelter elsewhere, the young Valkyrie has now decided to gather her friend Archie-a reaped human soldier- to escape and make a plan to stop Ragnarok. However, she will also have to travel with her brother, Kai, and Loki, the trickster god. With unfortunate events now holding her back, her trust for Loki is slowly decreasing. With new allies willing to help her fight for the safety of the realms, Freya now discovers the truth of how Ragnarok must be stopped, and who is in her way to stop it. Will Freya be able to keep her loved ones safe and be worthy enough to stop whoever is behind Ragnarok? I rate this book a 10 out of 10 for the attention-capturing affairs that never come to a stop in this book, and the unexpected turns this book will take.
If you like mythology and strong characters, you will like Valkyrie: War if the Realms by Kate O'Hearn.
" said.

"WOW! The first book was exciting. The second book was thrilling. Now this final and third book should come with a warning that there will be jaw-drops, heart break, stomach punches and the occasional chuckle. Sooo much happens and it truly is an epic finale that befits and honours all the adventures Freya had before the impeding danger of Ragnarok.
I really enjoyed following the adventures of not just Freya but also so many other characters.
Kate has become a master of working with Norse Mythology in all aspects and characters. She has kept the traditional essence but given it new energy and created a superb set of stories that are enjoyable for all ages from the first line to the last.
I will honestly miss this norse fantasy world and its fantastic characters.
" said.

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