Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 123 user ratings

"In this sequel to Uni the Unicorn, the unicorns are not doing very well because it just keeps raining and raining in their land. As most folks know, unicorns need sunshine, rainbows, and a true believer to make their magic work. Although Uni is just fine since there's never been a single doubt that there's a little girl out there who believes, Uni knows the other unicorns need help. As the two friends connect, magic happens, and the little girl is able to visit the land of the unicorns. As she spreads joy and magic, the other unicorns start to believe too, and the sun finally returns, leaving all of them very happy. The little girl rides a rainbow back home, and this time, she brings Uni back with her. After all, what little girl wouldn't want to have a magical unicorn as a companion? The illustrations are color-drenched and show off happy scenes, but this title didn't work particularly well for me. Maybe I was just in a grumpy mood the two times I read it, but I'm usually a fan of unicorns and just found this one to go on too long and be too didactic. I'm sure that I will be in the minority here as many readers will cherish the story and having Uni united with a girl, both of whom believe in the other one. " said.

"Open Book Reviews by Megan Schmelzer

I was so excited to finally get my hands of the second book in the Uni the Unicorn series. My daughter and I loved the first book, Uni the Unicorn, and the second book, Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True, was the perfect, next book in this adorable series!

In the first book, Uni the Unicorn, you meet Uni. Uni is different than other unicorns. Unlike the others, she believes deep down inside her that little girls exist, and she is convinced that someday, somehow, she will meet the little girl of her dreams. Little does Uni know, there is a little girl that is convinced that unicorns are real, and she is convinced that someday and somehow she will meet the unicorn of her dreams.

In Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True, trouble hits Uni and her fellow unicorns. After days and days of rain, the unicorns are losing their magic. They need a miracle; they need someone to believe in unicorns. Through magic and the dreams of Uni and one persistent little girl, their wishes finally become a reality; they meet face to face. Together, they set off to try to save the magic of all unicorns.
" said.

" For every unicorn lover out there, Uni will quickly become a household favorite! This sequel to Uni the Unicorn didn't disappoint. " said.

" Same thoughts as book one. Fun art boring and pointless story and book. " said.

" Strong art, but the idea of unicorns wishing away rain felt corny. The writing was far stronger in the first book in the series. " said.

" While I'm sad the world lost Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Uni won't have any more adventures, this story made a lovely next and final chapter. " said.

" Very sweet follow-up to Uni the Unicorn. Love the illustrations by Brigette Barrager! " said.

" This was a cute sequel to the original "Uni The Unicorn". The story starts off with trouble in the land of the unicorns. This one is not as magical as the first one but, I still enjoyed it. " said.

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