The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-09 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" Very sad but a good read as a cautionary story. I didn't know much about auks before this (except from Lewis Carroll, which didn't relate to this at all, really) so this was really quite something else. " said.

" The poor auk, a bird I know nothing about as it went extinct long before I was born. Yes, it succumbed to the worst predators ever--humans--but the story in this case is made interesting and suspenseful as we watch the birds move around and see their evolutionary flaws. " said.

" Given that this is indeed a tragic tale, it was told in a refreshingly upbeat style. The artwork is fabulous. I learned a lot about the Great Auk and would pass this book along to anyone - adult or child - who is interested in natural history or non-fiction. " said.

" A beautifully presented fascinating tale of extinction. I was surprised by how informative the text is, because it is breezy and fast-paced as well. Great illustrations, good bibliography and glossary also. " said.

" These illustrations are so beautiful that for moments during the book I forgot they weren't real. My elementary aged children were fully engaged listening to this history of the Great Auk species, in spite of the book's length. " said.

"The great auk were fabulous swimmers, and spent 10 months out of the year in the ocean. But they had a fatal flaw: they couldn't move very well on land, and they couldn't fly, but they needed to be on land to lay their eggs. Lovely pictures, and several cool "Ooh, didja know?" facts. This is a sad story about their extinction, but their discarded bodies on Funk Island now form the soil that puffins use to burrow in to lay their eggs, and their extinction also started the conservation movement, saving other birds that were headed in the same direction." said.

" Interesting look at the extinction of a bird species, well researched and organized. " said.

"Fascinating. My only personal knowledge of the Great Auk comes from the Little House on the Prairie series. At some point Pa finds what he thinks is one of the last of these creatures, except if I remember correctly the bird in question flies away which - according to this book - would not have been possible.

So this story gives information about the Great Auk and the various reasons for its demise, which is quite a sad story. The excerpt that sums up this book for me is the bit describing how Puffins now build their nesting burrows in the soil made up of dead Great Auk remains. The highlight of the illustrations were the ghost auks. This is beautifully tragic, haunting, and informative.

Odd, but amazing.
" said.

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