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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-09 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 14 user ratings

" Hilarious. I thought this would be a kid book, but it's so weird and random, so obviously I connected with the characters. " said.

" I just really love how purple the cover is to be honest, but the writing's pretty good too, even if the whole Astro-nuts thing was a bit annoying and repetitive. " said.

"ARC received from publisher at ALA Midwinter

Norbert lives in a futuristic dystopia where everything is gray and depressing. His parents were arrested and taken away years ago by the Truth Police, and he's being raised by a boring aunt and uncle. When Norbert stands up when the teacher is out of the room and riffs on the Loving Leader of the society, he is also arrested and sent to Zorquat Three with other children who are also deemed a menace to society and who are named Astor-Nuts. In this camp like environment, the quirky leaders encourage the children to be creative, but Norbert doesn't quite get it and thinks that he is still in danger of being sent to an even worse place when he speaks his mind. In the end, he understands what is going on.

Strengths: Anything with the Patterson imprint does well, and the quirky cover will sell this immediately to his fans.
Weaknesses: I do like some of Patterson's stuff, but this was more like Laugh Out Loud than I, Funny, and it rubbed me the wrong way. It was message heavy with the "society crushes creativity", and I just couldn't believe that Norbert was SO clueless. Yes, I'm all for giving children things they like, but they seemed like Brown Sugar Pop Tarts. Just a bit pandering.
What I really think: I'm waiting to purchase a variety of these paper-over-board titles in prebinds, since they wear out quickly and it really hurts my feelings to repurchase them. Well, except Stick Dog and Big Nate.
" said.

" This book showed promise as a read-aloud with my 9yo and 11yo boys (Norbert is likable, the cartoons were funny, and I can see where the storyline was going with emphasizing how being different is good), but they just didn’t care for the whole space/planet thing. My oldest quickly finished it on his own and said, “Meh.” " said.

"I have never read anything by James Patterson before. I am an alien, I know. But I’m a Children’s Librarian and am trying to keep up with literature for kids, so here I am, starting with the “Jimmy Patterson” imprint. At times it’s a bit corny, the writing a little hokey, but there’s a great message and humor kids will love. There are positive examples of empowered females and males who aren’t afraid to show their emotions, and that’s so important. I stepped outside of my usual middle-grade picks to be better at RA, and I’m glad I did." said.

" This is a funny and quick read. " said.

"Set in the future when mankind has been able to settle on a number of planets and earth has been united under the United State of Earth, this is the tale of Norbert Riddle, who has an unhealthy sense of humor in a culture that does everything it can to crush individualism. Under the Loving Leader, all creativity is discouraged and everyone does everything they can to be normal and not stand out. To not do so is a horrible thing, which is something that Norbert knows personally because his parents were taken away by the state.

While having a particularly bad day at school, Norbert loses his temple and decides to get up on his teacher's desk and do a routine in which he mocks the Loving Leader. Of course, this leads to some trouble of his own and he is arrested and sent to the prison planet Zorquat 3 in the Orion Nebula.

Zorquat 3 is meant to be a punishment, but the kids who have been sent there have taken advantage of the opportunity away from the prying eyes of the stateto break the rules. The prison is referred to as Astronuts Camp, and everyone there seems dedicated to exploring the various creative arts from painting to dance to comedy.

At first Norbert wants to avoid falling outside the normal blandness that he is supposed to follow so that he can try and get information about where his parents were sent, but he can't avoid being pulled into the opportunities that Zorquat has to offer.

I have to say this is my least favorite of Patterson's children's books to date. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of meat to the plot and it seems overly long.
" said.

" I really loved this book! Norbert is a really funny character and his jokes are laugh-out-loud hysterical. This book is a real page-turner with fun characters, lots of adventure, and a fun twist ending. If you like crazy adventures and lots of jokes, youll love this book. I hope there’s a sequel! " said.

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