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UPDATE TIME: 2019-04-10 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 32 user ratings

" This was apparently getting some fuss in some book review magazine, and a coworker decided TO read it. Upon reading it, she decided to share it, because she found it hilarious. I was not as amused, but it's cute and I'm sure yungins will like it much more than I did. "Potatoes don't wear pants!" they'll giggle gleefully. I'll give it an extra star for this certainty. I, however, don't wish to read kids books without children present ever again. Even though some of them are totally adorable. " said.

"Get ready to laugh and laugh with this latest book by the author of Arnie the Donut, Laurie Keller. I have already read this book to 4 classes, plus my granddaughter, and all the children have found it just as funny as I did! Poor Potato did not get to buy his pants at Lance Vance's Fancy Pants store on the only day the pants were sold. Will he buy them somewhere else? Will he go pants-less? Read and find out! This book has misunderstandings, forgiveness, pants, lots of spuds, an eggplant and a Tuber Uber!!!! " said.

" Keller had me from the start because a potato wants comfy-ass lounge pants and gets all sarcastic when eggplant takes the last pair. I mean, it works out and lessons are learned, but I'm here for the crazy pants-wear, robot (po-bot) dancing spud who's happy to be grumpy. Cannot wait to read it aloud to classes. Solid 4 stars book that I'm giving 5 because at the back of the book you meet Tubérto, the creator of potato pants. I'm happy to live in a world where that sort of nonsense gets printed. " said.

"Last week, I received a potato in the mail.

Upon return from Nebraska, I now have the book to go along with the potato.

A one day sale on trousers has the potato community rushing to the fancy pants store.

A funny story, I do like the thought bubbles and asides that might help younger readers navigate the same in other texts, especially graphic novels.

There is a lot happening on each page which is satisfying to this adult reader who remembers enjoying books that had a lot to offer by way of asides, sight gags, word bubbles.
" said.

"“For one day only ... Lance Vance’s Fancy Pants Store is selling Potato Pants!”

Potato is anxious to get inside to get his pants until he sees Eggplant! What’s Eggplant doing there? Eggplants don’t wear potato pants. And it’s the same Eggplant that pushed him out of the way yesterday. What if Eggplant pushes him again? Think, Potato! What can you do? No, the grocery store doesn’t carry clothes. He’s just going to have to be brave ... but he better hurry. There’s only one pair left. And that’s when Potato charges right by Eggplant, hitting him with the door and tearing his pants. Uh oh!

A cute story with an important message about the power of “I’m sorry.”
" said.

"Straight from the mouths of 2nd graders:

"The book is so good. I LOVE it! It is so funny and crazy! It is awesome!"
"I love that they forgave each other."
"This book is super duper cool."
"What a remarkable source of comedy!"
"I LOVED this book! I liked how sometimes you didn't know what was coming next. Someday I'm going to write books of my own."
"My favorite part was when the eggplant said sorry."
"This book is great for kids. It is also hilarious. I love the part with the potato pants. So take my advice and read this book!"

I couldn't have said it better myself. :) The five star rating is straight from the students as well. It really is a great book and a fun readaloud that I am thrilled to be adding to my library collection!
" said.

"I've just read 2 terrific books in a row! Oh, are kids going to love this one!

This is laugh out loud funny. Who are these silly folks who "can't get past" the idea of a potato wearing pants?
They need to go back to reading The Berenstain Bears--or can't they "get past" the idea of bears wearing clothing and preaching morality like the good Republicans they must be.

There IS a gentle lesson or two here about being brave, brave enough to do something scary, and brave enough to do the right thing, and saying sorry when you should. But if you can concentrate on that more than on dozens of spuds trying on "Lance Vance's Fancy Pants Store," you really need to chill for a while. Maybe go watch some "Spongebob Squarepants," which has echoes here.
" said.

" A Potato that does the Robot, er, the Po-bot because he is so excited over a sale on Potato pants. But, horrors, when he gets there an EGGPLANT is in the store trying on potato pants. WHAT! Eggplant Pants Day was yesterday. Potato gets so furious that he storms out of the store and rants over the unfairness of it all... and because of that misses out on the very last pair of potato pants. As Potato finds out, anger and rash behavior leads to unintended consequences. This is a very good way to show children how to deal with anger and how to extend forgiveness and accept apologies.
Great artwork and bold colors. One of the suggestions was to read the story and make potato pants for potatoes. Don't forget to bring along items to make legs for your potato to stand on, arms and facial features. Oh, and lots of wild patterned material for pants.
" said.

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