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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-09 
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" A celebration of treehouses, the various ways to build them, and the glorious things you can do in them.I really enjoy the vast array of trees included and locales hinted at. It truly feels like a worldwide celebration of treehouses. The text is lyrical and whimsical, and the illustrations are fantastic. Beware of reading this if you don't want the children you read to to go out and try to build a treehouse. But it is the perfect read for treehouse lovers. " said.

" This lovely read came from Colby Sharp’s recommendation. I loved it so much that I bought it for my daughter’s birthday book as it reminded me of her sense of adventure & creativity. Kids are shown the many dreamy ways they can enjoy treehouse goodness — even if they are still waiting on a tree.made my list, "Gorgeous Picture Books Capturing Magical, Independent Childhoods:" " said.

" I loved this book! From the beautiful language to the illustrations that were phenomenal, this is a definite must read for any child who has a treehouse, wants a treehouse and dreams of a treehouse. I paired this book up with a makerspace activity in my library where students designed treehouses out of Keva planks, Legos, and Magnatiles. What they came up with was great and it all stemmed from this book! " said.

" I liked the language in this book about why you need a treehouse and what you do in one. This uses wonderful language and images- solider in an army of trees, grove of generals, and pirates spitting pistachio shells from the trees. I love the illustrations of sleep overs in the treehouse with multiple friends. Looks like fun to be eating, reading, sleeping, and looking for animals and the sky nearby. " said.

"Beautiful poetic text. Gorgeous illustrations! My four year old and I both adored this book. We've spent a lot of time examining each page and the illustrations have prompted a lot of imaginative narrative from my daughter. She is also now planning her own grand treehouse thanks to this book and imagining what wonderful adventures she could have. "Mommy, can we go to this treehouse and climb all the stairs, and this one to read all of the books, and this one to swing on the swing?! When I have a treehouse it will have all of those things!" " said.

"7/14/2018 ~~ The story contains elements of realism - what to look for when planning a treehouse and elements of fantasy & whimsy as the planned treehouse grows beyond one's wildest hopes. The accompanying illustrations are a mixture of full page and small "bubbles." I heard this read aloud, while the book was projected on a screen. I'd love to go back to re-read and slowly enjoy the details in the illustrations.

It would be interesting to consider using this as a mentor or pattern text in an elementary writers' workshop - everything you need for a ___.
" said.

"When I was a kid, I always wished I could have a treehouse. We didn't really have the kinds of trees in our neighborhood that were big enough for that. And if I ever did find a big tree, I didn't have the materials or the know-how to build one. So we always had to settle for trying make cool forts behind the bushes in the backyard. This beautifully written and illustrated picture book helps kids like me live vicariously in the imagined treehouses rendered on the pages. By the time you read about all the different kinds of treehouses and the books you'll enjoy reading in them and the snacks you'll like to eat in them, you'll know what it is to have a wonderful place in the treetops!" said.

"“The best kind of friends share squeezed hands and they come with some guts and a smile.”

First, you need to look up, take some time and imagine when you’re going to build a treehouse. Will your treehouse stand alone so you can spread out wide? Or will it be “one of a soldier in an army of trees” that you will have to look hard in order to find it. You’ll need blueprints, tools and lots of friends to help you. Don’t forget all the extras like a swing, a library and plenty of snacks! Now you have a place where secrets are kept and friends band together against to shadows and noises of the nighttime.

Would make a fun read aloud that then combine with a STEM activity in which students could design and create a blueprint of their own treehouse.

" said.

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