National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 (National Geographic Almanacs) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" It’s the 10th anniversary of the beloved National Geographic Kids Almanac and the 2020 edition is better than ever! Bursting at the seams with captivating information, engaging images, fun games, and more, the Almanac 2020 is a wildly fun read from beginning to end. Informative, inspiring, endlessly fascinating, the Almanac 2020 will provide hours of educational fun. And be sure to visit the Almanac website for more fun, games, and info about the awesome 20/20 Visionary Challenge.   " said.

" got bored and decided to read it since I collect a lot of the series. definitely learned stuff that I wasn’t taught in school. " said.

" There is a loooooot of information in this book! I've enjoyed reading this and so have my kids. Here's a link to my complete review: " said.

"This year the Almanac features all-new content, interviews with explorers in each chapter, a special look at what was going on in the world when the first National Geographic Kids Almanac came out 10 years ago, plus the results of the 2019 Almanac Challenge and a new Challenge for kids who want to get involved with helping our planet.

This book is packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, conservation, and more. There's a whole chapter full of fun and games, including activities, jokes, and comics. Practical reference material, including fast facts and maps of every country, has been fully updated. Homework help on key topics is sprinkled throughout the book.
I like this book very much.
" said.

"I simply love these annual almanacs. There is something that simply intrigues me about maps and these folks do maps RIGHT! I am captivated about places, creatures, things I've never seen and will never be able to see. These folks bring it right into my home, heart, and hands in these colorful and insightful books. They are designed for KIDS! Right! But this granny absolutely loves them!

There are so many facets to the 2020 Almanac - Cultural, Space and Earth, Fun and Games, Exploration, Nature, History Happens (history buffs like myself love this one!), Geography (map lovers and those who love studying the "layout of the land" will relish this one!). So much good stuff!

I highly recommend.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy to facilitate this review. Opinions are solely mine and are freely given.
" said.

"National Geographic has been making almanacs for ten years and amazing non-fiction books for as long as I can remember. I loved them when our kids were younger and I still love reading them. I always learn something and the kids in the classroom love reading and sharing what they learned with me and their friends.

Eleven sections offer a wide variety of topics including animals, science, space, nature, history, geography, and pure fun. Since National Geographic is celebrating ten years of publishing almanacs, the book begins with a roundup of ways the world has changed in ten years. Then moves into each section. My favorite is always the animal section including stories about amazing animals and their Top 20 Cutest Animals.

The Fun and Games section offers all kinds of word games and quizzes to keep kids learning. Real life explorers are also featured in each section offering kids a peek behind the scenes and a way for kids to continue to follow their interests as an adult.

Amazing photography and brief, concise bits of information to keep your kids learning for days makes this a perfect book to encourage learning during the summer break.

This year’s edition is much more interactive, launching a 20/20 Visionary Challenge. Readers are asked to imagine the world ten years from now and come up with a positive change, invention, or discovery in whatever area interests them. These ideas will be featured in the next Almanac 2021.
" said.

"Have you considered becoming and explorer so that you can learn about the amazing world we live in? Would you be interested in sharing new species, science and technology with readers who love to learn? You can learn from the best as they share their explorer adventures in celebration of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 Tenth Anniversary Edition.

This newest almanac has over 500 photos featuring animals, kids, crafts, cultural events and items, history and so much more for a better understanding of the topic with visual tools. If you are wondering how much the world has changed in the last ten years, this guide shares the panda boom, space flight, electric cars and even fun facts about Harry Potter. Parents and teachers will find this amazing guide to be extremely interactive. Readers can create a motion ocean, sand paintings, master optical illusions, create an experiment involving decomposition, answer quizzes and so much more.

National Geographic explorer-in-residence Enric Sala wants kids to enjoy the natural world by exploring a forest, marsh or prairie. He wants kids to spend time in and around nature and guarantees they will fall in love with it. Earth explorer Barrington Irving is a pilot who has navigated through storms that included monsoons, snowstorms and even sandstorms. He is the youngest person and first African American to fly solo around the world. Science and math enthusiast Kakani Katija has a passions for engineering and biology. She develops instruments to enable exploration of hard to reach areas deep in the ocean.

If you are a visionary National Geographic Kids has a challenge that invites readers to think about how the world could change in the next ten years. The sky is the limit and readers can share anything that interests them and a winner will be featured in next years alamanc. Parents and teachers can get kids involved in exploring their own communities and encourage research, photography, and experiments so they can participate in the challenge and share what they’ve learned.
" said.

"I learned many things just by reading this almanac. I learned that Chile and Colombia are the only two countries in South America with coast lines on both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. I learned of an invention called the oombrella. This is an umbrella that can alert me of when it is going to rain within fifteen minutes. It alerts me of rain by sending a ping to my cell phone. I also learned of a real life transformer that is being developed by Japanese engineers. This transformer can turn into both a robot and a car. This is an amazing invention that can travel for 37 miles per hour.

I liked looking at pictures of things I have never seen before. There is a picture of a gorilla called Louis who walks on two legs in the Philadelphia Zoo. There is another picture of a beautiful colorful coral reef in the water of the Caribbean Sea. There is a picture of collection of rainbow colored rocks in a geological park in China. These pictures are amazing to look at. It is very difficult for me to travel because of my physical disability, so I found these pictures to be delightful and insightful.

I liked the Earth explorers profiled in this book like Barrington Irving. He is the youngest African America to travel around the world in a plane. He flew around the world in 2007 at the age of 23. I also admire the work of Katy Walter who has looked for methane gas in 250 lakes in Siberia and Russia. Her work has heightened the awareness of global warming.

This almanac also offers great tips on how to write an effective essay and a letter. I love to learn about different countries. This book provides tips about how to do that. I also liked the tips how to become a better photographer. Even though I am not a student and I don't take pictures, I found this information to be very detailed and interesting.
" said.

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