Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel (Alex Rider) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-15 
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"The name of the author is Anthony Horowitz and the book is called Alex Rider, Storm Breaker. This book is fiction. The genre of the book is adventure, Realistic Fiction. I chose this book because I read the 2nd book of Alex Rider and I like it so I chose this book.

The main character is a British boy named Alex and he found out that his uncle, Ian has died. He went to investigate more on Ian's death but he realized he was murdered. Then Alex joins a secret spy group called MI6 and goes to London to investigate more. Alex meets a man named Darrius Sayle from America. He found out that Darrius was spreading some kind of virus. Then he tries to find out how his uncle died and what Darrius is up to.

The story gave me a surprise because in the first book of Alex Rider, on the first few pages, Alex's Uncle dies and it shows what happened. The story and the characters were realistic and most of the things happened in the book was possible to do in real life. My favorite part was when one of the bad guy named Yassen Gregorovich helped Alex when Alex was about to die. I think this book is really good and creative because it is fiction but it's realistic. I suggest this book to my friends because my class enjoys fight scenes. I suggest this book to 12-14 because they fight a lot and it's not a good example to people who are younger.
" said.

"This graphic novel adaptation of the first book in Horowitz’s popular Alex Rider series features 14-year-old Alex learning that his seemingly-ordinary uncle was actually spy, and has been killed by his enemies. What’s more, he had been subtly training Alex in the skills Alex would need to walk in his footsteps. Alex is pulled into the world of the MI6 spy program, and goes undercover to investigate a suspiciously generous computer tycoon. The action is nonstop and the mystery is satisfying and suspenseful.

This would be a great book for reluctant readers who would like an action story. In graphic novel format, it is more approachable and necessarily less wordy than its novel counterpart. It might be a great doorway for reluctant readers to enter, and they might then be intrigued enough to read the novel for themselves as well. Having read the novel and seen the movie adaptation myself, I was a little disappointed that the graphic novel followed the movie storyline more faithfully than the book, but I think the reasons behind changes made in the screenplay version probably apply to a graphic novel version of the story too, as both are dealing with creating a visual depiction of a non-visual story. I found the cartoony images to be slightly less gruesome than the images in my head when I read the novel, which I appreciated, so this might be a good suggestion for more sensitive readers as well.

This book would be fun to feature in a tween spy program at the library. Tweens could decipher coded messages, write messages in invisible ink, create disguises and cover stories, etc. This book, along with books like Spyology and the Young James Bond series could be made available for checkout at the end of the program. This would also be fun in a multi-media pack, bundled with the novel and the movie, for a multi-format experience.
" said.

" This was interesting. Might read the series. " said.

" If you're into graphic novels, then this may work for you. The plot seemed abbreviated due to space constraints. " said.

" A young boy finds out he has been training to be a spy his whole life and he didn't even know it. Alex Rider has to go from school to saving the world, and he does it very well. With gadgets and gizmos, this spy story has a very 007 feeling that clearly interest even the readers not interested in the action and adventure. " said.

" I have to give this three stars (even though it is objectively worse than the actual first book) just because I get so much enjoyment out of how terrible this version of the story is. They really should have based the graphic novel on the actual book, not the god-awful movie. Looking forward to reading the rest of the graphic novels in this series and reliving the glory days of middle school haha. " said.

"Contains spoiler for this graphic novel, the movie adaption and Anthony Horowitz's original Stormbreaker.

I am so disappointed in this book and I just don't know where to start.... Why would they base it on the movie instead of Anthony Horowitz's original book and only tell you that in teeny tiny little writing on the back? I don't want to read the graphic novel of the movie! Sigh.

The original Alex Rider series was a large part of my childhood. I read those books about three times each and obsessed over Alex. I used to play spy games and pretend to go on missions and do everything that Alex did. He was a childhood hero. When you love a series that much, you want to try and make the magic of it last as long as you can. You buy the books, then the companion novels, you buy the series' guides, the author's biography, the author's other works.. and the graphic novel adaptions... sigh.

Alex's character was butchered in this and it made me want to cry. Alex - in the original book series - is a strong, complex and very driven character with a lot of heavy backstory that is more important that you would think. In this book, Alex was incredibly gullible, boring, shallow, impulsive, childish and lacked independence. He was dry and unrelatable. Who wants to read about a character like that!?

The plotline was also completely dissimilar to the original story. The beginning was all messed. Ian was weird as. Why did he call Alex? He wasn't meant to be the parental kind. Then was Alan Blunt and "the offer" which was all ridiculously rushed. Where was Alex's denial stage? Where was the part where MI6 tested Alex to see if he was worth training? That's kind of important.

There was plenty of other things that I could comment on too but I think I've made my point. I am really disappointing that this deviated from the original books so much - even the characters were drawn with the wrong hair colours etc. - and it made my dislike for this even more profound. I certainly wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

... I just remember a couple of things that I cannot believe I forgot to add such as the fact that they changed the back story of our villain - Herold Sayle. I even don't know where to start with my anger at this. Its renders Sayle's entire crazy plan pointless! The original story made his motives make sense - like they are meant to be - but the story in this was simply crazy. He was bullied at school for being American!? They called him "Smell" instead of "Sayle" - that's your reasoning behind killing millions of children? Please. That's pathetic. He wasn't even of American heritage in the original book - he had a much, much more complicated history.

My other qualm is the fact there was this romantic interest-type little thread added into this book. There is meant to be no romance in this series for a reason - don't ruin that.
" said.

" it wasint what I imagined it to be and they got Alex's personality all wrong! But anyone who is willing to draw a WHOLE BOOK has gotten three stars! " said.

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