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"The Graphic Novel "Storm Breaker' written by Anthony Horowitz was a short, fast yet interesting tale. So much action is packed into such a small amount of words, the pictures give the story away. It really helps the reader follow the story regardless of the simple word choice. Further more, the written sound effects help you to understand the sense of the scene that the character is in. Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy whos uncle was 'mysteriously killed' on what Alex did not know was a spy mission. After his death Alex is recruited by M16 to replace his uncle a the winner of a contest in the hopes to find out about Darrius Sayles all too kind invention of the Storm Breaker computer. The story leaves you in short suspense at parts and all in all is a great firt graphic novel to read! I recommend it to anyone just starting graphic novels as I am. " said.

"Stormbreaker is also a popular book from my 5th grade class, recommended by my teacher. It is about 14 year old Alex whose uncle has been murdered. He is sucked into the life he never knew his uncle had where he was undercover. He goes into training and has his own mission to complete his uncle's last mission that he never finished. This is an action packed book that keeps the students guessing. This could be a book that they could read on their own but could also be a book that the teacher reads to the students in parts each day. It could be a leisure break book but also one up for discussion in guessing what happens next or if Alex is going to be able to fulfill his mission and how. Books that keep the students wanting you to read more are great in engaging them and keeping up their comprehension skills. " said.

"In the book the theme that the author is trying to say is that if you would want to be someone in life you could achieve it by working hard and having lots of practice of what you want to be. On the last two pages Alex Rider is talking to Sabina
"That's not what they told me..."
"I'm not. And it won't happen again."
"No of course not."
"It wont. I'm not a spy... I'm just me."
"Target acquired... Stand by."
The significance of this quote is that Alex is talking to Sabina saying he is not a spy and he well never be one again. But then you see agents looking at Alex and saying target acquire. That shows that they want to kill him so that means he will still be a spy and that people now know who he is and will want to kill him. So he thinks he is done when really him being a secret agent has just begone.

Good Book and students and teachers should read it.
" said.

"This book was awesome. I really loved it. The book was totally worth it. It was very action packed too. Since it was a graphic novel, it went by pretty fast. It took about two or three days to read it. Probably because there weren't really any paragraphs. Just all dialogue. But I don't mind that. I am always in love with graphic novels. With chapter books like the original Stormbreaker book, there weren't any photos to show you what the setting is. But with graphic novels, it is totally different. I felt that this book did a great job with showing the setting of the book. Especially since there are pictures on every page. Another reason that I liked this book is because it makes you feel kind of like you are there. As well as you could really see the emotion of the characters face unlike when reading a chapter book. You should really take a look at this book. It I amazing and I think that it deserves a five-star." said.

"Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel is based on the film "Stormbreaker" from the book. Since I love comics, I read Stormbreaker and it was exactly (almost) showing the film scenes. Before I read the Graphic Novel, I read the original books featuring Alex Rider which was really interesting. This book is based on the film while the other Graphic Novels are based on the original Alex Rider books. Since there was no films showing after the movie "Stormbreaker" wasn't good for much people. But the film was great (from me), I really would like to see the books be made into films since it was a success. What i like about the Graphic Novel is the pictures that looks like the people from the film and also showing everything that appeared in the film. What I'm concerned about is that in the end, Alex Rider was targeted by unknown agents and wonder what happens next but he survived due to the next Graphic Novel of Alex Rider. Stormbreaker is really good book and one of the successes books." said.

""Stormbreaker", by Anthony Horowitz, is a 192 page graphic novel on one of the books in the Alex Rider series. Alex Rider's uncle is a British spy who unfortunately dies on the job. Alex, who was not aware of his uncle's profession until after his death, is approached by the company his uncle was working for and recruited. Just like his uncle Alex is a great spy and perfect for the job. After his brief training Alex's task is to stop a man from launching a computer program that will infect all students in the U.K. with a virus. After several obstacles Alex finally is able to stop him and saves the day. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel because of the suspenseful story plot and wonderful animations. The pictures added to the excitement of the tension-filled scenes as you could visualize what was happening. I personally love stories with spies and a lot of action and this novel gave me exactly what I wanted. It was an enjoyable read and I would recommend that anyone who has not read a graphic novel start with this one." said.

"An adaptation of the book by the same title. Alex Rider knows something is suspicious about the car accident that killed his uncle, and only living relative. But he is surprised to discover his uncle, whom he always knew as a banker, is actually a spy for Britan's top spy agency, MI6. Even more surprising, the MI6 folks want Alex's help. He's given a bit of training, and sent in to finish the mission his uncle started. Darrius Sayle is an entrepreneur who has developed a new supercomputer, the Stormbreaker. He's offered to give one to every school in Britain, and a ceremony has been planned to commemorate the occasion, with the Prime Minister flicking the switch to activate all the computers at once. The MI6 officers think there is more to Sayle than generosity, and it's up to Alex to find out what the computer are really supposed to do.

Having read this back to back with the novel, I was rather put out by the changes that were made to the story. With a bit of research, I decided the graphic novel was closer in plot to the movie version than the novel version of the story. I enjoyed the graphic novel more than the book, even with the changes.
Having another version of this popular story in a tween collection would be a good idea. Tweens who have read the book might pick up the graphic novel, and reluctant readers could be drawn to the novel via the graphic novel version.
" said.

"The name of the author is Anthony Horowitz and the book is called Alex Rider, Storm Breaker. This book is fiction. The genre of the book is adventure, Realistic Fiction. I chose this book because I read the 2nd book of Alex Rider and I like it so I chose this book.

The main character is a British boy named Alex and he found out that his uncle, Ian has died. He went to investigate more on Ian's death but he realized he was murdered. Then Alex joins a secret spy group called MI6 and goes to London to investigate more. Alex meets a man named Darrius Sayle from America. He found out that Darrius was spreading some kind of virus. Then he tries to find out how his uncle died and what Darrius is up to.

The story gave me a surprise because in the first book of Alex Rider, on the first few pages, Alex's Uncle dies and it shows what happened. The story and the characters were realistic and most of the things happened in the book was possible to do in real life. My favorite part was when one of the bad guy named Yassen Gregorovich helped Alex when Alex was about to die. I think this book is really good and creative because it is fiction but it's realistic. I suggest this book to my friends because my class enjoys fight scenes. I suggest this book to 12-14 because they fight a lot and it's not a good example to people who are younger.
" said.

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