America Is Under Attack: September 11, 2001: The Day the Towers Fell (Actual Times) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" I'v been reading books about 9/11 that I can use with middle-graders, particularly fiction, but this one fits the bill really, really well, even though it's nonfiction. It is clear, it SHOWS and TELLS exactly what happened. It give a real feeling of being there. It's informative, and it brings in the human element compassionately. It's horrific, but a valuable teaching...and learning....tool. Don Brown did an excellent job with one of the most difficult subjects in contemporary times. Bravo. " said.

"Oof. I'm not sure I can fairly judge this one as a book for a children. As a former child who remembers 9/11 clearly, my life is split into my pre-9/11 memories and my post-9/11 memories, which makes 9/11 books a very different animal for me than for kids who see 9/11 the same way they see World War II- as a historical event. 9/11 is a living event for me; I see the impacts of 9/11 every day, especially during this current administration which feeds on the fear of everyday Americans.

This is unobjectively a thorough and sensitive account of that day. It does *not* gloss over any of the difficult details, so I'd be very hesitant to share this book with any child under 9 or 10.
" said.

"This book displays watercolor painted pictures. These help the kids visualize the events that happened on September 11.

Don Brown wrote America is Under Attack: The Day the Towers Fell for the ten year anniversary of 9/11. The book starts at the very beginning of the day. It tells of how the planes were hijacked and went through the two towers. It tells about the pentagon and the events that followed. The book showcases the men and women that died to save others lives.

I feel this book is a good book to read because it showcase 9/11. Many kids do not necessarily understand what happened that day, but this book helps to convey the story at their level. I love how the pictures are created and look. They help to give off the emotion of the tragic day.
" said.

"Even though this book is a simplified version of the attacks on September 11 and meant for children it is a great account of the events that occurred. Having the story written in third person allowed for the reader to get to know many different characters in multiple locations throughout the story. I really liked that it mentioned the names of actual people, their relevance in the story (employee, firefighter, police, etc.), and their relationships (the firefighter brothers). As a future teacher I really appreciate the dialogue citations in the back of the book along with the bibliography. This would be a nice addition to a 9/11 lesson with cited facts and information for the students. I also enjoyed the illustrations... this provides the reader with an photographic idea of what happened without being too graphic for young minds.

The only complaint I have about this book is that it BRIEFLY mentions the jumpers. There is only one sentence and he simply states that there were people that jumped. Nothing more. I think it is important for students to learn about all aspects of the attack, but this might be a little intense for young readers who are just learning of the disaster. Nothing major, but I did cringe a tiny bit. Overall, the book is a fantastic nonfiction children’s picture book that retells of the 9/11 attacks with ease and tact. Two thumbs up!!
" said.

" I had shivers reading this story and remembering that morning. " said.

" Picked this up to share with my 5th graders who weren't even born on 9/11. Very accessible for them. " said.

" This is the book about 9/11 that my library's needed all these years--straightforward, factual, sensitive, and including the stories of actual people. This will be a useful and important book for kids for a long time to come. " said.

" Excellent book to give to children to understand the events of 9.11. The book explains the events well, and does not leave out some of the darkest moments. Young readers may need an adult to help guide and discuss with them as they read, while older readers will need less guidance. A hard book to read about a very important day in our history. Don Brown, as usual, does a great job including his notes, sources and quotes. " said.

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