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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 54 user ratings

" Finally, a book based on KOREAN mythology!! I think I’ve been waiting forever for a book like this!!!!! " said.

" This is the first time that I read a Korean mythology.Though the book was not up-to what I expected, I'm not totally unsatisfied. To be honest, the only reason that I selected this book because it said "Rick riordon presents". " said.

"A super fun and adventure filled book that any middle grade (and older) person will enjoy. I was honestly so happy when I heard about this book and my heart was literally jumping out of me because ASIAN REP IN MIDDLE GRADE, I'M LIVIN!! Also, the plotting, the character development, the writing and everything was honestly phenomenal. It taught important lessons, and like all books from the RRP series - with great humor that made me reminisce my younger years of reading uncle Rick's books.

**An arc of this book was sent to me by Disney Books/Rick Riordan Presents.

" said.

"Because this is a group read, all my thoughts will be seperated into chapter groups. There will be spoilers that won't have a spoiler tag so use caution!


Chapters 1-7: This gives a solid (yet vaguely info-dumpfy (is that a word???) start to the book. We see some mixed family member relationships (positive with her brother Jun, and perhaps not so positive with her mother) and then some important messenger guy delivers the news the Jun has deserted his Space Army post in search of the mythical Dragon Pearl. Min decides to go after him. I was kinda disappointed that we didn't see more restriction of her powers. I thought her powers would be more obvious to others and that's why her family wasn't allowed to use them, but no she's been pretty "using my powers, no restrictions!" so far, so curious to see if that'll last. I also need to remember this is a middle grade book, so maybe ignore world-building/info-dumping. Excited to read more!!

Chapters 8-14: Gender neutral goblin is a line I never though I'd get to say, but here we are. This book is actually really holding up for a middle grade novel. Min had gotten a lift with the Red Azalea , but they soon become under attack from mercenaries. When she wakes, she talks to the ghost of Jang, a cadet who was killed saving her and the co-pilots life. Her convinces her to find out who killed him before fading away. Min, trying to slip into the role of the cadet, making friends with 2 of Jang's old friends. We see more of world-building, explaining things like space travel. Excited to see what happens next!!

Chapters 15-22: Ad Min gets more used to life on the Pale Lightning , she doesn't forget her mission to find her brother, or her promise to a specific ghost. During an attack, she seizes her opportunity to further investigate her brothers desertion. I'm curious to see what's going to happen. This is really holding up considering this is middle grade, so excited for more.

Chapters 23-28: I'm not kidding, this chapter segment causally mentions a polyamorous m/m/m relationship, which made my heart stop, so thanks. The plot doesn't do a lot: Min escapes, then is captured, the Min escapes again , unsurprisingly with her friends helping. Jang get's a satisfactory ending and the climax is high. We're in the Endgame now. (Heads Up, I'm using that saying for ever, or the next year at least!!)

Chapters 29-End: We get a satisfactory ending for this. Perhaps one of the things that generally bugs me about middle grade, is the ending. They're wayyy to cheesy, and of course you need to tie up all loose ends, but it just ends.... too perfectly, you know? Min and Jun get away with everything, no consequences, and become adventurers (or something along those lines) getting to visit the A Thousand Worlds with the Dragon Pearl that had bonded to Min.


So those are my thoughts about this book in a nutshell. I would definitely encourage you to read this if you haven't already.

Trigger and Content Warnings: death, body horror


This is the first Rick Riordan Presents book I've read and before picking this book up, I had no idea about this program. Basically the idea is to have underrepresented ownvoices authors publish on mythology from their own cultures. I had often wondered if Rick Riordan was going to try and publish more books on ther cultures' mythology, but I'd decided that might be a bit....... controversial. This is an excellent loop hole that's been found, and I will definitely track down some more of these books in the future!!


This is May's pick for the Dragon's and Tea Book Club
" said.

"3.5/5 stars

This book started out so promising!! Aaaand halfway through it lost almost all my attention.

I'm disappointed.

The book started out with such an interesting backdrop, with a girl named Min who was part of a fox family, who went in search of her missing brother. And it turned into endless pages of Min disguised on a spaceship carrying out menial duties and charming everyone in sight.



Thus far I've been disappointed by both this and Aru Shah, and it's not given me much hope for other books under Rick Riordan Presents. But because I love him so, I'm willing to keep trying until I find one that wows me.

This, sadly, was not it.
" said.

"Ahoy there me mateys! I have been meaning to read more of this author’s work ever since I read the odd but interesting short story called the starship and the temple cat. It can be found for free at the beneath ceasless skies website by clicking here. I do own the first book in his machineries of the empire series but haven’t yet read it. I decided to tackle this young adult title first.

The story follows a young fox spirit named Min who is biding her time until she can join the Space Forces like her older brother Jun. Then her family is visited by a government representative who is looking for answers regarding Jun’s desertion from the Force. Min is convinced that her brother is innocent and runs away to rescue her brother, clear his name, and bring him home.

Ah how I loved this one. First of all its a coming-of-age story with a feisty, intelligent protagonist. I adored Min and her trickery. Secondly it combines Korean folklore and space travels. Who doesn’t want space battles, lasers, magic, dragons, ghosts, and much more. Thirdly, it showcases a loving, stable family. Jun and Min’s relationship is lovely. Fourthly, the ending is divine. Fifthly . . . oh I don’t want to spoil anything. The tale is magical and engaging and diverse and wonderful. It was beautifully written and I am so glad I read it. Go and get a copy and enjoy!

I am definately going to have to read more of his work. Arrr!" said.

"I liked this fast-paced story a lot. When Kim Min, young fox spirit, hears that her older brother is suspected of deserting from his Space Forces post in a quest to find the Dragon Pearl, she accidentally knocks the Investigator who brought the news unconscious and decides she has to find her brother. (Now, if I'd just done that to someone, I don't think I'd be thinking of leaving the planet, but it's a great start to this story.) Min, after tricking her way onto a ship and getting injured in a space battle, ends up masquerading as a cadet on her brother's former ship. Though Min is two years younger than the other cadets, she immerses herself in the rules and regulations to minimize bringing attention to herself so she can snoop for news about her brother and the Dragon Pearl, a hotly sought-after artifact that can terraform planets.
I loved the way Yoon Ha Lee kept the action moving along nicely, with quick scenes showing Min's intelligence and cleverness, and at the same time her impulsivity and quick-thinking. I really liked the way characters of a variety of genders populated this story. I also loved the way Korean myths' and folk tales' creatures are part of this universe, with the author's decision to make a fox spirit the central character. I thought that was a wonderful choice, as fox spirits are so mistrusted that Min and her whole family have done their best to hide their amazing abilities. Min relies heavily on these abilities to get herself both in and out of trouble. What I particularly loved was how Yoon Ha Lee transforms Min from the totally impulsive and self-centred girl she is at the beginning of the book, to a more mature and thoughtful person by the end. And with the book's open ending, I really, really hope we get to spend more time with this great character.
" said.

"Loved this!
I thought this was such a delightful and fun space adventure. Can't wait to read Lee's adult SFF books now.

- Follows Min, a young teen who lives in the poorer fringes of the galaxy and is a fox spirit! She runs away from home to try and find her brother, who has been accused of being a deserter.
- It's a wonderful adventure where Min meets gamblers, dragons and dokkaebi and tigers that take human form, and eventually finds her way to a battle cruiser where her brother was stationed.
- The story was great and I really liked the science-fiction/futurism elements. It's also a story about friendship, trust, and using immense power for good.

Trigger/content warning: (view spoiler)" said.

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