Stephanie's Ponytail (Classic Munsch) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-28 
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"Stephanie wants to be different than everyone else, so she has her mom put her hair in a ponytail. At school, the other kids make fun of her, but the next day, they have all copied her! Stephanie then tries many times to be different while everyone proceeds to mock then copy her, until finally Stephanie tricks them all into thinking she will shave her head, so the following day everyone is bald except her!

Stephanie's tale is very funny and ridiculous. It irks me that these people would mock her and then copy, so I love it at the end when she has tricked them. And when the teacher shaves her head too, I laughed! A very fun tale with an energetic protagonist.

A book I would connect this to is Dance, Tanya by Satomi Ichikawa. In both stories, we have copycats, but in Dance, Tanya, Tanya's sister Elise likes that she is a copycat. They stories are very different but I like how it shows different ways to respond to copycats.

" Stephanie looked at them and said "You are all a bunch of copycats. You just do whatever I do. You don't have a brain in your heads." "
" said.

" I love this author,he really has some really funny kids stories, it reminds me of the stories my Grandpa use to tell me as a child. " said.

" Thanks, Beth for lending your head of hair and doing this one with me. " said.

" Okay, this book is pretty darn cute! I love Stephanie's independence, and how her parents don't do much to discourage her from her wacky ponytails. The only thing, she makes her teacher and classmates look pretty stupid. Who knows, maybe they needed the lesson! " said.

" So much fun as a read aloud with a group of kids. " said.

"This is a fun and silly book that emphasizes individuality and being secure with your own choices, your own tastes. Our girls really enjoyed this book and laughed often at the absurdity of everyone copying Stephanie's hairstyle. The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish.

Our girls liked watching the story on the Tumblebooks website (, which is available for free as one of the online resources from our local library.

Robert N. Munsch is a talented storyteller and he's very entertaining when he narrates his own stories!
" said.

"I LOOOOOOOVED this book! It sends the message that it is okay to be unique and yourself! Although it does send the message that it sucks to be copied, it also sends the message that sometimes the weird things are the things that people will want and you can be popular because of it. Another twist on this that I loved was that Stephanie didn't want to be popular, she did it because it made HER happy, which is the most important thing! The only part that I didn't like about this book was that the mom was always asking Stephanie if she was sure that was how she wanted her hair. I think that if Stephanie said that was how she wanted her hair her mom should have just supported her, no questions asked. I think all young girls ( and even boys!) should read this book because it gives the message that it is okay to be yourself! and everyone needs to know that!!" said.

"As an contemporary realistic fiction book this appropriate for all ages but geared toward ages seven through thirteen years old, especially girls. From a strong woman’s voice, the issues of peer pressure is brought up. The main character, Stephanie, wants to standout with the most outrages hair styles. At first she is made fun of but them her style is soon copied by other students. This book is amazing funny. Students can really take a lot from it. The theme of this book is independence and peer pressure. Stephanie is a strong girl who refuses to do what others want of her. It is such a beautiful message. Because of how funny it is, young children will enjoy the lessons that are being taught. The story is very relative to young students. This book would be amazing for story time in a young classroom. Follow up activities could involve children making goals on how they plan to be independent and avoid peer pressure." said.

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