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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" Completely deserving of a 5/5 rating!An utterly delightful book which teaches colour and where to find it in nature. The colour format of this board book is delivered by a series of cutouts with transparencies that build as the pages are turned. The rhyming prose is simple and philosophical at the same time. Perfect for the under-5 year-old audience. (This is a candid evaluation of the book, received from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review). " said.

" Novelty board book. This is a departure for Aaron Becker (the Journey trilogy) -- here, his detailed draftsmanship is distilled to very simple, symbolic watercolor illustrations, with the real star being die-cut circles filled with different color filters that are additive as you turn pages (in a more layered way than a simple "two primaries = one secondary color") . This would be a beautiful gift book. " said.

"I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.

What a beautiful book, one that adults and children will both appreciate. This board book has die-cut circles that contain pieces of film in colors of the rainbow. The reader holds the book up to the light to get the full effect of the light and colors. Accompanying this visual are rhyming verses to teach the child about the wonder of light and nature. It is a creative concept that will entertain and teach young children (ages 4-8).
" said.

"To really appreciate this strikingly lovely book, allow light to shine through the opaque cutouts to form a pastel rainbow. Turn the pages, and different colors that reinforce the message are emphasized. A page that references leaves displays mostly green circles, while the page that states, “It sips the sea to make the rain,” features blue. Though the die-cut cardboard pages seem sturdy enough to stand up to repeated assaults by prying little fingers, it’s hard to tell until it is in circulation. The text tends a bit towards the mystical, ending with, “This light is you. And you are light.” Don’t try to make sense of it, just enjoy how pretty it is." said.

"You Are Light is a beautiful, novelty board book, by Aaron Becker, which is meant for the very youngest of juvenile readers, probably for babies or toddlers who will have the book read to them allowing them to be thoroughly absorbed by the tricks of color and light that the die-cut pages present. The book is cute and magical. The colors are lovely. The prose might be a little too esoteric for those young readers (listeners) and will be better appreciated by moms and dads whose little rays of sunshine will giggle and coo at the rainbow colors that dance around the walls and ceiling when they have storytime." said.

"Caldecott Honor winner Becker has created his first board book and what a beauty it is! The book almost glows with light and comes fully alive when raised toward the sun or a lamp where the colored circles shine. As the pages turn, light is celebrated. The way that it warms land, sips the sea, makes the rain, makes crops grow, and lights the moon. Particularly though, the light in each person is celebrated.

This board book is wonderfully simple and exceptionally designed. As pages turn, the primary colors overlap to form secondary colors and a complete rainbow, yet another way that light enters our lives. The poetry is effective and evocative, speaking to the power of light in our world. Still, it is the design and colors that truly make this book something particularly special.

Just right for learning colors and seeing a little one’s connection to the world. Appropriate for ages 1-3.
" said.

"I am always intrigued by how different authors get creative in bringing content to our youngest of readers. So when I saw a new board book from renowned author/illustrator of the series Journey trilogy, Aaron Becker, I was super curious.
“You are Light” is a board book that introduces the concept of sun light and how it affects living things on earth. Simply, it begs to question what is the place of sun light for us down here on Earth. Using transparent paper set in the die cut board book pages, the author makes the simple white page double spreads come to “light”. Hold this book up towards the light and see the colors shining through.
“You are light” feels different, a fresh perspective in this ever evolving genre of board books. Will this be too abstract for our youngest readers? Or do the delight in the colors and match them to the environment around them? What do you think?

" said.

"The rhyming message, that we are all gleaned from the same energy that spins in a continuous cycle, feeding and nurturing each other, is a simple, timeless tale. It will surely appeal to any young one and perhaps charm older readers as well.

I didn’t read the back of the book until after I’d finished it but I knew what I had to do: hold it up to the light! Each page is cunningly filled with little circles inlaid with colored plastic cels. When held up to any light source (including your computer screen), they beam with soft rainbow hues that enhance the stenciled pictures.

This is a book that is a visual and sensual indulgence, including the cut-out cover and watercolor images. It’s almost a shame to let children have it because you know it will become stained, torn and ripped by their careless hands. But perhaps the discerning child will handle this book gently, knowing that, with care its hard cardboard pages will last for the next generation to adore and appreciate.
" said.

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