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"The mermaids of the ocean took care of the waves, the reefs, kelp, and creatures. Pearl, a little mermaid, thinks she is old enough to take care of something too. Her mother agrees and leads Pearl to the surface of the ocean and to a sandy beach. There she gives Pearl a single grain of sand to look after. Pearl is so disappointed. There she sits on a beach filled with sand with one grain to care for. She sinks to the bottom of the ocean and clenches the grain in her hand. Then she realizes that the grain of sand has started to glow. Pearl watches after the single grain of sand, day after day. It grows and grows, transforming from a grain of sand into something much more special.

Idle has created a luminescent book about the beauty of attention and care, of taking your time and doing a task well. One might expect Pearl to simply give up, but she doesn’t, even in her disappointment about her assignment. Even after readers realize that Pearl is creating a pearl, the book will surprise and delight with a final twist and a realization that things can be even bigger and more important than first thought, even a grain of sand.

The illustrations are so beautiful. Filled with so many different sea blues, the illustrations feature mermaids with glowing white hair, shaped into shell-like forms. The mermaids glow against the water, beautiful and magical.

A lovely addition to mermaid stories, this one is a gem. Appropriate for ages 2-5.
" said.

"Hello, friends! Our book today is Pearl by Molly Idle, a fable of mermaids and the importance of little things.

Beneath the ocean’s gentle waves, mermaids – the guardians of the deep – work to protect the sea’s most precious things. Some tend the forests of kelp, some keep their eye on the colorful coral reefs, and some protect the giant, majestic creatures. One little mermaid, Pearl, longs to do her part. She informs her mother that she is ready, and after a moment’s consideration, her mother agrees. Taking Pearl up to a sparkling shoreline, she assigns the young mermaid her task: protecting a single grain of sand. Pearl is heartbroken, seeing her mother’s instruction as a cruel joke, and sinks down to the bottom of the ocean in despair. Squeezing the grain of sand in anger, she is surprised to see it begin to glow. Gently holding it once more, she begins to see the little grain become larger, smoother, and luminescent. Pearl commits herself to her task, and with a bit of patience and dedication, she will find that even the smallest grain of sand has the potential for greatness.

Fabulous. This is the rare children’s story that is simple enough to be enjoyed by a reader of any age, yet so layered and complex that multiple lessons and meanings can be taken from it. A reflection on the environment, or how no effort is too small, or how every great thing began as something little, or the gift of nurturing care – this lovely little fable is all of the above and more. Idle’s muted oceanic color palette is as soothing as it is gorgeous, and her incredible animation-style art is a thing of beauty. The length is fine for all ages, and JJ was memorized by Pearl’s undersea adventure. A treasure, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!
" said.

" Keep an eye out on this gorgeously illustrated book about how responsibility- no matter how small- can be rewarding and lead to something beautiful. " said.

" The most beautiful illustrations! "The smallest of things can make a great difference." " said.

"Little Pearl sees other mermaids doing important jobs and yearns to join them. Her mother agrees that she's ready for a job, but Pearl is very disappointed when her mother just entrusts her with a single grain of sand to guard. But that single grain of sand has surprises in store for Pearl.

This is GORGEOUSLY illustrated. I've loved all of Idle's work prior to this, but this is definitely her best illustrations yet in my opinion. The plot has a great message of big and beautiful things coming out of small jobs done faithfully. It's also a mermaid myth of how the moon came to be. After reading this a few more time with my nieces I'm bumping up my rating to five stars. They love the illustrations, the story, and I've further noticed that the rhythm of the text makes the story have a fantastic pacing that adds to the mood. Highly recommended.
" said.

" Such gorgeous illustrations! Definitely a conclusion and underlying theme I was not expecting. " said.

" Beautifully, beautifully illustrated. Dreamy " said.

" Enchanting and ever so beautiful! " said.

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