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UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-28 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 34 user ratings

"This book is so pure.

I wanted to take it home to appreciate its pages and story but some books I can’t read because of age level and other reasons.

However,that did not stop me from enjoying this book.

This story revolves around our mermaid Pearl who wants to do something important but she can’t because she might be too young or not ready.

Her mother gives her a grain of sand to keep and take care of.

Pearl doesn’t know what to do with it but she keeps it nothing-less.

While it doesn’t matter if she can do something important or not,Pearl hangs onto this tiny grain of Hope until it grows with her as she grows.

She polished it,she plays with it. And it keeps on being with her.

I cried for Pearl,because she learns something.

The lesson and messages conveyed in this book were so spot on,I just had to appreciate how adorable it was.

Each page was unique and the art style was spot on. So pretty and artistic.

I had so much fun reading this story and you’ll to.

If Pearl could win my heart,she might win yours give it a try.
" said.

"Everyday, the young Pearl sees the other mermaids hard at work caring for the coral and creatures, and desires to be of help. When she approaches her mother about this, she leads her daughter up to the surface and grants her a single grain of sand, telling her to care for it without explaining why. At first, Pearl is upset by this, sinking down, after raising up, then something wondrous begins to happen. That bit of sand begins to glow and grow the more she nurtures it, until it becomes something essential to sea life. Like Pearl, most children will likely be confused by the task to care for a seemingly insignificant grain of sand. While the answer takes a bit of a fantastic turn, the truth of the matter still makes for a great lesson about the value of things, and responsibility; for the fact is that at the core of a pearl lays a bit of sand, and with polish it becomes something beautiful. Idle's pastel colours and gently curving mermaid designs add that lovely bit of elegance to this sweet story. Each type of mermaid looks similar to the thing it looks after, almost as if it is a symbiotic element; they help the thing they look after, while it gives them purpose and is part of the ocean biome which is their home. Idle also uses space and background hues really well to convey the underlying emotions and themes. Pearl is just all around beautiful." said.

"The mermaids of the ocean took care of the waves, the reefs, kelp, and creatures. Pearl, a little mermaid, thinks she is old enough to take care of something too. Her mother agrees and leads Pearl to the surface of the ocean and to a sandy beach. There she gives Pearl a single grain of sand to look after. Pearl is so disappointed. There she sits on a beach filled with sand with one grain to care for. She sinks to the bottom of the ocean and clenches the grain in her hand. Then she realizes that the grain of sand has started to glow. Pearl watches after the single grain of sand, day after day. It grows and grows, transforming from a grain of sand into something much more special.

Idle has created a luminescent book about the beauty of attention and care, of taking your time and doing a task well. One might expect Pearl to simply give up, but she doesn’t, even in her disappointment about her assignment. Even after readers realize that Pearl is creating a pearl, the book will surprise and delight with a final twist and a realization that things can be even bigger and more important than first thought, even a grain of sand.

The illustrations are so beautiful. Filled with so many different sea blues, the illustrations feature mermaids with glowing white hair, shaped into shell-like forms. The mermaids glow against the water, beautiful and magical.

A lovely addition to mermaid stories, this one is a gem. Appropriate for ages 2-5.
" said.

" Keep an eye out on this gorgeously illustrated book about how responsibility- no matter how small- can be rewarding and lead to something beautiful. " said.

" The most beautiful illustrations! "The smallest of things can make a great difference." " said.

"Little Pearl sees other mermaids doing important jobs and yearns to join them. Her mother agrees that she's ready for a job, but Pearl is very disappointed when her mother just entrusts her with a single grain of sand to guard. But that single grain of sand has surprises in store for Pearl.

This is GORGEOUSLY illustrated. I've loved all of Idle's work prior to this, but this is definitely her best illustrations yet in my opinion. The plot has a great message of big and beautiful things coming out of small jobs done faithfully. It's also a mermaid myth of how the moon came to be. After reading this a few more time with my nieces I'm bumping up my rating to five stars. They love the illustrations, the story, and I've further noticed that the rhythm of the text makes the story have a fantastic pacing that adds to the mood. Highly recommended.
" said.

" Such gorgeous illustrations! Definitely a conclusion and underlying theme I was not expecting. " said.

" Beautifully, beautifully illustrated. Dreamy " said.

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