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"The Story Collector tells the tale of Viviani Fedeler, who was a real person born and raised in the New York Public Library. Viviani lives up to her name—she is vivacious! She looks for ways to entertain herself in the library, often causing mischief. When she meets a new girl who is so interesting it is annoying, and who calls Viviani out on her tall tales, Viviani decides to play a trick on her, with the help of her brother and best friend. She hosts a sleepover at the library with the plan to scare the girl with a fake ghost. However, some frightening sounds interrupt the ghostly fun, and the next morning, a mystery appears! Someone has stolen the rare postage stamps on display. Viviani must unite with the new girl to find the thief.
The first part of the book was a little tough to get in too, but once the mystery began, I was hooked. The possibility of living in a library is automatically appealing, and the characters are fun and lovable. The Story Collector will entertain book-lovers of all ages.
" said.

"Exciting and interesting children's book where you step into life within a library, literally. Viviani lives in the local library with her two older brothers and her parents. She learns valuable life lessons not only from her family and friends, but from the ghost of the library, all the while saving the day from the stamp thief.

I had a hard time adjusting to the didactic and narrative writing style in the first chapter, but after the first few chapters, I was hooked. I enjoyed the chapter headings that matched entries in a library catalog. It brought to life how the children live in a library and find adventure there everyday. The vocabulary was also great for helping children grow in their reading ability while still catering to their reading level. I particularly loved how so many things said were profound, and I wanted to write them on my facebook as quotes. I will be looking for this book for my personal and classroom collections.

(The publisher gave me a copy of this ebook in exchange for a review; however, this is my opinion after reading the book for myself.)
" said.

"My little book-loving heart was extremely envious of Viviani Joffre Fedeler, the protagonist of this middle grade mystery. Although the author has taken liberty with the life story of the real Viviani, she really did live and play in the New York Public Library where she was born in 1917. Because her father was the superintendent for the building, the family lived on the premises, and Viviani and her brothers got to explore many parts of it. Not surprisingly, Viviani loves stories--both reading them and making them up, but when a new classmate from Egypt, Merit Mubarak doubts the veracity of her tales and doesn't believe there is a library ghost, Viviani collaborates with her brothers to scare her. The prank misfires, but it also sets in motion a series of events that leads to the discovery of the person who has stolen a valuable stamp collection. That particular mystery isn't really much of one since it seems clear from the outset who took the stamps. Young readers will be entertained by Viviani's hijinks, playing baseball in the periodical room, riding on book-filled library carts and clamoring up the card catalogue shelves like a mountain goat, but the librarian in me winced at those scenes. The inclusion of actual photographs of the library in its earlier days adds to the book's interest, and I certainly wouldn't mind reading another book featuring this young girl who is so enamored by the charm of words and stories. There's a hint of the supernatural that leaves readers wondering about what goes on in that library too as well as sly but pointed remarks about librarians. " said.

"Interest Level: 3-6

Would you like to grow up living in the massive, beautiful, historical New York Public Library? If you are a book lover you should say yes! What if I told you it was haunted by the ghost of a man named Big Red? This is exactly where eleven-year-old Viviani Fedeler grew up with her two brothers. Viviani is a terrific storyteller and adventurer and somestimes both of these things can get her in trouble. One night when her and her best friend, Eve, sneak into her father's workshop deep in the basement they possibly come face to face with a ghost. This is when her father tells her the story of a man who died while building the library. He was up to a bit of mischief when he fell to his death and now he haunts anyone who is mischievous. Viviani has always captured the attention of her classmates with her storytelling, until one day a new girl comes to join their class. Viviani thinks that she could become a new best friend until Merit calls her a liar for telling her stories, and suddenly the class starts to question Viviani. When Viviani invites her to spend the night in the library so that she can photograph the ghost, things go all wrong and the change of the bff status happeing dwindles. With Viviani down in the dumps at least she has the extremely valuable and rare stamp collection on display that she can go look at, that is until one night when it is stolen. Suddenly her dad's job is in jeopardy which means that her family's home is in jeopardy. Viviani has to somehow prove who stole the stamps but can she do it on her on? Can Viviani and her friends sabotage the thief's plan and save the day? Will the ghost of Big Red scare them off? Read this incredible book to find out what happens to Viviani and her crew.

This book was beyond amazing to me. It is every true librarian's dream to live in a library like the New York Public Library. This book is set in the 1900s and brings in so much history. The descriptions of the various rooms in the library is fantastic.

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" said.

" While I loved the idea of this book (a girl who LIVES in the NYPL!), I just couldn't get into it. The story seemed a little awkward to me. We don't find out until much later why she's writing to her "friend" and I didn't understand the story collector at first. I wish the story was developed a little better and maybe would have been more about Viviani's life, rather than her trying to trick a new girl. " said.

" So many good quotes in this- and a cute kid adventure story! " said.

" This is a wonderfully old fashion story about a family who lives in the New York Public Library, and spend their days playing in secretive places they aren't permitted to enter. " said.

" Fantastic and magical middle grade novel that depicts the real family that lived in the NYPL in 1929. Loved everything about it! " said.

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