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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" This book was really weird. I understand that the misspellings of 'cat' and 'dog' were done on purpose, but I still don't like them. The characters were not terribly interesting or lovable. Overall, I didn't particularly enjoy this book. " said.

" I read a lot of James Patterson's children's books. He has a kid-friendly quirky sense of humor to them , but as with this, most have bizarre premises. The whole "talking animal" thing was never my favorite even as a child. It was interesting how real elements of the animal characteristics were mixed in with the fantasy. Cute enough :) " said.

" Well I was going to skip this book because it looked so silly, but I read the reviews, and readers said positive things. However...after I got half way I realized that my first instinct was correct. I have read young reader books in the past, and I have been happily rewarded with good literature (War Horse). This book is for a MUCH younger audience...and I have no visiting grandchildren at this moment, so I shall return the book to the library. " said.

"Cute, silly book by two great authors. A Katt gets lost doing something very similar to what caused a Dogg to get lost! They both think it's dumb that the other one would get lost doing what it was doing. It brings out the unique differences between Katts and Doggs from their own perspectives. Katt vs. Dogg has a great moral lesson at the end about acceptance and how much can be accomplished when we put aside our differences and focus on how we can use our strengths together to accomplish what we never would have been able to without teamwork. " said.

"Cute story, good lessons I used with a student, didn't love some of the language/insults (although my fault- I was reading it with a student younger than the intended audience, I'm sure...)

The one thing I couldn't get past was the misspelling of cat and dog. I just don't get it! Even if it was because they were names, even when referring to the animals and not a name, they were misspelled. I'm sure I'm lame or square or whatever, but I just didn't get that.

Other than that, it was a pretty good story and my kindergartener really enjoyed it! (I read it aloud...) Lots of good social lessons!
" said.

" I read this book to my seven year old, and we really enjoyed it. The story moved really quickly, and there was a lot great action at an age-appropriate level. We really enjoyed Patterson's characters. They were realistic, the banter was witty, and the scenes were a lot of fun. The book went by quickly, and I look forward to reading more by him. " said.

"Two families are off for a vacation at the Western Frontier Park. One is made up of doggs, and the other is made up of katts. The two species have a reputation for despising each other. The trouble starts before they have even arrived at the park as the two dads really start getting aggressive with each other.

The two families quickly settle in, happy to be away from each other and settled into parts of the park dedicated to either katts or doggs. Before long, Oscar, the older dogg kid, and Molly, the older katt kid, find themselves lost in the woods. It doesn't take long before they run into each other and fall into the usual stereotypes. The problem is they also start to figure out that if they don't help each other, neither one of them is likely to have a reunion with their families.

There certainly is a great message behind this story, but it almost seem to go overboard with how the two races treat each other. I know it is probably supposed to be funny, but it sorta hits like a lead balloon. It is also weird that the authors don't seem to explore why "katt" and "dogg" are mispelled throughout the book while all the other animals in the book are spelled corretly.

Overall, it is a fun read, though.
" said.

" Sometimes I enjoy a change of pace from what I usually read. Katt vs. Dogg by James Patterson is one of those! A cat and a dog get lost and have to find some way to survive before the forest is filled with predators! Can they really help each other? I liked Oscar and Molly very much! The adventures these two got into were fun to read. The book moved along quite well! (Gerard's review) " said.

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