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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" Cute little adventure picture book. Saw on the main page of Netgalley and thought it would be a fun read. Not a disappoint. Reminded me of that John Lewis Christmas commercial from a few years ago. " said.

" Sweet and beautiful narrative of a pop being very eager to pop that final, elusive bubble using increasingly amazing yet ridiculous ways to reach it only to end up in...not of this world! " said.

" Outstanding illustrations! This story grows more and more fantastical, and will be a fun read-aloud for 1st and 2nd grades! " said.

" This is a story about a little boy who loves to blow bubbles, but loves to pop those bubbles even more.I loved the progression of the story. It builds and builds to something better with each attempt to get to the bubble. But the ending is what I loved best. " said.

" Such a fun and imaginative story. Lovely illustrations. I think the lighthearted execution of the important message for children to reach for what they want and find ways to get it. Definitely a must have story time book!! " said.

" Dewey loves blowing, and popping, bubbles - something you can even do alone, without a friend.One day, the last bubble escapes Dewey's efforts to pop it. And off he goes on an adventure to reach that bubble, which travels higher and higher.Surprise ending. :) " said.

" Dewey enjoyed blowing bubbles, but he liked popping them even more. One bubble evades Dewey's attempt to pop it. This takes Dewey to new heights while trying to pop the bubble. During his chase to pop the elusive bubble Dewey discovers something very interesting. " said.

" In this fanciful, colorfully illustrated story, a strange boy expends enormous amounts of energy and resources to pop the very last bubble—and symbolically all of the beauty and goodness it represents. How I wish that Dewey’s monomaniacal quest were to create bubbles of Shangri-Las, wondrous utopian worlds isolated from reality or unlikely to last but magical while they shimmer with happiness, hope, and possibility for alien(ated) children who “don’t need friends to blow bubbles.” " said.

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