Ghost Attack (Monster Itch #1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

"(Review of digital arc from EdelweissPlus) This new David Lubar series will be just the right thing for those 3rd-5th grade students who want to read a ghost story, but don't really want to be scared. The font, spacing and easy flowing sentences make this series particularly useful for the reluctant to read crowd. As for the story, book 1 is definitely more of a mystery than a ghost story and provides an introduction to Alex and Sarah who, I believe, will be the protagonists throughout this series. The cousins behave more like siblings and come across as very likable and typical upper elementary school students, but with Alex having one trait that makes him stand out--he breaks into a rash whenever ghosts are near. And the nearer the ghosts are, the worse the rash gets. That's a problem when your grandparents live in a house haunted by ghost done wrong in life and you are sent to stay there for a week. If I buy this series for my library, it will likely be read by those who enjoy Lubar's Looniverse series and less by those who are fans of his "Weenies" scary story collection books." said.

" What a cute book! Loved all the characters and the writing was very engaging. Also love the fact that it was a mystery. Highly recommended. " said.

" Funny and easy...a good book for struggling readers and/or those beginning to read chapter books. " said.

" Kid breaks out in hives whenever he encounters a ghost. Dumb and forgettable, but I'm sure it will find an audience :) " said.

"Well, this book was simply adorable! I loved that it was a little mystery and ghost story rolled into one. The plot was really well done. Even though this was a children's book, it was still a very sophisticated story. It was long enough to really tell a full, good tale -- but short enough to hold a child's attention. I would definitely recommend this one for your long as they're not afraid of ghosts!

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" said.

"David Lubar is known for his often wacky and offbeat sense of humor in books like Attack of the Vampire Weenies or Beware the Ninja Weenies. This time he has chapter book perfect for middle grade readers who want fun with a little ghostly action and not too many pages. Monster Itch: Ghost Attack tells the story of Alex and his cousin Sarah as they visit their grandparents' new home. Alex's mom is a doctor, so she is extra careful of his health, but even she could never have imagined that Alex would develop allergies during his visit - allergies to ghosts!

I have weekly allergy shots, so I know what living with allergies can be like. But poor Alex has it much worse than I do. When the ghost comes near him the symptoms begin, and before long his arms are "bathed in an itch so fierce it felt like I'd tried to embrace a bonfire." As it turns out, the ghost has a mystery that he needs help solving before he can rest in peace, so he has chosen Alex and Sarah to help find the truth. Their explorations take them around the house, into the barn, and even into town to visit the historical society. Can two kids really solve a bank robbery that happened long before they were born?

Along with the humor and haunting, there are also some lessons to be learned about making assumptions and judging someone before you know all the facts. A quick, fun read.
" said.

"111 pages. Good basic story about two kids spending a week with grandparents who recently moved into a new home that supposedly has a ghost. Unusual things start happening soon after the kids arrive. Alex and his cousin Sarah are keen for a ghost adventure. However, Alex develops an allergy to ghosts and has a unusual rash pop up every time they are close to the ghost's presence. They have great fun and it has a nice ending. I think kids in grades 4-5 would enjoy this series. It is not too long and fun, fast moving plot. There are more in the I am going to have to find those next. Loved this one! Bravo!" said.

"I had an ARC from work, but the book is out now. I took a while before picking it up to actually read.

I think that the concept is really neat, and it is sort of why the book got a four star rating instead of a three star rating from me.

SPOILER: But not really, because the title claims it, I enjoy that the protagonist has an itch when he is close to monsters. I thought it was an interesting way for Alex to interact with the ghost in the story. It is a cool tool for his junior detective antics.

I am interested to see how the concept is continued. The story doesn't honestly have that much depth to it, and it is mostly just a fun little book for kids aged 6 to 8. I can kind of see that the author and publisher see the books in that light as well, because they have planned it as an ongoing series.
" said.

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