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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" I had no idea who Wilma Rudolph was until I read this (this can be attributed to my lack of sports history knowledge), nor did I know of her struggles with polio. She look at what she overcame to became an Olympic gold medalist. That's what I love so much about this series. Even I as an adult learn about these Little People with their Big Dreams and it's so much fun! " said.

" Little People, Big Dreams is a biographical series imported from Spain."In this new series, discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists. All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream."These are simple biographies to introduce young readers to these people.The books include a timeline and photos. " said.

" Awesome little quality-made books featuring people who persisted beyond circumstances of there time. Includes a brief and more detailed timeline at the end. Exceptional illustrations perfect for children. " said.

" A wonderful little book about from the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ series.An inspirational story of the Olympic athlete Wilma Rudolph, and her childhood battle to overcome her illnesses and achieve amazing things.The book also touches on American segregation laws, but leaves space for further exploration of the subject, without assuming it is already known. " said.

"This recent (2019) instalment in Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara's Little People, Big Dreams series does certainly present an in all ways adequate and celebratory introduction to Wilma Rudolph's life and sports achievements (with the fact that the author actually mentions by name that Wilma Rudolph recovered from polio and then went on to harvest Olympic track and field glory being much personally appreciated, since I was kind of afraid that Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara would simply write that Wilma Rudolph was lastingly ill as a child but not mention that the disease she contracted at the age of four was indeed polio). And yes, I also do appreciate that while Wilma and her family's issues with segregation are mentioned in Wilma Rudolph (and especially how Wilma Rudolph insisted that ANY parades in her honour would NOT be segregated) MOST of the author's presented storyline does not belabour and excessively dwell on this, but focuses instead on how Wilma Rudolph was able to beat polio, remove her leg brace and become an Olympic champion (and this of course, first and foremost also with her family's help and support, for the many, supposedly over 7000 leg massages that Wilma Rudolph's many siblings gave her was more than likely the main reason that her polio stricken leg was made healthy again and ready for sports).

Now with regard to Amelia Flower's accompanying illustrations, while I have generally found them aesthetically realistic enough in appearance and fortunately also never too exaggerated or strangely coloured (which has unfortunately sometimes been an issue for me with the Little People, Big Dreams series), I am nevertheless still a trifle disappointed. For yes, to and for my eyes, especially the depicted (drawn) clothing choices during Wilma Rudolph's childhood and youth (the 1940s and 1950s) seem more as though they are decades ahead of their time, seem rather anachronistic (not majorly so, but I still feel as though especially in that picture of young Wilma and her mother travelling in the segregated bus, the Caucasian passengers at the front all look like they are not from the 1940s but from the 1970s or even the 1980s with regard to how they are depicted by Amelia Flower as being clad). Therefore, while narrationally, I do consider Maria Sánchez Vegara's text for Wilma Rudolph as four stars, my average rating is lowered to three stars, as indeed, the anachronistic clothing of Amelia Flower's pictures does bother me a bit (and is in fact an all too common complaint I have had with the Little People, Big Dreams series in general).
" said.

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