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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" This book was pretty good. It had a few overdone parts and themes but it was still well written and a good read. " said.

"This was received as an Advanced Reader Copy through Early Reviewers program from @orcabook. This had a slow beginning for me, I really had a hard time getting into the book, and I never did truly connect with the characters. However, I am not the age of the target audience. I do feel that it would be appropriate for my 9 year old son to read, some of the names may cause some issues for his reading level, but I think the story will be at his level. As I said, I never felt like I got into a good pace on this book, and then when the story did pick up it was suddenly over. I do think however that this will translate into a good movie, and when/if it does come out, I plan to see it.
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"I received this book as an advance readers' copy from Library Thing. “Ruined City” by John Wilson was a slow starter, opening with a somewhat pretentious short prologue. I did not think I was going to like this book, but I was mistaken. The story is satisfyingly scary, very creepy atmosphere.

Character development is a bit thin, and there is a talking cat who really serves no purpose in the story other than to be a talking cat, but, hey, nothing's perfect.

Overall, it's an entertaining read that looks like the setup for a sequel. Middle School Readers should have fun with this.
" said.

"Howard is socially awkward but finds a friend in Cate. Together they discover that their town, Aylford has hidden portals to different dimensions. Cate, an adept, recognizes that Howard has special abilities and together they try to understand the mysterious events going on around them.
Fans of ancient archeology and fantasy stories will enjoy this magical world where the past and the present can intertwine. The novel moves between two narratives and the story of Shanxingdui is fascinating. Curious readers will be drawn to find out more about this real life location and the spectacular golden masks and treasures that were uncovered there.
Recommended for tweens and teens.
" said.

"I received an advance reading copy of this book to review.
This book was written for children ages 11-14, and I think kids that age would really enjoy this story. The plot is fast paced, with enough twists and turns to be interesting, without being overly confusing. The characters and settings are quirky and diverse.

As an adult I found this to be a very easy read, but was aware the entire time that it wasn't written for me. Some books written for kids are strong enough that they work equally well for adults, but this isn't quite one of those books. It was still a fun read, however, and will probably delight the target audience.
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"I received this eArc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This story starts in the ancient Chinese city of Sanxingdui with an epic battle of light and darkness. Howard is a typical, geeky high schooler who suddenly starts experiencing vivid and frightening waking dreams. He soon meets mysterious Cate who informs him that he is a type of seer called an Adept. He can see across time and space and other dimensions, including ancient Sanxingdui. History is repeating itself with Howard now at the center of the battle. Howard must find the pieces of the Golden Mask to save the world from destruction!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It has mystery, mythology, monsters, good vs. evil, and a reluctant hero. I would recommend this book for readers in grade 6 and up.
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"I received this book as an Early Viewers Request on LibraryThing.

My copy notes on the cover it is an Advance Reading Copy. The book is a fantasy novel aimed at middle-readers ages 11-14.

If you want a quick review of what the story is about, read the blurb. It tells pretty much the whole story in two paragraphs.

I found the novel started slow for a middle-reader. When I think of the early Harry Potter books, for example, the action starts right at the beginning. This thing didn't really get rolling until almost halfway through. I can't imagine readers 11-14 having the patience for things to get exciting.

The second half rolled along well, good action, some intrigue, characters I can identify with, and some decent world-building.

The ending left me with a few questions. The blurb states they are off to find the three pieces of the mask, but they only find one. Is this part one of a trilogy? There is no evidence of that on the cover. Only in the fine print on the publication details page do you see the name of the book for the Chinese version listed as - Golden Mask Book 1 - The Arch. Does the novel read as a stand-alone? Almost. The fact the missing other two pieces of the mask have not been recovered is enough to leave a reader perplexed. Personally, I dislike reading a novel only to discover it's Part 1 when at the beginning I was never informed of such a fact, but I am not an 11-14 year old, so such an audience may not mind. After all, the Harry Potter books I referenced made no such delineations in the first few.
" said.

" This book was pretty good. It had a few overdone parts and themes but it was still well written and a good read. " said.

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