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UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

"There are several things that I have loved about "The Wild Beast". First, I must commend Ms. Sue Todd for the amazing illustrations! They were colorful and would be very interesting for children. I also loved how the animals were created by God or a deity that is personified as a woman, it was something new and fascinating. I also like the new approach to the creation of the word, that everything was made of clay and the wild beast was created because the deity does not want to waste any clay. Unfortunately, the story was a bit lacking. I would have love if the book was focused on the creation itself and not just the wild beast. Mr. Walters could have at least added the creation of humans or even sea creatures. With the story line, Mr. Walters could have expanded more." said.

"This beautifully illustrated story is based on an African creation story of the wildebeast. The Creator makes the universe, the earth, water, sky, plants, fish, birds and mammals, and she tells each animal to "Take what you need to live. Take no more. Waste nothing." When the Creator realizes that she has some leftover pieces, she takes her own advice and uses them to make the unique wildebeast. This is a cute story that I think most kids will find funny and interesting. The illustrations are colorful and vibrant, and I love that the Creator is female!

Thanks you Netgalley and Orca Book Publishers for an advance copy of this book.
" said.

"This is a wonderful creation story. Yes there is a reference to a “she” who makes the light and the world, but no actual reference to any god or deity. At the end is a bit about the mission of the author, and how this story came about, but if you are against religious things, or religious things that differ in beliefs from yours, just skip this last bit about the author and enjoy the rest of the story. It’s really neat and has amazing illustrations that speak to the land and culture the book speaks about.

(4.5 stars)
" said.

" My favorite part of “The Wild Beast” was the illustrations. Beautiful! I also enjoyed learning a new creation story. " said.

" I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is basically a story of creation. It talks about all the animals and how they came to be. How the earth was formed. The pictures were very colorful and unique. The message was nice. I think kids would enjoy it. Some parents may not like that the creator is referred to as female. I didn't mind. " said.

"Based on African lore, The Wild Beast narrates the story of the creation of the wildebeest. Starting off as a religious story of creation, the author narrates the beginning of existence, making their way to the creation of a lovely animal, the wildebeest.

The Wild Beast is a sweet story accompanied by stunning illustrations. It is beautifully narrated and sweet. However, it could probably have been made a little more interesting by creating some climax in the narrative, so as to be more interesting for children. All in all, it is a very pleasant read.
" said.

" West African creation story. (Love that the creator is female!) " said.

"This book is based on the African Tale of the creation of the wildebeast. The creator in this story is a female, which is nice to see. After creating the universe, earth, water, sky, plants, birds, fish and animals, there are leftover pieces. That is what "she" uses to create the strange looking wildebeast. I loved the repetitive message of "Take what you need to live. Take no more. Waste nothing." I wish everyone lived by that mantra. A great book to use when talking about folklore as well as oral traditions of storytelling. The illustrations are wonderful and the style they were created in with carved linoleum and vibrant ink almost makes them seem alive. The back tells about Eric Walters visits and life when living and helping in Africa. A great addition to any library, home, school, class or public. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley." said.

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