Treasure Hunters: All-American Adventure Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-08 
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" I always enjoy this kids series. Amazing how easy they find the treasure(!) - but a fun quick read. " said.

" I am a pen pal with a 5th grade student in a local classroom. When I found out that he was reading this book, I decided to read it also. I can see why he is enjoying the book. It has just enough humor and adventure along with good vocabulary and history for them to enjoy. " said.

"I"m sorry to say that I never received a copy of James Patterson's new book, "All-American Adventure, so I have no review to share here. But now that I am aware that I might have received a copy of the book, I'll see if I can buy a copy. I am a fan of James Patterson, having read all his Maximum Ride stories, "The Murder of King Tut", "The House Next Door", and I even have a copy of his book, "Filthy Rich"...a biographical commentary on Jeffrey Epstein! Wow.. I haven't read that yet... but that is one of Mr. Patterson's newest books. Sorry I can't provide a review here, however!" said.

"Treasure Hunters: All-American Adventure is a fast-paced thrill ride from start to finish. The main characters, Bick and Beck, are instantly likeable, as well as the entire Kidd crew. The narration is easy to read, which is going to be a plus for young readers who get easily distracted. The plot is well-written with many twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. There's a little bit of United States history tossed about in this story, which I thought it was nice touch to include into a children's book.

Overall, Treasure Hunters: All-American Adventure is a fun book to read on a hot summer day.
" said.

"The Kidds kids are back in the United States, and this time it is because their family is all back together. Their parents are working on curating an exhibit based on relics from one of their most recent finds in South America at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. They are busy enough they decide the kids need a minder, and they turn to Uncle Richie, who is actually their mother's uncle. He is a bit of the black sheep of the family. The details are not really known, but it has something to do with the fact that he was a talented treasure hunter who once made a donation to a major Australian museum only to have to ask for it back when it came out that the items in the donation were actually fakes.

Uncle Richie, who is called Poppie by everyone he knows, ends up taking the kids on a series of little scavenger hunts around the country to keep them busy while also providing a little bit of fun. This is great for the Kidds kids, who also have a talent for treasure hunting.

As they are doing this, their parents are dealing with the fact some major scholars have started finding copies of the Bill of Rights that challenge what the actual intent of the First Amendment was mean to be. Depending on whether these new found documents are correct, much of what America stands for could be incorrect.

Not surprising, the Kidds' different projects will all intersect.

This is filled with the fun humor, interesting characters, and great illustrations that have made the books in this series so interesting. This definitely has the feel of the National Treasure films if they were designed specifically for an intermediate reader audience. Fans of the series will certainly find more to enjoy in this sixth book in the series, though I don't think readers would have had to read the earlier books to understand what is going on.

This is a fun addition to the series, and it ends in a way that certainly leaves it open for another volume.
" said.

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