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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of moodiness.

In honor of Labor Day in the United States coming up on Monday, I decided to review a patriotic-themed read. The sixth installment of Megan McDonald’s infamous Judy Moody series follows the Moody family travels to Boston for a family vacation. In Boston, Judy is inspired to declare her own rights to her own phone and an increased allowance. Judy quickly learns that independence doesn’t come without a price–more chores!

I’ve read quite a few Judy Moody books recently and they have been hit or miss. Judy Moody Declares Independence is definitely a hit and my favorite Judy Moody book so far. This book was a quick read that had many enjoyable aspects.

I think the best part of this book was the growth of the main character. Sometimes Judy Moody’s moods come across as very annoying and immature. While her moodiness is a major aspect of her personality, it sometimes difficult to sympathize with her actions when they are extremely mean and cruel. I really liked how in this book, Judy Moody took on a lot of responsibility and looked out for her brother Stink. In Judy Moody’s words, this was a double rare moment within this series.

I think this book also carried other great messages. In this book, Judy Moody’s teacher introduces her to Sybil Ludington who is known as the female Paul Revere. I loved how the book emphasized that Sybil’s actions were just as important and heroic as Paul Revere’s. I liked how it also addressed that more women should be included in history textbooks and celebrated throughout the country.

Like with Sybil Ludington, a lot of United States history is embedded throughout the book. This really brought out the teacher in me! I loved how the facts were incorporated in fun and creative ways like the characters portraits in the front of the book. I think children can learn some fun history from this book without feeling like they are reading from a textbook.

I actually read this book while I waited for the Fourth of July parade in my town. Reading this book really helped the time fly before the parade. If you’re taking children to a parade this Labor Day, I suggest bringing this book along to occupy them before the parade starts!

Since I loved the character growth, message, and history within this book, I rate Judy Moody Declares Independence as five out of five stars.
" said.

"4.5 stars! Say hello to independence and new characters. <3

This book was all about Independence, not only for the US (which was interesting, I did know a lot of stuff, but I learned some new things), but also for Judy. The book starts totally different than the other books. Instead of Judy hurrying to class, or starting with school, the book starts off with our Moody family in Boston, learning all about the American Independence, about tea parties, about fights with British people, about taxes. It was a refreshing start.

Sadly it wasn't all that good. Don't get me wrong, most of the whole Boston thing was highly interesting, but, big BUT, Stink was just so effing annoying. Constantly whining and complaining and moping about everything, not being happy that they were able to get out of school and have a fun day as a family far away from home. Oh no, mister Stink just kept bugging and complaining. Normally he is already quite the annoying little *insert some bad words* but he was even worse in this part, and well, actually the rest of the book as well.

Like I said the book is not only about American Independence, but also about Judy and her independence. She is older than her brother, but still is treated the same (and I can kind of understand why). I can imagine that is just not fun. I do understand the parents and why they don't give her more pocket money or time before bed, but I do kind of wish they had. Judy does do her best, at school and at home, and sure she needs to be motivated at times, but I don't see why that is so strange. She is still a kid. But I do think that she should be rewarded for the stuff she does do. And why doesn't she have her own alarmclock? And why is that so strange that she wants one?

I loved Judy's project at school, and how she performed it. Judy is creative and likes to show that.

Of course she still has her moods, but that makes her an interesting character. Sure, at times her angry moods get a bit frustrating, especially if they happen because she doesn't get what she wants, but in general the moods fits the situation, and Judy generally changes moods to something better quite fast.

We also have a new character, named Tori, who makes the cast even bigger. She is from England and Judy met her during her Boston trip. They write to each other (and sent little things). It was really cute, and I do hope that Tori, or Judy, will visit each other. That would be so much fun.

All in all, this was a great book, if only Stink wasn't so annoying I would have rated the book higher.

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" said.

" I love how this particular series shows how much of a patriot Judy is! Although I am not an American born, however it gives me a little more knowledge on the background history of USA. It's brilliant! Never a disappointment " said.

" Another delightful story from Megan McDonald. Keep them coming!! I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway. I thank the author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book. " said.

" This book was fun and funny. It made me want to learn more about American history and it talked about history in an interesting way. Plus I always like the character of Judy Moody! " said.

" I read this in fourth grade, great book for young audience. " said.

" I read these to my kids they’re wonderful I highly recommend them! No magic no princesses just quirky kids and always a good history lesson thrown in! " said.

" Amazing book very educational fiction about american independance and judy moody seeking her own independence " said.

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