Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom! (History Pals) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 28 user ratings

" Cute story for younger readers, perhaps grades 2-5 depending on ability. I know more about Ben Franklin after reading this book than I did before and It was effortless! Fun story and personable characters made it a page turner. Can't wait to pass this copy of "Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom!" to my son's 4th grade classroom. Thanks goodreads for selecting me to receive this copy! " said.

" This is a hilarious science fiction-graphic novel-time travel kind of a story. Nolan finds a package on his front step and as he's trying to figure out how to use it when Ben Franklin shows up. Ben Franklin hangs out with Nolan and his little sister all day while a snoopy kid tries to figure out what's going on. There's a lot of biographical information about Ben Franklin and a little piece about fathers and sons that will touch a few hearts. A very fun read. " said.

"Being a Ben Franklin fan, this book was a wonderful book for children. I liked how it mixed history and humor together. I was actually sad to end this book...but glad to know it was part of a series.

The author does a great job of infusing the historical elements in a fun way, but still moves the story along.

The overall theme is a good lesson for children...and adults... as well.

Great book for students/children as a real aloud for 3rd-5th. Students will find it quite funny. I was even laughing at parts. Children 8-up will love this book.
" said.

"Nolan receives a package that holds an odd contraption. While trying to figure out what it is, He and his sister, Olive, accidentally bring Benjamin Franklin to their kitchen! The three set out on an adventure exploring and explaining to Franklin.

Some info on Franklin is included, and there is a bibliography at the end pointing to more sources.
Franklin tells stories that are presented in comic book style, which is cool.
A bit of family drama, with Nolan angry at his dad for moving away and divorcing his mom.

Overall it was good. Not as good as other SSYRA books I’ve read.
" said.

"Perfect book for third to fifth graders! Nolan and his sister, Olive, bring Benjamin Franklin to the future. Ben spends the day with the two kids visiting the library, the fire department and the pool. All Nolan wants to do is send Ben back but Olive loves showing Benjamin Franklin all the cool things about this century. Funny, serious, facts and fiction all rolled into one. I loved the What Nolan Knows pages at the end with the truth behind the stories. I love that the illustration on the last page hints at the next book! I can’t wait to recommend this book to my students and I can’t wait to read the sequel!" said.

"With an old-fashioned crystal radio that mysteriously appears on his doorstep, Nolan brings Benjamin Franklin through time into the present. Along with Nolan's sister, Olive, Franklin explores the town, seeing what has become of his grand ideas such as libraries, fire stations, and (of course) electricity. But will he get home before Nolan's meddling neighbor Tommy Tuttle finds out too much?

Franklin's adventures (and misadventures) are funny and told well. Interspersed throughout are graphic novel-style renderings of the stories Franklin tells about his adventures with electricity, creating libraries, and inventing swim fins. The back of the book includes more information on these stories and a bibliography for students to read more if they wish.
" said.

"I saw this at the library and had to see what it was about. It's been a while since I've finished a book in one sitting (last summer, to be precise) but this one was a quick read and very fun. I love it when historical fiction weaves fact into the story, which this did very well through a chaotic day out with Benjamin Franklin. I actually did learn some that I didn't know, like he was a swimmer, so that's the mark of a good book in my opinion. The time machine is really awesome, based off of a crystal radio with years as kHz, and I seriously want to learn more about how that works.

Another bonus is the book ends with a historical note written in the voice of the narrator, which expands on some of the things mentioned, and a bibliography. And some good-natured jabs at us in the historical education business.
" said.

"Audience: Grades 3-5
Format: Audiobook/Library

Olive lay on her belly under the kitchen table.
- first sentence

This is a funny book about what would happen if Ben Franklin was somehow transported to today's world. Nolan & Olive find a strange radio on their front porch and as they are playing with the buttons, suddenly Ben Franklin appears. They try to hide him from their mom and everyone else, but his curiousity gets them all into a bit of trouble. Ben is fascinated by everything in Nolan's world, from electricity to libraries.

This was a funny book that kids in grades 3-5 will most likely enjoy. There are illustrations on many pages and when Ben tells a story, Nolan imagines it in graphic novel form. I listened to the audio, so I missed most of that. I would recommend that kids read the physical book so they can enjoy all of the illustrations.
" said.

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