Magic on the Map #1: Let's Mooove! Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-09-07 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 8 user ratings

"Copy provided by the publisher

Finn and Molly Parker's father brings home a travel camper for which he has traded his car. Their mother is not happy, and requests that the camper be returned. While the twins are not really happy about the thought of traveling, they are curious about the camper, and sneak into it at night. They find that the camper talks to them, and befreo they know it, they are on a dude ranch in Colorado! The camper (aka PET- Planet Earth Transport) tells them that they can return once they are done with their mission. This turns out to be saving a cow, Snowflake, who has extra tasty milk, from the clutches of the EZ Cheez villains. Mission accomplished, the twins return home to get ready for further adventures in the next book.

Strengths: The Parkers are from Ohio! Since this series will most likely have the children traveling all over the US, this made me happy. Ohio is rather centrally located when it comes to highways, even if they are traveling magically. There are fun facts about the states at the end of the book, and enough about the local residents to make this interesting.
Weaknesses: There will be a review somewhere that mentions that this book has a "white default". It does. But it would be a little odd if ALL of the books published were #WNDB. I would argue that these are so short that there isn't really time to work a particular ethnicity into the book. I was more bothered by the noses in the (otherwise fantastic!) illustrations. (They are much darker than the characters' faces, making them look like Pinocchio somehow. I am very picky about noses, apparently.)
What I really think: I won't be purchasing for my library, but these reminded me a lot of Osborne's Magic Treehouse books, but without a central quest. I would have been scouring the thrift stores for this series twenty years ago! (My budget, sadly, did not extend to new books, which is why my girls have fond memories of books that people ten years older than they are read!)
" said.

" Started out strong but then it lost my interest. I hope the twins will be developed more in the coming books. " said.

" I was hoping for more, but will keep up with the series. It is on the easy side for 3rd grade, but it fits with our exploration of our country. I wonder what kids will think> " said.

" New series perfect for fans of The Magic Tree House. Grades 1 - 3. " said.

" So sweet with a very fun premise! Highly recommend to all my elementary school teacher friends or parent friends looking for something for their new readers! " said.

" It reminds me a lot of the Magic Tree House series. The RV PET machine was a good idea. The characters are realistic and just waiting for more development. Having read almost all of the Magic Tree House series, I really believe this will be that good or better. " said.

" Between 3 and 4 for this Magic Treehouse wanna be. However Since this first volume in the series is set in Colorado I moved it to 4. The series is geography and touches on history and I can see it as a 1st grade read aloud and/or second grade guided reader. Didn't quite get to finish it as it is a summer reading prize and I'll have to wait to get a library copy. " said.

" I revived an ARC from the publisher of this book. It definitely reminded me of the Magic Treehouse series but a bit more modern. I wish there was more about the PET (camper) as I have students who would be very interested in that!!Good story, interesting dynamic between the twins. I’ll have my 8 year old read it as well to better get a grasp on what the age group it’s written for think about the concept. " said.

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