When I Feel Angry (The Way I Feel Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-15 
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" This picture book is an excellent book to read to children to help them learn to control their emotions. I love how this book displays the difference between feeling and doing in regards of emotions. It gives examples of what can make you angry and some coping skills to calm you down. " said.

" I've been collecting all these Cornelia Spelman books about feelings for the library. They are good for guidance class or other classroom discussions with younger students about dealing with feelings appropriately (or even identifying feelings). " said.

" April 2010: I thought this book was excellent; however, my almost four-year-old didn't retain a thing. Perhaps it's for older kids? Perhaps it's for kids with an attention span? Perhaps it's for kids who don't like being angry? I don't know why it didn't work for mine.January 2011 Update: It's sinking in! Perhaps the child just needs to be a little older! " said.

" This is a great book to read when a class is discussing emotions/feelings. It goes into reasons why we get upset and that these feelings are perfectly acceptable as long as we are not harming ourselves. It also describes strategies we can use to make ourselves feel better when we are angry so that we can lead healthier, and more balanced lives. The pictures are entertaining and can relate to a child's daily life. " said.

" Age: from 3 years oldIt teaches children that it is fine to feel angry, but not to act out of anger hurting people, and it teaches to calm down when they get angry. The book doesn't talk about the child trying to solve the problem with the person who caused him/her to get angry, and that's an important subject. It only says "I can figure out what made me angry, or ask someone to help me. I can talk, and I can listen", but that's not specific enough. " said.

""When I feel angry, I want to say something mean, or yell, or hit." Truer, more poignant words are rarely printed outside of scholarly papers geared towards professional psychoanalysts.

What I didn't know before reading this book: if I get angry, I can run, ride my bike, play with my toys or tell somebody about my feelings. When my mom tells me to clean my room, or the teacher picks on me for talking -- when I haven't done anything wrong! -- I can just breathe in and out and let it go. So now, like the bunny protagonist of the book, "When I feel angry, I know what to do!"
" said.

"I really enjoyed this book because it teaches a very important lesson. Many young children struggle with anger and getting a grasp on it at a young age is very important. Instead of lecturing students about the emotion of anger, I think a good way of getting the point across is to read them this book. This book will show them and teach them how to coupe with anger and that it's not always everyone else's fault and sometimes is your own. Very good book book for all elementary classrooms, especially the lower ones!" said.

"“Anger is a strong, hot feeling,” the bunny-protagonist explains to us, in this book geared for three to seven year olds. Indeed, anger is one of those emotions that most of us struggle with into adulthood. When I feel Angry articulates what anger feels like, and what situations provoke it, so that children can better learn to recognize it as a feeling. It also presents some concrete suggestions for how to calm anger down and avoid violent impulses, as well as how to communicate the emotional needs that often lie at the root of anger. This book is a great tool for parents and educators working to develop emotional skills in children." said.

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