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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-06 
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" This book was deemed "old" by the kids. Which is understandable as the pictures have an old fashion quality to them. I'm surprised it was first printed in 1993. The story was good though so they were ok with it but not one that anybody care to hear again. " said.

"Too Many Tamales tells the story of a Latino family celebrating their Christmas Eve doing fun traditions, like making their infamous tamales. This Christmas Eve soon turns into a silly drama when the main character, Maria, drops her Mothers wedding ring into the batch of tamales! Maria frantically tries to come up with a plan to find the ring before her Mom finds out.

This book has readers giggling as it shares a hilarious storyline about a group of cousins who try to fix a silly mistake. The culture talked of in the book brings many readers close to home and has us think about our on traditions that we hold true to our families too. Some readers are able to take away a little bit about another culture from our own, too!

"Maria happily kneaded the masa, she felt grown up wearing her mother's apron. Her mom had also let her wear lipstick and perfume. 'If only I could wear my mother's ring...'"

This book would be the perfect mentor text for culture. It could be used to discussed different traditions in different cultures and the unique things we eat and do that makes all of our cultures, as well as us, different.

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" said.

Review Type: Picture Book

Genre: Multicultural- Realistic Fiction

Awards: None

This story is about a time that Maria and her family made too many tamales during Christmas time. Maria always admired her mother's ring and wanted to wear it. This was a huge mistake, especially while making tamales. After the tamales were prepared and ready to eat, Maria remembered the huge mistake that she had made. She left the ring in the tamales. She forced all of her cousins to eat the tamales until they bit down on something hard. At the end of the batch, there was nothing of that description found. Maria shamelessly told her mother what had happened. While talking with her mother, she noticed the story was going to be wrong. Her family laughed it off and enjoyed their time making more tamales.

I thought that this was a cute book. The story had a great lesson. The pictures were great and I like how the author portrayed the latino culture in the story.

Teaching prompts:
I would use this to teach my students about asking permission before taking something. In the story, Maria took her mothers ring without asking and ended up facing what she thought would be consequences.

Craft Elements:
I would allow my students to make connections to the foods they eat during Christmas time. The students would write about these different things.
" said.

"This was such a fun book. We start out on Christmas Eve night with Maria and her mother making tamales in the kitchen. It is really quite special because they have spent the whole day bonding. Maria remarks that her mom very recently let her wear lipstick and perfume, which is a "rite of passage" in the Latino culture. Even after being granted these privileges already Maria decides that she wants to be even more like her mom, she wants to wear a wedding ring and help entertain company. When her mom leaves the room she puts on the ring and continues kneading the masa as if she was an adult. This was my favorite part because I think it is really important to fanaticize about what you want to do and who you want to be when you grow up. As Maria is wearing the ring while cooking her cousins come over and want to play, so she stops everything she's doing and runs upstairs with them. After a while she looks at her hand and notices the ring is gone, she must have lost it, or did she?

The book imagery would best align with realism, as even though the pictures are hand drawn they depict things and situations that could actually take place. Most of the images take place on two-page spreads with the text occurring on the bottom of the pages. The font in most likely 12. The hard cover edition is 8" 11" like a standard piece of paper. I would recommend this book as a bedtime story or maybe as a read aloud to a 2nd grade class or older.
" said.

" I enjoyed reading this story about Maria who lost her mother’s ring while making tamales and made her cousins help her eat all of the tamales to find it. It was simple, yet funny. I could see my students from South America appreciating and relating to the latino characters. I could also see myself, a teacher, using this story as a mentor text during a unit on narrative writing. " said.

" I liked this book. It was a cute story about a family who was making tamales for their family holiday gathering, maybe Christmas because there was a Christmas tree and presents. While making tamales, young Maria decides she wants to try her moms ring on, and thinks she looses it in the tamales! This story has a happy ending and a cute storyline. " said.

"It is the best time of the year; it is Christmas time! Maria, the main character of the story, is surrounded by her family on Christmas Eve which is when most Mexican families get together to celebrate Christmas with food and each others company. Maria's night takes an expected turn when she sees her mom's shiny, diamond ring, decides to try it on AND THEN helps makes tamales! What could go wrong?
I really enjoyed this story for the pictures were an amazing depiction on what goes on in the kitchen's of Mexican families during the holidays. The dresses that Maria and her cousins had on brought back itchy memories of having to wear those frilly dresses because it was a special occasion. Yet, having the dress on did not stop me from playing around and getting into sticky situations just like Maria did.
A great read to read during the holidays, or any other time of the year when you want to reminisce about the holidays with the family.
" said.

" " said.

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