Yafi's Family: an Ethiopian boy's journey of love, loss and adoption Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-12 
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" Appealing, pleasant adoption story. " said.

" Best book for an adopted child I've read yet. Honors the child's birth family and story eloquently. the details of the story don't mirror the details we know of Moses' story, but it will still be helpful and comforting to him. " said.

" An inside look at international adoption, Yafi's Family explores the healthy way to encourage conversation about family, new family and original family and how both will be always family. Very sweet with illustrations and words. " said.

"Yafi, a six-year old Ethiopian boy, relives the experiences of love, loss, and adoption in this inspiring award-winning tale. How could Grandma Elsa ever give him up? What happened when he left the orphanage? Will Yafi adjust and be accepted by his new family? How will the family be able to face all the challenges of an interracial adoption? Whether or not you’ve ever been adopted, this heart-warming story is one that all families can relate to because their special bonds will always keep them together. " said.

""Yafi's Family: An Ethiopian Boy's Journey of Love, Loss, and Adoption" is a children's picture book about the early life story of a six -year-old Ethiopian boy who was adopted by a Midwestern family. Filled with tender, vivid illustrations of the many different places and people who filled Yafi's beginning years, "Yafi's Family" projects a powerful message of acceptance that infuses its heart and core. A foreword by Melissa Faye Greene contains the following quotation: "The message we relay to the children who are ours by adoption needs to be: You came from somewhere. You came from good people. You came from this spot on the globe. This is your birth-country. It is a country filled with people who look like you. Do you remember living there? Maybe you were too little to remember. But it's right there, your country, and it can be part of your life." This is the burden of "Yafi's Family," to deliver a message of acceptance and love, the value of wholeness in discovering one's beginning life story. "Yafis' Family" is also unique as a first mainstream children's picture book for African/Ethiopian adoption." said.

"My child was abandoned, not relinquished as Yafi was, and my son if from another African country, but I still love the book b/c it clearly honors the birth family and assumes the best about them - I'm trying to create a collection of such books for our son to somewhat normalize his experience and provide a context in which to process his history - I love the drawing at the end of the book which includes his birth family and adoptive family - "I don't have a picture of my first mother, but I can draw one." Thank you, Linda and Jan! I hope others with such giftings will continue to produce such precious books for the growing adoption community! this is my first book review! (show how strongly I feel about this book and books like it)" said.

"Adoption can oftentimes cause a child to be transported from their native country to a foreign land. Like other immigrants, an adopted child from a foreign place must undergo a period of adjustment. At some point in time, coping with the adoption will become a secondary issue. The situation is intensified immediately if the child is old enough to understand what is happening and is further compounded when there are significant differences between the original culture and the child's new homeland.

In the picture book, Yafi's Family: An Ethiopian Boy's Journey of Love, Loss and Adoption, Linda Pettitt and her coauthor, Sharon Darrow, tell the story of an Ethiopian boy who is trying to bridge the gap between his first home in Ethiopia and his new home. It is unclear whether he moved to the U.S. or Linda's homeland, Australia.

By listening to the warmhearted dialogue between Yafi and his new adopted family, the reader learns that Yafi's moved in with his grandmother after his mom died. Even though Yafi was too young to remember her face, he remembers her presence. When Yafi's grandmother could no longer care for Yafi, she placed him in an orphanage. The ongoing conversation reveals the moments when Yafi first met his new family in Ethiopia and some of the challenges he faced as he adjusted to his new life.

Award winning artist, Jan Spivey Gilchrist's illustrations show the love that Yafi received from both his birth family and adopted family. The subdued tones add to the gentle nature of the story.

Linda's prior experiences with adoption and international travel provide insight into the dynamics of international adoption. The reader feels a tug of emotions as Yafi tries to balance the love for his birth family with his adopted family and new home.
" said.

"Hard to find adoption books from Ethiopia but this was as close as I could get to fit my family." said.

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