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"I think he kind of over-did the teenager thing.
(view spoiler)" said.

"This book is the an amazing ending to an amazing series.
When I finished this book a part of me felt so sad that the ranger adventure had ended. No more Will, Halt, Alyss, Evanlyn or Horace anymore :(
John Flanagan is truly an amazing author and his characters felt so real that when the books finished I felt like some of my best friends had left (I know it is deep, but i'm just being truthful here)
Now to the plot.....
Why on earth is alyss dead!
No wonder Will is in depression, so halt comes up with an ingenious plan to have will mentor maddy,
Princess Cassandras daughter.
Wow she was annoying at the start, but i enjoyed it because john really took you through her character development. She went to will a spoiled arrogant brat, but you get to watch as she matures and begins to think about other people, plus you can laugh as she constantly makes mistakes, and watch as she learns from them.
LOL her making coffee for Will.....
Anyways she turns into a brilliant ranger.
But before i skip to that.
John flanagan is an amazing author, and his humour will always make me laugh.
It was a bit sad that you didn't see all the characters in action together like the good old days but will and maddy made pretty good companions sort of making up for everything else.
The plot , like all ranger stories is amazingly detailed. Will and Maddy set out together and uncover a child slave trading ring. As you read on, it becomes clear that the head of the slave trading ring also KILLED alyss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you read on, I thought Will would die. :(
He was hopelessly outnumbered and since it was the last book, I thought why not, kill him off?
THANKTHEGODS he didn't die!
Throughout the whole book I was totally wrapt, I really hope John flanagan doesn't stop writing, He is an amazing author!!
" said.

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+ ترجیح داده می شه اینو توی بوک لایکس بخونین، بهتر مرتب شده :)

You couldn’t think of Will without seeing his unruly mop of brown hair and that cheerful grin on his face. Will had always been filled with an inner energy. He was enthusiastic and inquisitive, forever seeking something new and interesting in life. It was this trait that had led the Nihon-Jan people to christen him chocho, or butterfly. He seemed to flit cheerfully from one idea to another, from one event to the next.

Cassandra had seen Will several times since Alyss’s death, although he tended to avoid his old friends. He was a grim-faced, grey-bearded figure these days. There was no sign of the old Will. Pauline was right. It was as if a light inside him had been extinguished.

این هم از کتاب آخر این مجموعه. فکر کنم حدوداً یک سال منتظرش بودم؛ انتظار سختی هم بود چون واقعاً این مجموعه رو دوست دارم.
به طور خلاصه، این مجموعه کلاً در مورد یه پسر یتیم به نام ویله، که به عنوان کارآموز رنجر هالت ( هالت، هلت :-" ) پذیرفته می شه و توی این مجموعه اون پسر رو از سال اول کارآموزیش، تا وقتی که خودش توی کتاب دوازده استاد یه کارآموز می شه و اون رو آموزش می ده دنبال می کنیم.
ویل توی این کتاب ماجراجویی هاش رو علاوه بر هلت، با یکی از دوستان صمیمیش که باهاش بزرگ شده، هوراس، دنبال می کنه و اونها با شخصیت های جدیدی رو به رو می شن، توی هر کتاب.
در مورد این یکی کتاب، همون متن کوتاهی که اون بالا نوشتم کاملاً توضیحش می ده. الیس، همسر ویل فوت شده و ویل ناراحته و به شدت دنبال انتقام از اونایی که باعث مرگ الیس شدن. همین باعث می شه دوستانش دنبال چاره باشن که به زندگی برش گردونن و کمکش کنن که اون غم رو از سر بگذرونه.
بهترین راهی که پیدا می کنن اینه که بذارن یه کارآموز قبول کنه. انتخاب هلت، مدلاینه، دختر هوراس، پرنسس سلطنتی آرالوئن. یه دختر سرکش و شیطون که والدینش رو به ستوه آورده و چاره ی دیگه ای به جز اجازه دادن به هلت پیدا نکردن. کل داستان روی محور ویل و استادیش، و کارآموزش مدی می گذره.

از این کتاب انتظار خیلی بیشتر رو داشتم. انتظار لذتی رو داشتم که از کتاب های قبل بردم. انتظار اون ماجراجویی ها، اون خنده ها و ... کتاب طنز همیشگی نویسنده رو داشت، ولی نمی دونم چرا بیشتر می خواستم. اوایل کتاب یه ترکیب تکراری از کتاب یک و هفت بود. حتی خود نویسنده هم بعضی وقتا از زبون شخصیتا می گه که، همینطور که قبلاً گفته بودم... تا حدوداً فصل بیست کتاب هیچ چیز خاصی نداشت.
بعد از اون، وقتی که ماجرا به لیام رسید، هیجان ماجرا بیشتر شد ولی نه خیلی زیاد. هنوز اون کتابی نشده بود که من به خاطرش اینقدر مجموعه رو دوست داشتم. اون حس مرموزی رو دوست داشتم، چون خواننده نمی دونست چرا این اتفاقات داره میوفته... و در کل از این قسمت بد نبود.
صحنه های احساسی کتاب قشنگ بودن. بعضی وقتا حس می کردم می خواد فیلم هندیش کنه و اعصابم خورد می شد، ولی توی فصل آخرش نزدیک بود گریه کنم. نزدیک بود البته، چون به اون حد تاثیر گذاری نرسید :) و اون قسمتی که ویل با سگش هم حرف می زد احساسات قشنگی رو داشت.
در کل آخرش خیلی بهتر شده بود. خیلی خیلی بهتر. این سه و نیم رو برای همون بهش دادم.این کتاب یه جورایی مثل یازده بود. خوب بود، ولی اصلا عالی نشد. متاسفانه... واقعاً.

ولی هنوز هم اون هیجانی رو داشت که باعث شد اینقدر سریع تمومش کنم. هنوز هم اون چیز خاص رو داشت که مشخصه ی نثر فلانگن بود و من خیلی دوستش دارم. اون نثر سخت و پیچیده، اون جمله های بلند که با زیبایی و قشنگی به هم پیوند داده شدن.
در کل این کتاب خیلی می تونست بهتر بشه. به شخصه ترجیح می دادم اینطوری تموم نشه. آخر کتاب رو دوست داشتم، قشنگ بیانش کرده بود، ولی دوست داشتم کلاً پایانش متفاوت باشه.

و در مورد شخصیت پردازی، من یه چیزی رو در مورد این مجموعه می پسندم، و اونم اینه که نویسنده سعی می کنه شخصیت های اصلی کتاب رو در حداقل نگه داره و همینطور هم شخصیت جدید اضافه نکنه. ولی برای مثال، حتی اون پسره تیم که فقط یه چند خط توی کتاب بود، یه شخصیت مشخص داشت. یا خیلی های دیگه. در کل امتیاز این قسمتو می گیره.

He looked at his wife. ‘Remember years ago, when I sent Will off to Celtica with Gilan and I started behaving a little . . . erratically?’
‘You started throwing noblemen out castle windows, as I recall,’ she said, her lips twisting to contain a smile. Halt made a gesture that indicated he didn’t want to get into detail about that time in his life.
‘Whatever. You sensed that I needed a new influence in my life to take my mind off the things that were troubling me.’
‘As I recall, you were assigned to accompany Alyss on a mission,’ she said.
‘And it did the trick. Her youth and cheerfulness snapped me right out of my brown mood.’
Lady Pauline arched an eyebrow. ‘It didn’t stop you throwing people into moats.’
‘Maybe not. But he deserved it,’ Halt said, showing a rare grin.

در کل می تونم بگم که این کتاب ارزش اینقدر منتظرش بودن رو داشت. خوشحالم که خوندمش.

A part of my review in English:

And this is the end :) the 12th book of the series that is supposed to be The Last one. I waited a long time for it to release. And it was very hard, Because I love this series.
I excepted this book to be far better than this. I wasn't bad, although I wan't wonderful. I wanted the previous adventures, Will and Halt's remarkable ideas ...
I wanted this book to be more than about Will and his friends, not focus that much on Maddie.
Anyway, this book had advantages of the whole series. It's theme, for example. and It's characterization was as great as ever.
I didn't like the end of the book. I preferred maddie dies, or stop her training. I rather it was more exiting, than this.

+ برای هر گونه اشکال گرامری عذر خواهی می شه، عجله ای شد :)
" said.

" OH my GODS!!!! There's another one?! Money PLEASE grow on trees? Thank Yyevon for libraries! " said.

"As soon as I read the first few words of this series I was hooked. I could not stop reading them, I read book after book after book, and once I read them all It was really hard to find a new character that I liked. I read the other series John Flanagan wrote (The Brotherband Chronicles) once I finished those books I was waiting for John to write another Brotherband book and when I came to the book store I found book 12 of The Rangers Apprentice series and I bought it then and there. I finished it within 5 or so days.
******************************SPOILER ALERT**********************************
I think this book really has a major plot twist and I was VERY startled when I heard about Alyss. It was very depressing after reading about Alyss so many times and then learning she died tragically in a fire. And it also suprised when Horace an Evalyn (Cassandra) had a child.
This book is going in my favorite book of all times list. I hope everyone that has read any of John Flanagan's books gets the opportunity to read this series.
" said.

"I can't believe there's no more Ranger's Apprentice T.T My eyes are faintly sparkling with tears, dejected that the series came to an end or proud of all the characters, not sure which exactly. But what I'm certain of is that Will came back to his old self again :') Thanks to the pride of her parents, Maddie, who compensated me for all the disappointment many female characters -in other books- have caused me (I think I said that before?)

I like to capture the part in which Will thought he lost Maddie:

"The day was a normal day, just like the day before. But it would always be different because he would remember this day as the day he lost Maddie.
‘I’m hungry. What’s for breakfast?’ she said.
His head jerked up and he looked at her. Her eyes were open and she was smiling at him. It was a weak
smile, but a smile nonetheless. He felt his heart lurch wildly inside his chest, with hope and relief and joy.
‘What’s for breakfast?’ he repeated numbly. ‘After all that you’ve put me through, that’s all you can
She shrugged, then winced as the movement caused her pain.
‘What can I tell you? I’m my father’s daughter.’
He began to laugh. And somewhere, the laughter turned to tears and he was sobbing uncontrollably –
immense sobs that racked his entire body and floods of tears that coursed down his cheeks. And he knew
the tears were the ones he had never been able to shed for Alyss. They were for her. And they were for
Maddie. And they were for him.
Most of all for him."

When I read this part I instantly knew that we've won Will back, that all the sorrow and grief and loneliness Will suffered from have been swept away.. :')

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Horace and Cassandra on their letting their daughter pick such a tough way and that they've been the most lovely, considerate, and courageous couple in the whole series ^_^ And I'd like to salute the honorable seniors of the Ranger Corps for allowing a girl to join and offcially accepting her as a Ranger's Apprentice. (The book's title belongs to you now, eh Maddie? :p )

P.S. John, you better start a new series set decades after this one with the Ranger Corps more advanced, having some new weapons, and with our respected rangers from both sexes. :D

Thank you, John Flanagan, for giving me the time of my life while reading your indulging books!
" said.

"An entertaining conclusion that comes full circle from the first book. Flanagan sticks to his usual formula of dry humor in the adult characters and a protagonist that grows up while facing dangers. While this story's pacing slows a bit in the middle because of the focus on training an apprentice, it picks up with an exciting ending. About 17 years has passed and Will Treaty is now middle-aged. Many of the characters from previous books have died or are dying. Others are doing well in old-age and have found happiness with a partner. Will has had a tragedy in his life that has left him grieving and unable to move on in life. When Halt comes up with a crazy plan for Will to apprentice the first girl Ranger, it's a challenge Will can't resist. It also helps him love someone again and begin healing from his own personal loss.

Flanagan creates strong female characters with flaws. Some might feel its slow as this girl Ranger grows up and makes mistakes while learning from them and changing. This part of the story which involves her training doesn't have as much action found in other Ranger Apprentice stories but I enjoyed the character development. It's Flanagan. I know the action will come on full force eventually. And it does. Will isn't as crotchety as Halt so there is less of a dynamic between the two, but Will is his own person and a good teacher. Will never got Halt's jokes in the previous novels but in this one he does get the girls. I kept waiting for that oddball humor to show up but it didn't. The horse humor does though. They are still talking to their anthropomorphic horses. I did laugh when Will got irritated with the girl for correcting him at times. Hmmm... imagine that... adults getting exasperated with kids. All-in-all good fun.

When the girl Ranger makes her first kill she is shocked and Flanagan shows this quite well. Then when she makes the second kill she isn't shocked at all and is glad her victim is dead. This didn't jive with the first reaction and I wondered how she hardened so quickly. I do think Flanagan does a nice job showing how a girl has to adapt to the physical differences of being a Ranger. She isn't going to be able to string a huge bow and must find a weapon that works for someone small and less muscular. She's quick and smart and it is these qualities that make her good. I did think it odd that she fell asleep in the middle of a battle. Wouldn't she have gone after Will right away? Or maybe that was showing she was a kid and not really a seasoned warrior. The series begins in book one with a boy apprentice who wants to be a knight but is too small and becomes a Ranger or spy. This last book comes full circle and has that same boy training the first girl Ranger. A nice ending to a fun series.
" said.

"Thoughts on the Overall Book: So, I'm a long time fan of the series. It's one of my favorites, and I was excited as everyone else to hear he was continuing it, but then when I found out the premise. Well, I wasn't nearly so excited anymore. And while it turned out not to be as horrible as I feared, I still really wish John Flanagan hadn't written this story line. I couldn't care less about it really. I think he should have just written a prequel story about Halt and Crowley. We all wanted that anyway, but oh well, that's my opinion.

Cover--Yea or Nay: It's not my favorite Ranger cover, but I do still like it. I like the misty feel to it.

Characters: I'm not a fan of seeing my favorite characters get old. My sweet little Will is old and grim, and that's okay when it's Halt because I love Halt for who he is, but Will? No. Halt is mostly the same, but more like a grandpa than himself. Cassandra is still annoying and throwing random hissy fits, Horace wasn't in it enough to form an opinion on his older self, and Gilan is really the only one who hasn't changed at all. *sigh*. (view spoiler)" said.

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