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UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-06 
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"I have to be honest: this book isn't for me. It's very unlikely that I would have picked it up myself but thanks to the publisher, I got a copy for review, so I could give it a try. I'm not a Zoella fan or really that into that side of Youtube, but I was at least curious about the blogging and anxiety aspect. I liked the former - it's something I could relate to in a sense, as a blogger myself. Everything else? Hmm...

When it got to NYC, Noah and insta-love, I decided to leave it there. It's not something I particularly care for or want to spend more time on. I had my reservations about it initially for a number of reasons, but I'm satisfied at giving it a go and admitting it's not for me.

This book gave me flashbacks to the kinds of books I read a lot as a "tween" - like Louise Rennison's books with the Englishness, humour, romance, etc. So maybe the same Becki that read those kind of books would have liked this? While it's not going to be one of those books I'm ever going to rave about, I think to some readers it will be a cute, fun read. It's very cliche in many ways and it didn't feel like anything groundbreaking, but for what it is and for its target audience (plus the following Zoella has) I can see why many readers have responsed the way they have. It's just disappointing to hear about the writing.
" said.

"You can find the full review on my blog, as well as many other reviews!

I know what people are going to say. They're going to say that Zoe Sugg only got a book deal because she's deemed famous now, and that she doesn't deserve to be published as much as some other people do. They'll say it's unfair. I disagree.

Now before anyone starts furiously typing that I'm wrong, I'd like you to consider this: Everyone deserves to succeed. Yes, I agree that it is unfair that many people are unpublished. And yes, Zoe was fortunate enough to be approached concerning a publication deal. However, these two things are not mutually exclusive. Penguin didn't decide to only publish books by Zoe Sugg. It they had I'm sure they'd of changed their name by now to Penguinella or something equally as amusing. She didn't steal someone's spot on the shelves of book stores.
She earned it, as did all the other writers who's books sit beside hers.

Right, now that we've established this, let's move on to what's really important: the actual content of the book.

I won't say that Girl Online is the best book I've ever read because that would be a lie. I read around 100 books a year, and while that may not seem like a lot to some of my fellow book reviewers out there, I feel that based on that number I can safely say that I know a good book when I see one. Well.. when I read one.

For me, Girl Online was a great book. It had everything I look for in a Young Adult novel. An interesting plot, a protagonist I could relate to and character development. Admittedly it wasn't flawless. I personally found it to be predictable at times and a little cheesy, but then that's really not uncommon for Young Adult reads. I found it heart warming and enjoyed the book as a whole, and honestly? I'd read it again in a heartbeat.

This read was a little different for me. Like most people, I like to immerse myself into a different world when I read, and so the majority of the books that I choose to read aren't based in the UK because I find it hard to fully immerse myself in a book when things seem too familiar.. (Is this just me? Let me know in the comments!)

I think it probably goes without saying that Girl Online hit a little close to home for me. I mean the protagonist is a teenage Brit who suffers from anxiety, has next to no self esteem, is incapable of talking to members of the opposite sex and blogs. I mean honestly, if my name was in the dictionary that would be  it's definition.

Note to self: Stop being so honest.

And whilst Girl Online does maintain a Young Adult vibe through the romance aspect of the novel and the writing as a whole, Zoe addresses some topics that are very important to me, such as anxiety and cyberbullying and the effects that they can have on an individual.

So to conclude, I'd recommend Girl Online to anyone who's looking for an easy romantic read. If you like Sarah Dessen or Cathy Cassidy then I'd say this is definitely one for you!

Have a lovely day wherever you are!

Over & Out, T xx

I seriously cannot wait!
The plot sounds epic and Zoe's blog is phenominal so I already know I'll love the writing!

If any of you were unfamiliar with her, where have you been for the past few years? And here are the links to her blog and youtube channel:


(view spoiler)" said.

" I hope this lives up to my expectations. They're not ridiculously high at the moment but please let it be a decent, non insta-love, non-generic addition to the trillions of contemporary YA novels at the moment. " said.

"First let me say, I love Zoe. I am a HUGE fan of hers and I love the light and positive vibes she puts in this world.

Now, I read this as an ARC copy from the book store I work for. So, here is my honest review. I wanted to love this. I really REALLY did because I love Zoe SO SO much but it disappointed me. (I feel awful saying this). I read a LOT of Young Adult and I know they all follow pretty much the same format. Girl Online, was a little TOO fluffy for me. The beginning was a bit awkward and hard to get through. There was just not the flow between thoughts like you see in people trained to write. It was a bit disjointed. My main worry is that a lot of her US fans will not be as familiar with the British colloquialisms as I am (because I am obsessed with all things UK). I don't know if her publishers will do what J.K. Rowling's American publishers did and change the wording because some of it would make no sense if changed into an American context.

I will say though, the last few chapters and the ending were wonderful. I did really enjoy the book the further I got in to it. Overall, I still think every teenage girl that watches Zoella or More Zoella will absolutely love this book.
" said.

"Cute, adorable, quirky, romantic, funny, emotional, I could go on!! This is the kind of chick-lit novel I've been wanting to find for quite some time!

As a fan of both Zoella and YA books, I was a little scared that mixing two things I love would end in disappointment....thankfully this wasn't the case! I was thoroughly impressed with Zoella's writing and ability to create a character like Penny who is so loveable! Even though I predicted early on what Noah's secret was, I found myself flying through Girl Online. Oh, and the fact that it was located in London & New York made me love this book even more...I especially enjoyed the real-life landmarks/locations Zoella chose to insert into the story :D

Girl Online, although a pretty light read, also deals with some more serious issues like bullying, growing up and anxiety; I think readers will really appreciate this added bit of depth that these issues bring to the story. And of course, how can I forget the romance! Noah is all kinds of yummy in that delicious looking cupcake kind of way and I loved the positive change he brings to Penny's character!

Side Note: How adorable is this cover?!?! Seriously, I can't get enough of it!

Extra Side Note: After reading this book I've decided that I want my very own Noah and Elliot....This! Must! Happen!
" said.

"If you are looking for a cheesy, unrealistic and predictable book then you should definitely pick this up.

The main character, Penny, was annoying as hell. She was a clumsy, awkward and selfish little girl who seemed to only ever think about herself. The other characters were so cliché - a gay best friend, an ex-best friend who's some 2.0 copy of Regina George from Mean Girls and a love interest that's basically her knight in shining amour. REALLY?

Noah's secret wasn't hard to guess. If you think this book includes a major plot twist then you're wrong. I already made an assupmtion of what his "secret" could be on page 100 something and guess what? I was right, of course. I don't think it's going to be a surprise for anyone, because the whole damn world has figured it out, except Penny.

2 stars because I kind of enjoyed some parts of it. Tiny parts, though (I'm actually embarrassed to admit it okay).
" said.

" WHATTTTT WHATTT OMGAnd my favorite male fictional character name is NOAH . LIKE WHAAAAAnd New York and panic attacks and oh this is going to be lovelyyyy! Edit 7.8.2014.25 NOVEMBER YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY EDIT 9.9.2014.COVERRRRRRRR YASSS IT'S BEAUTIFULLLL " said.

"İkilemdeyim, sıkıntı şu: Bu kitap benim sevebileceğim bir kitap değil, dolayısıyla da beğenmedim. Sebeplerini sıralayabilirim; Fazla klişe vardı, aniden aşık olan karakterleri sevmediğimi her fırsatta söylerim ve daha birkaç bir şey. Yazarın hali hazırda yazarlıkla uzaktan yakından alakası olmayan, sevdiğim bir vlogger olması da kitaptan nefret etmememi sağladı. Başarılı bir vlogger, ama yazar değil. Başından beri beklenti yapmadım.
Bu kitabın yazılma amacını az çok anlayabiliyorum. Zoella'nın kendi hayatından bir şeyler kattığını tahmin edebilmek de zor değil ve kitabın bu açıdan özellikle yaşı küçük kesime faydalı olacağını düşünüyorum.
Ana karakter Penny gibi zor dönemler geçiren kızlar için yazılmış hafif bir kişisel gelişim kitabı gibi. Ve faydalı olabileceğini düşünüyorum. 3-4 yıl önce okusaydım severdim, Cindirella masalı gibi çünkü. Gerçek olamayacak kadar uçuk ama okuyunca mutlu oluyorsunuz ve umutlanıyorsunuz.
Kitabı hiç sevmedim ama bu benim tarzım ve hoşlandığım bir konu değil. Beklentiniz yukarıda yazdıklarım gibiyse, mutlu olmak için izlediğiniz Amerikan filmleri gibi bir şey okumak istiyorsanız veya Penny ile empati kuracağınızı düşünüyorsanız tavsiye edebilirim.
" said.

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