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UPDATE TIME: 2016-06-29 
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"The book is sweet in respect that children do not always have the insight regarding putting other people's needs first. However, it touches on a little girl's selfless act, which actually helps her shine in her own way. It really honors the notion of "sportsmanship". I have one in my office to demonstrate to the children I see that sometimes one can still "win" by allowing others to win as well." said.

"Love Your Heart by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas is a heartwarming story about Katie and her Dad. Katie has an upcoming talent show at her school she needs to prepare for. She has a variety of talents that she shows her Dad. Many of her talents need work though. As she decides on a talent and is ready for the talent show her friend is unable to perform. Her friend has hurt her hand and cannot beat the school jump rope record. At the last minute Katie decides to help her friend instead of showcasing her own talent. Katie is concerned about her Dad's reaction, but of course he is happy with her choice to help a friend. Katie's friend wins the talent show and everyone is happy. At the end of the book the friend gives Katie the crown she won and, of course, dad is proud. Great book about character and helping others while reinforcing a parent's love. Would recommend to kids going into school or for those little ones with potential friend issues. My 4 year old loved it and understood that helping others is a good thing and you do not always have to "win"." said.

"Though I am not usually a fan of the celebrity-turned-author books (it often seems everyone has one), this book by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas struck a particular note with me. Being the proud father of a little ballerina, and as someone who rides and shows horses, I appreciated the contrast in the characters. And the timing was great, as my daughter had just participated in her first talent show (dancing, of course). One thing I am often amazed by is the kindness my little girl can show for others, and it was reflected in the character of the little girl (Katie) in this book. After reading it myself, I shared it with my daughter and we read it together. Books like this that reflect strong values and an appreciation strength of character over accomplishment are always a pleasure to read. So much of what we read, see, and hear focuses on winning and being the best that it can be overwhelming for kids. Sometimes they just need a gentle reminder that being a good person is as important -- more so, actually -- as being "the best" at something. The book was just right in terms of length, though the reading level was actually a bit below what I anticipated. The story drove the lesson home without being "preachy", though the writing and character dialog seemed a bit forced at times. The artwork was very vibrant and pleasant, and my daughter and I both enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a nice little book that would make a great father-daughter gift to a girl aged 4-6. And while the story was a bit damp, it was certainly not a bad book by any stretch and has found a place on our book shelf where it will surely be read again.
" said.

"This is a cute little book. It also has a little area where you can write a personalized message, making it that much more special to the receiver." said.

"As a father of a seven year old, I love that this book really focuses on the love a father shows his daughter, and helps her to let her figure out her own talent, while supporting whatever decision she makes. This really is one of the first great kid stories I've read where the father is portrayed as the loving adult figure, and my daughter and I have enjoyed reading it a few times.

After having it for about six months, I wish I could say we've read this book more often. But somehow my daughter hasn't been asking about it or reaching for it on the shelf after about three readings. I also found the book was a bit expensive for how short it is, and I haven't brought myself to buy the other Tim McGraw book.

Overall though this really is a great story about the selfless love of a friend toward another friend, as well as the supporting love from the father. Most of us dads could certainly keep some of the teachings in mind as we help our kids through school and life challenges.
" said.

"I must admit I'm not necessarily a fan of Tim McGraw's music. In fact, I'm not sure I know any of his songs. However, I chose this book for my daughter from Amazon Vine because I loved the title and thought it would have a great message for her. I was right. Love Your Heart is a positive, inspiring picture book about how a father loves his daughter's kind spirit and gentle heart more than all of her other talents combined. The artwork is warm and engaging, and, quite honestly, every time I read this book to my daughter it chokes me up a little.

Whether you're a McGraw fan or not, this book is a great one to teach the little ones the importance of kindness to others and that inner beauty trumps outward skills each and every time.
" said.

"I bought this book for my daughter to give to her father for Fathers Day and it is such a cute book." said.

"I bought the first book by Tim McGraw "My Little Girl" first so I had to buy this book. Tim McGraw is my favorite country artist so I had to buy this book for my grand daughter. It warms my heart to know that Tim McGraw is as charming in a book as he is in real life. I would recommend this book for any little girl. It is also a great book for a dad to read to his daughter." said.

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