Unchanged (The Unremembered Trilogy) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-19 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 2 user ratings

"This book. is. just. BRILLIANT.

I mean, this is a conclusion to a trilogy. Honestly, I don't reserve much hope for conclusions anymore, unless it's written by Marie Lu.
But this book- I just-

The more I read it, the more l realized- Katniss and Seraphina are reallyyy similar. In fact, A LOT OF STUFF between Hunger Games and the Unremembered series are reallyyy similar.

But wait- before you start asking why this is not a rant and is actually praise, let me tell you something-

This book is even BETTER than the Hunger Games.

IMAGINE- a world in which Katniss time-traveled to spend the rest of her life with Peeta... then got caught and was literally BRAINWASHED to think that Peeta was evil (in a way, it's a lot like how Peeta had the Tracker-Jacker poison injected with loads of Katniss-memories).
IMAGINE- a world in which the Mockingjay did not fail miserably.

Yup. This series is for anyone who'd love that.

(Cody tho. ;-;)
" said.

" I HAVE NO WORDS....I'm so sad this series is over. The whole concept and story was amazing, I will never forget these books. I'm still in shock from the ending... " said.

" Ooh that was definitely not what I was expecting, but I loved it! Great ending to a series I have enjoyed. " said.

" I really liked this series and this book in the series. I have mixed emotions about how this ended. I was hoping they could have a typical happy ending but this was still a good way to end the story. " said.

" What a thrilling, breathtaking conclusion to the Unremembered trilogy. Unchanged has its share of surprises. It’s filled with actions and interesting characters, each of them with their own revelations thorough the whole story. If you’re looking for a great science-fiction trilogy ending in a grand finale, then check out this one. Full review up in a few on Drizzle and Hurricane Books! :) " said.

"*Source* Library
*Genre* Young Adult, Science Fiction
*Rating* 3-3.5

*My Thoughts*

Unchanged is the final installment in the Unremembered trilogy by author Jessica Brody. Synthetically engineered human Seraphina is back at Diotech having left Lyzender (Zen) behind in order to save his life. Once again, Dr. Alixter has plans for Seraphina and this includes yet another memory modification to make her forget about her "rebellion" phase when she ran away with Zen. Sera now feels nothing but hatred for Zen, while falling all over herself with Kaelen who is her "perfect" print mate. Print mate = soul mate in human terms. With Sera feeling guilty and happy for a second chance, Dr. Alixter's goal is almost complete.

*Full Review posted 12/14/2015*

Published: February 24th 2015 by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux Books for Young Readers.
" said.

"This review and more: Sharing Inspired Kreations

Wow. Okay, I really wasn’t expecting that ending. That came as quite a shock and I’m still trying to process it.

This book might just be my favourite of the trilogy. I finally get the romance between Sera and Zen. Too late though? You’ll have to read it and see! I don’t know what it was about this book that finally made me fall in love with their love, but I did. And I’m officially back on team Zen (though, I still like Kaelen).

The story was good and captivating. Sera is really quite different in this book. In fact, all three of the main characters (Sera, Zen, and Kaelen) are different in this book than in the others. The story had changed them. Zen is tougher and harder and not the same hopeless romantic he once was. Kaelen has a dark side we hadn’t really seen before this book. And Sera has been manipulated to basically think the opposite of everything she knows – the truths are lies and the lies are truths.

I enjoyed this book and this series. But this book wins out of the three.
" said.

"There is a beautiful thing about trilogies. This trilogy is one of them.

I am grateful enough to have been along on this ride with Sera and Zen. From Unremembered to this brillant, fantastic ending that is Unchanged.

Unchanged proves that there is hope in everything. How endings can be reached with absolute genius. As a reader, I truly appreciate all the hard work put into stringing ideas into stories. Into words. Writing is no simple task; but the Unremembered trilogy proves that nothing is impossible.

From the start of the trilogy, Unremembered, we got to see the love blossom between Sera and Zen. Their love is truly strong and completely unique. When I read Unchanged, you could really see the distinct difference between the love between Sera and Kaelen as to Sera and Zen. Zen and Sera's story made me cry, laugh and make me love them even more.

Kaelen, created for Sera, but not unlimited true love like Zen's.

And what more can I say about Zen? He's truly a hero, one of the strongest characters who has the greatest and biggest hearts of all. Because of his love for Sera, and I am truly in awe of him. He never ever truly gave up. No matter how many times Diotech tried, Zen was always there in Sera's heart. Now that is loyalty and faith which cannot be beaten. That is the true meaning of love. One kind of unique love which is shown in Sonnet 116.
Beautiful. Unbreakable.
That is what Sera and Zen represent. How love is an ever-fixéd mark. I fell for Zen like Sera did. And that is all that matters.
Thank you Jessica Brody for writing this intriguing trilogy.
" said.

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