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UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-04 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 41 user ratings

" 26 months - not really sure how to rate this one. My husband didn't really like it and my daughter never wanted to read it after the first time. I convinced her to give it one more read so I could read it at least once. Not very realistic but I thought it was fun, repetitive but in a fun way with rhyming car sounds. " said.

" This is one of our top ten bed time books. Just enough of a story to keep me interested and not confuse him. Also, this is a story that features Dad and the kids (no mom in sight) and fun read alout words like Razzleberry Dazzleberry fizz and Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge delight and Bang! Boom!We love this book to death, get it in hardcover! " said.

" Phyllis Root with a winner! Jill Barton, as illustrator was up to the task of making each page and kid come alive. I didn't intend to buy this book, but the little girl in the yellow polka dot dress with the pouty face was too charming to resist. A very fun 'read' for anybody on a hot summer day and for those wishing or missing summer fun. " said.

" I'm tempted to add a "tongue-twister" shelf. We were in a fit of giggles by the middle no thanks to my stumbling over the words and the astute three year old correcting me. In my defense I was trying to be silly and read "brum brum fizzelly sizzelly wappity babbity lumpety bumpety clinkety clankey bing bang pop" as fast as I could. " said.

" The book might not be the most realistic for kids ( using beach balls and other things for car parts), but the message is great! The kids give up their toys to help the family make it to the beach. Sacrifices for the good of the family is a great thing to learn in young families, and this book shows how great giving can be for a family. " said.

" This was delightful. It was our book of the monthnbut we continued reading it a lot afterwards. My Pre-K students enjoyed it really well. I would recommend this for classroom and personal libraries. The family decide to go to the lake because it's so hot. So they go in the Rattlentrap car. Do they make it? It's very funny and entertaining. " said.

" Great read aloud for toddler to six/seven years old. A family wants to go to the lake on a hot day but they are not sure their old 'Rattletrap' car will make it. The rest of the story tells how they all pull together to get the car to the lake. They use some very funny, creative methods to get there and back. Many sound words and repetition that kids will love. Illustrations are reminiscent of the WPA or the Rockwell era. " said.

" This book was fun and I love the onomatopoeia. This was afun story for any one who has been in clunky old car wondering if you will ever make it to your destination. My co worker -who I read this aloud too--wondered if the beach was only a block away because there could be no way that the car could make there farther than that. And also, the books talks about Poppa, but where is the mother?? Just things I wonder about as there is a baby in the story. " said.

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