The Door in the Dragon's Throat (The Cooper Kids Adventure Series #1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-26 
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" I wanted to like this book (and series), but sadly I DNFed. The book beats you over the head with Christian principles. I believe that you can do almost anything through God and faith, but that won't always get you out of true physical danger. The other glaring issue with it is the children who are "trained" to deal with any danger, are terrified within minutes of their first appearance by a snake and are unable to move until their father comes and saves them. " said.

"Jay and Lila have traveled the world with their dad, who's an archeologist. The kids are essential members of the team, and it's fun to watch the family (and their three other crew members) working in close harmony. There's respect, trust, and protectiveness. In this particular adventure, the Coopers are investigating the legends surrounding the Door in the Dragon's Throat. And they're walking into a site where several other teams from different parts of the world have lost their lives.

Action-packed and tightly paced. A lower middlegrade adventure with strong Christian themes.
" said.

"I read this book to my daughter who is 11 and my son who is 10. My kids are really into action adventure and hate romance in books. They are both avid readers and can easily read books above their grade level. But it is hard to find older books for them that do not have romance and yet are full of suspense, action-adventure, and mystery. After being frustrated by what I thought was a safe reading list, I found these books and was thrilled. I bought this first book and it looked so good that I wanted to read it to my children. It definitely fulfilled my requirement list and I love that it was a spiritually filled book in addition to being really exciting and entertaining! My son rated it five stars. My daughter only gave it four stars. Her reasoning was because the brother has more of a "hero" role then the sister. Can you tell my daughter is the oldest and first born? I am encouraging my children to read the rest of the series as part of their required reading hours each week. This is a great series to have in your home library!" said.

"It kind of hurt to give this 3 stars, as I can see the appeal, but it would’ve hurt more to give it 4.
While this may be a decent book for younger audiences, I could barely stomach the blatant stereotypes and deus ex machina. Why do the “pagans” have to screech and scream and cry about spirits/demons/omens after every stinking earthquake/otherwise unfortunate event?
I would talk in detail about the “miracles”/prayers answered, but then I would get annoyed. To the point of wanting to drop my rating down a star or two. So I won’t.
All in all, this is a decent—if contrived—bit of Christian fiction. Not recommended for older readers who haven’t been exposed to this in childhood. :P
Recommended for younger audiences.
" said.

"I was a devoted acolyte of Frank Peretti in my younger years. I devoured his Cooper Kids Adventure series as a youngster and then moved on to his horror based adult fare as I became a teenager. Decided to do a revisit. This is the first book in his Cooper Kids Adventure series. Intrepid archaeologist/adventurer Jake Cooper and his two precocious kids, Jay & Lila, head into the desert of a generic African nation. A strange door lurks deep below the ground in a supposedly cursed cavern called the Dragon’s Throat; other adventuring teams have vanished after venturing into the cavern or returned having lost their minds. What evil awaits behind the massive door? Peretti’s young adult books were always a lot more obvious about his Christianity; his adult books were often more allegorical or symbolic in that regard. This one’s pretty preachy and the writing is pretty bad. It’s a great framework and a genuinely good plot with slowly building mystery leading up to a big finale. It would make a great movie or something if you edited out a lot of the preachy monologues; that way you wouldn’t have to deal with the rather bad prose. But it’s Peretti’s first novel; I’ll keep reading and see how he develops. " said.

"Al-Dallam was President of Nepur in the Middle East. Somewhere in the desert was a great hole with a mysterious big door. Several expeditions had explored, but many died. Nothing grew around the edge of the hole and it came to be known as the dragon’s throat.

Gozan had accompanied some of the expeditions into the desert. President Al-Dallam had yet another team for Gozan to accompany--Dr. Cooper and crew.

President Al-Dallam had called on Archaeologist Dr. Cooper because he had heard reports that Dr. Cooper was different. He was a Christian. Other explorers and archaeologists were afraid to investigate the dragon’s throat. Dr. Cooper was Al-Dallam’s last hope of finding out what was behind the door.

But being a Christian wasn’t the only difference. Dr. Cooper travelled with a relatively small team and his teenage children Jay and Lila.

When the Coopers encountered a strange old shaman in the desert near the hole, the team and the expedition were shaken in more ways than one.

I had heard about the Cooper Kids Adventure series back when I was in high school. I guess I was too busy reading great big novels to try it then. The Door in the Dragon’s Throat is an exciting adventure for middle schoolers (possibly even elementary) and up. It is definitely geared toward Christians. Peretti writes frequently about demons and spiritual warfare and this was no exception. I look forward to reading more Cooper Kid Adventures. This is my honest and unbiased review.
" said.

" A little cheesier than I remember but an excellent book nonetheless. anyone young or old can enjoy this! " said.

" I thought it was a little confusing.If I re-read it, it'll prolly make more sense. Other than that, it's good. " said.

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