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UPDATE TIME: 2018-02-02 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 51 user ratings

" The conceit of the book is that years ago, in the time of cavemen, prehistoric precursors to modern day heavy use vehicles roamed the earth as dinotrucks with names that are amalgamations of dinosaur and vehicle names. It's not a bad idea, but the story is a little unclear and hard to follow for a young (almost 4) reader and the illustrations are a bit muddy. " said.

" In the book rating world this book for me is a 3 star. But for little boys and girls who are mad for dinosaurs this will excited the pants off of them. This book is well used and loved. It is actually getting removed for our system because it is well used. If I liked it better, I might order a new one but I could take it or leave it! So to make room for bigger and better things... this is my review! " said.

" I read this to my 1st graders today and they LOVED it! The class is made up of mostly boys and the combination of dinosaurs and trucks made it a definite hit for them! The use of every day trucks combined with dinosaur names such as the Craneosaurus, Dozeratops, and the Tyrannosaurus Trux just to name a few made for a great reading. I believe they liked the Firesaurus best! Can you guess what kind of truck that is? :-) " said.

" If you have a child that is passionate about dinosaurs and cars of all makes and models this may be the perfect book for them. I however could care less about cars as long as they go vrooom when I put the key in, so this book wasn't one I would be overly excited to share with young readers. Hello! According to the Jetson's we should have flying cars at this point. When is telaportation going to finally come about???... feeling rather cheated here in 2011. " said.

" Dinosaurs and trucks, an irresistible combination for most young boys. The story of how Dinotrux once ruled the world is cute and the cave peoples reactions are pretty funny. The illustrations are my favorite part. Each two-page spread portrays creatively named dinotrux such as Dumploducus and Dozeratops wreaking havoc on the Prehistoric world. Eventually most of the Dinotrux meet a tragic end and the world is completely changed. " said.

"okay, what do some kids love the most? Dinosaurs and trucks! Let's put them together and call them, DINOTRUX! After my initial eye-rolling while picking up this book up at the library, I showed it to my (almost 5 year old) son and he immediately wanted to read it. The story text demands that you read it in a loud, ominous voice. And it is entertaining for kids. It's currently his favorite book. And the illustrations are great, especially Tyrannosaurus Trux on the cover. I see that there's a movie coming out by Pixar in the future. My son is already clamoring for it! I looked for some Dinotrux prints for my son's room, but alas, I must wait for the movie merchandising.
" said.

"Dear Son:

I want to caution you about this author's abominable paleontology / anthropology. His grasp of scientific facts is truly lamentable for an adult and inexcusable for a published author, and I am sorry for exposing you to it at such a formative age.

To set things straight: in reality, the dinotrux lived millions of years before human beings, not alongside them.

Also, I doubt that the book's artwork was really painted onto scraped hides, as claimed by the copyright page.

Thank you for your attention.

You may now continue running through the house and yelling "BEEP BEEP! RAAAAAR!".
" said.

""Dinotrux" is a collaboration of two favorite things, dinosaurs and big trucks. Using rhyme and wonderful illustrations, the reader is given a visual, imaginative esson on what dinosaurs would be like if they were part trucks. From the Garbageadons to the Firesaurus, this truck will show how modern day trucks evolved from dinotrux.

Ages 3-8

This book will appeal to any kid who loves dinosaurs or big trucks such as fire trucks, garbage trucks or diggers. It is a fun, creative story that could motivate reluctant readers. Also, it has graphics similar to graphic novels.

I would keep this in stock to keep readers engaged in reading. I could have kids create their own dinotruck and talk about what it would be able to do. It would creative expression. Students could create stories about a dinotruck.
" said.

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