Games to Play with Babies - 3rd Edition Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 33 user ratings

" Total waste. If you never cuddle with your baby this might be worth buying. " said.

" A lot of repetition to be had here not to mention an awful lot of talk without much explanation. It was a good try on Jackie Silberg's help but I must say I am glad I didn't buy this because I would have felt ripped off by its offerings. There was a handful of good tips, but all in all kind of a drab book. " said.

" This book provides lots of different games for babies, categorised by age group in months, from 0 to 12. I found this book not to be that insightful or helpful, because most of the games are games or things you would naturally learn to do with your baby as a parent. Many of the games in the book prescribed exactly which words to say or actions to perform, which does not really matter in the end. I prefer playing games with my baby that I enjoy coming up with naturally and not to go by some book. " said.

"This is loaded with things to do with babies. I select a few each week to do in our library BABY TIME.

Last week we played...

Up, UP, U P goes the baby (hold baby high in the air)
Give a hug to the (give baby a hug)
Down, down, down goes the baby (bring the baby down close to the ground)
Give a hug to the baby (give baby a hug)

Kissy, kissy fingers,
Kissy, kissy toes,
Kissy, kissy baby,
On your kissy nose.

I love to kiss your fingers,
I love to kiss your toes,
I love to kiss my baby,
On your kissy nose.

" said.

"Since I have the youngest child in our local BookCrossing group I've been handed down a bunch of parenting books. One of those books was Games to Play with Babies. While the book seems to be well meaning, it rubbed me the wrong way.

For parents or caregivers who lack empathy or are intimidated by an infant's needs, Games to Play with Babies would be a good primer. It has the different games broken up by age and by what the activity purports to teach.

The educational value of each of these games is what bothers me the most. Infants are like little exchange students thrust into a foreign culture. They're under total immersion around the clock. Everything is a learning experience for them. To try to mark out what each of these entertaining little games will teach is just silly.
" said.

" Interesting read. I loved this book a lot. It was really entertaining and it helped me gauge what activities are age appropriate or my children. My baby has never been so happy now! I was wondering if the author will make new version of this book. " said.

"I highly recommend getting a book like this one, but not necessarily this one. I love reading through the different activities you can do with a baby, especially a newborn/infant. Oftentimes, you just sit around thinking, "Should we be playing at something?" The book has a lot of good suggestions, and I love that it is divided into three month sections with different activities for each stage of babyhood. However, I found a lot of the games were repetitive. Playing with the babies fingers and toes is repeated over and over in the 0-3 month sections. Some also require craft skills, like constructing noise makers or textured gloves or cardboard picture cut-outs, which can be tricky to do while entertaining that same baby for whom you are making these crafts. My advice, shop around for a similar book, but not necessarily this one." said.

" Total waste. If you never cuddle with your baby this might be worth buying. " said.

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