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" In theory, I bought this for my children's future Confessions. But really, it's a great explanation for anyone. It's simple, but not dumbed down. I think the examination of conscience is helpful for anyone. I would also recommend it for anyone not familiar with the Catholic Sacraments who wants to learn more about this particularly misunderstood one. " said.

" "At first glance, A Little Book About Confession for Children looks like it would be ideal for second graders and other small children preparing for their First Holy Communion. And that is true.But limiting the book to younger ages would be a mistake, because this book has terrific and simple content for kids of any age, and even adults."Read the rest of my review in my column for The Catholic Post: " said.


11. What does going to confession do?

The Sacrament of Penance heals our souls when we hurt it by sinning. When we confess our sins to a priest, it is God who hears us and forgives our sins.18 God always forgives us if we are sorry, no matter how big or how many our sins are.

The Bible tells us the story of how Jesus treated a woman who had committed a big sin.19 She had been arrested, and the people were going to throw rocks at her.

Jesus came and told the people, "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her." One by one the people put down their rocks and left.

When only Jesus and the woman were left he told her, "Go, and do not sin again."

God always forgives us when we ask, but he also asks us to change our behavior. The Sacrament of Penance helps us with this.20

18. CCC. 1461
19. John 8:3-11
20. CCC 1468
This is a really terrific little book that I think might help parents as much as the children they read it with. For one thing, Kendra Tierney strips matters down to basics, as you can see from the excerpt above, to help everyone see the basis for all the ins and outs of the sacrament.

It begins with a brief glossary and then moves through a series of simple questions and answers. This is followed up with a brief look at a few saints who have links to confession, a simple examination of conscience, and a quick review of what actually happens during the sacrament. A really nice feature is that the cover has a quick reference on the front and back flaps containing the steps of the sacrament, the Act of Contrition, and an extremely brief examination of conscience. Personally, I found the examination of conscience really nice as a way to get back to basics in my own life. That may say more about me than it does about the book but, again, I think adults will find this touches them when they are reading through it.

I'm not crazy about the illustrations since they all look as if children drew them. Skilled children, to be sure, but children nonetheless. Maybe some children enjoy looking at pictures their peers could have drawn. I never found them appealing no matter what age I was. Of course, this is purely a matter of personal taste so don't let that stop you from picking up this gem of a book." said.

"I really liked this! It will be great for teaching the kids, but it's also just a great explanation of the Sacrament. No super deep theology, but answers to many pesky questions people might have about Confession." said.

"Excellent little book for children preparing for their First Confession. Highly recommended." said.

"Wow. What an amazing book on Confession for Catholic kids. I bought this for my son who is 8 - he's new to Reconciliation and I thought this would help him figure out what he needs to talk about in the confessional.

He really liked it and takes it with him when we go to Confession, which is great, but I must admit to also using it as a guide, myself. It's very clear, kind-hearted, and straightforward. It's the right length for kids, I think, and very age-appropriate.

Just an awesome book... really can't say enough good things about it. Truly, one of the best books for Catholic kids in any category. Thanks so much, Ms. Tierney!
" said.

"This is a lovely little book. My husband and I are converts, so it has been helpful for us as well as my daughter. Thanks for the great book, Kendra!" said.

"Must have for any child making their First Reconciliation, or even past that age. I love this book!" said.

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