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" I read this in a couple of days with the intentions of familiarizing myself with what it means for a Jew to become a believer in Jesus Christ, the Messiah. It was very easy to read and is a good starting point in my quest. It was, I'm guessing, a bit oversimplified in describing a devout Jew's transition to belief, however, and not too terribly profound (which I really like!). " said.

" A heartening true story of a Jewish man who decides to read the Bible in response to his daughter's conversion to Christianity. Despite his motivation to prove her wrong, he finds truth and conviction, and ultimately he is drawn to Jesus Christ. His description of his studies provides a compelling foundation for the truth of Jesus as Messiah, prophesied throughout the Scriptures. " said.

" That was good!!! But took me quite a while to finish for such a short book. Anyways, I found it really exciting in the beginning but once it got in to the really serious heavy bible stuff, it was a little bit hard for me to understand and I wasn't really able to relate to the book that much because I am not Jewish, and cannot understand some of the connections and how everything really fit together, but oh well, it was still a very good read. " said.

"My daughter read this book first and she enjoyed it so it was a recommendation from her.This was a "fun" read for me. I enjoy reading other people's testimony and it was almost funny how the father ended up receiving Christ as his messiah when he set out to disprove Christ. It goes to show that often we don't really know why we disbelieve things. We just follow along the behaviour patterns we've learned from society and from our family traditions. We should really seek out the evidence for ourselves. " said.

"How traumatic can it be for a Jew to accept Christ? What does it do to their family? This is a very open discussion of the struggles of a Jewish couple after their son accepted Jesus as His Savior.
This book could easily lead a person to salvation. It answers questions in a very compassionate manner. It addresses cultural struggles. It never compromises Scriptures. It points to Jesus as the Messiah. Actually, it reads almost like a book-length tract and is still a fascinating personal testimony as well.
" said.

"This was really an amazing story of one family's journey from secular Judaism to deeply held Christian faith. It is told from the father's perspective as his life changes as he begins to read scripture for the first time to try to convince his daughter who has recently accepted Christ that Christianity is false and not appropriate for a good Jewish girl. As he discovers the beauty of God's plan of redemption of all the nations through the Jewish messiah, I was reminded yet again of how the Holy Spirit can break through even the hardest cultural barriers to redeem those He has chosen from the beginning of creation." said.

"This is a very moving account of one man's journey from his faith as a Jew to the Christian priesthood. More precisely, it is his struggle to come to grips with a Jewish daughter who has been "born again." We suffer with him through the agonies of betrayal, anger, disbelief and finally, a total abandonment of his life in order to "prove" her either right or wrong.

To his disbelief, as he struggles to disprove her Christian faith, he finds that, not only is it true, but it fulfills his Jewish faith as never before. A truly touching testimony to be shared with any non-believing person of the Jewish faith. Stan tells it like it is.
" said.

"This book is about Stan Telchin and his family . Stan is a Jew by birth but not overly religious. Stan even admits to not reading the Jewish religious books and had no regrets whatsoever about that. The family was living a very happy life until their older daughter Judy goes to college and becomes a Christian. It's fascinating to read how people from this "chosen " tribe of God despise Christ 2000 years after His birth and are still waiting for a Messiah. Stan wished his daughter becoming an atheist to becoming a Christian.

Stan wants to persuade Judy that Christianity is false . He and his wife Ethel set out on a emotional journey to find some answers. And they do this by reading the Bible individually and comparing it to their Jewish texts.

The drama that unfolds is amazing as each member of the family is led to Christ. You will rejoice with the Telchin family when they accept the Truth.

If you enjoy reading good testimonies about people who were saved by Gods amazing sovereign grace, then this book is certainly for you !! Happy Reading !!
" said.

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