No god but God: The Origins and Evolution of Islam Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-09 
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"What a really enlightening book and very very well written. I first knew of Reza Aslan from his viral interview on Fox News for his newer book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth (which I will surely read later) and started to search more about his views from his videos and writings. And then I came across this book. This book starts with a historic chronicle of pre-Islamic Arabia, the live and ministry of the Prophet, the caliphs, the Shia Movement, and the impact of Western colonisation. By placing context into how or why many of the things occurred as they did, Aslan argues that Islam in its true form should be egalitarian, inclusive, progressive, and even pluralistic, although some Muslim rulers and other practises easily led to the Western perception that it is otherwise. In fact, I think it is precisely for readers in the West and non-Muslims (myself included) that this book is targeted, as it clears out many of our misperceptions and bigotry against the religion. " said.

"This book gives a simple but yet a sufficient description of Islam's sects and their evolution through time, with a brief mention of the muslim political movements (the islamists) which i think played a much greater role in shaping the political consciousness of today's muslims.
This book however failed enormously in approaching islam as 'a faith'. By stripping it from all spiritual content, the author handled it as a merly socioeconomic revolution.
But the author's way of handling the topic of chiisme totally worth reading this book to me.
" said.

" This book was thoroughly eye-opening. It is a must read! " said.

"Having divorced myself from Islam a couple of years back but continued to struggle with a lot of resentment regarding current "theological" and cultural affairs, coming across this book parted some clouds in my mind. I am far more interested in the historical aspect of any religion than I'll ever be in its theology, and Reza Aslan proves to be thought-provoking at best. Whether man made or heavenly sent, timeless or bound to a specific era, there's a thing or two about Islam that one can learn to appreciate.

I think religions are not testimonies of the greatness of a God, or gods, or whatever. I think they just prove how interesting and creative, and sometimes awful, human beings can be. They are a testimony of us and our values.
" said.

"به نظر من اين كتاب بهترين و معتبرترين كتاب رضا اصلانه. همين كه در كلاسهاى مذهب يهودى و مسيحى در دانشگاهها اين كتاب را مطالعه ميكنند دليلى بر تعادل و صلح در اين كتابه. كتاب و اسكالرى را معتبر ميدونم كه هيچ ردى از يك طرفه بودن قضاوتش به خواننده نده. به نظرم هر خواننده اى با هر اعتقاد مذهبى يا بى مذهبى با خواندن اين كتاب عصبانى نخواهد شد.حتما نبايد موافق نويسنده بود تا از قلمش لذت برد، براى من همينكه براى دفاع از اعتقادش بى انصافى نميكنه كافيه. با همه حرفهاى اصلان موافق نبودم ولى از خواندن كتابش لذت بردم" said.

" Fantastic introduction to Islam and its diverse history. But my deeply ingrained atheism made me question a good majority of the writer's conclusions and remedies for solving the problem of Islamic Fundamentalism. " said.

" Si estáis interesados en conocer más sobre el origen del Islam y sobre cómo ha llegado a ser hoy lo que es, Solo hay un Dios es el libro que estabais buscando para empezar, pues os dará una idea general y os facilitará la lectura de otros libros más detallados. Y si no estáis interesados en conocer más sobre el Islam…, deberíais estarlo. Reseña completa: " said.

"Just finished reading this book. I cannot recommend it enough! I've seen lots of clips and a few presentations by Reza Aslan and always been very impressed by his intelligence, knowledge and eloquence but this is the first time I have read a book he has authored.
He ultimately relays the history of Islam from the context in which it was first revealed, through to its current state in flux. He's very academic but keeps the language accessible and fluid. He tackles events and instances from the life of the Prophet (SAW) which have often been used by opponents of Islam to claim anti-Jewish sentiments as being inherent to the religion, or misogyny as inherent to Islam and completely dismantled such argumentation and not for one moment does he sound like an apologist. Bravo Mr Aslan! I found a lot of consolation in this book and am now looking forward to reading his book How To Win a Cosmic War for my local Bookclub. However I will concede, it isn't a book for the dogmatic.
" said.

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