No god but God: The Origins and Evolution of Islam Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-25 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 74 user ratings

"No god but God is really fascinating yet handy book for me in finding out and understanding my quest of life meaning that is absolutely inextricable to the need of transcendental power within called God. The God that I live and affiliate is formed into term of Religion, mine is Islam. My never ending journey of understanding this faith will never stop as I believe and also this book narrates that the mighty of Allah and His'wills want us to keep searching as Allah/Lord instructed my prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to recite or READ at the very first time of his prophecy.

This book from acclaimed scholar has brought me to open and widen my horizon in loving and keeping my search of Allah's wills as the messenger on this earth, we must become His earthly representative by always looking into His's wills revealed in the Quran, Morality values.

The historic compilation from Adam to Muhammad, to the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the rupture /disoriented of the sound God's Revelation deviation up to now is also elaborately outlined on this book that has shown me a very strong message that later I'll keep to remind myself that It's only morality values taught in Qur'an that bring the human or myself to the beautiful Islam world that Muhammad initiated first time in Medina!

The insatiable pursue of approaching God in Islam or other religions as it says on this book interestingly call for the critical thinking of ummah with the assurance that the power of Islam interpretation is no longer in Ulama/clerics's hands but it is Muslim in the world itself the interpretation power is resided now in which as a result, it will bring the goodness and peace on this earth! Fabulous !
" said.

"Dr. Reza Aslan's knowledge of the subject matter is profound, to say the least. In a book so engaging and heart-felt, No God but God delivers the unthinkable: a truly balanced, perceptive portrayal of a topic we thought we have understood for so long. In a little over 300 pages, Aslan gives readers a chance to understand Islam in the lens that it is supposed to be understood: through the religious, societal, and cultural context dictated through the Prophethood of Muhammad and the community of followers he left behind.

Currently, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books covering these topics, but in a closed vacuum. They analyze Islam's message and its catalyst through a meticulous framework that tries to bring the essence of the faith into modern times; however, an approach such as this fails to acknowledge the dimensions of what truly propelled the Islamic faith. Providing a literary work so intertwined with the origins of Islam, Aslan shows you what it was like living with Muhammad, watching his every move, dissecting his every action. He shows you the rifts of the caliphate and their perpetual struggle to redefine the religion. He shows you, in summation, the heart of Islam.

While I rarely give reviews for any book, especially about Islam--due to the lack of holistic methods needed to analyze a religion the size of Islam--I whole-heartedly recommend this book to any reader regardless of whether you are a Muslim or not, a Middle East expert or not, even a researcher or not. A celebrated accomplishment by one of most renowned writers on Islam, No God but God has even provided the structural backbone and inspiration for my own book about Islam. A must-read for all, it is the pinnacle of journalistic work in a topic so intimately connected with our lives.
" said.

"I absolutely loved the book. Dr. Aslan did a great job using a very comprehensive unbiased language going through the history of one of the most talked and controversial religion of all time, Islam. The book was going through the Arabic peninsula’s geographical location, cultural norms, and traditions that made up the birth place of the last messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad. Then it goes on to explain the reaction of people toward the new introduced religion and then how Islam perceived in today’s world and how it expected to look in the future.

The Prophet was described as a seemingly ordinary person with limited resources yet very sophisticated both personally and professionally being able to obtain his community’s trust and respect. There was no doubt that Prophet Muhammad was chosen by God from the very beginning, but his position in life both economically and socially was no better or in a higher position to make his life easier or more relaxed. So from the very beginning he had to face many life challenges and overcome them with his own intelligence and strength.

I liked the fact that every intention of the Prophet from being married to the woman almost twice as his age first and later having multiple wives to being scared of when the first revelation sent to him and to his decision of migration to Medina was brought up and explained fully in the book with no hesitation.

I also liked that all important subjects that form Islam’s core value were opened and fully discussed. Two of these subjects specially that has made Islam the front face and most attacked religion of all are Hijab and Jihad. The former viewed as a compulsory limitation for Muslim women and the latter as a global terror for those who believe Muslims’ goal is eventually to remove non-Muslims in the world!!

Although it is hard to convince today’s world of Islam as a soft, kind and loving religion considering barbaric actions of those under the flag of faith, Aslan has done a great job explaining the true meaning of each of Islam’s elements and how it meant to be implemented and how it was altered throughout the century’s by selfish people in power.

It was comforting to know that what Islam meant was for people to care and respect each other and make the world a more livable and peaceful place for each other yet it was very heart aching to realize how the great faith was altered by powerful evil individuals who wanted nothing but to hold power and control others for their own benefits.

There is no doubt that the world today is becoming more and more Islamophobia just because of those on power who abuse people under the name of this great faith. I am not even sure the Islam today is the Islam that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and the Islam that meant to be as the greatest religion of all. This book is a very good read though for those who know nothing about Islam and judge it only based on these altercation and terrorist action that has been done under the name of the God. It is even a good quick read for those who were born Muslims but are fed up with the remarks that they get for the religion that they feel they had no option to choose.

As Aslan says in one of his speeches: one either has faith or not. Faith is one unexplained feeling that we have inside us and religion is only a language to explain this feeling. Whether one choose to have a religion or not, it is best to be studied and research rather than blindly followed. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing Islam better and those who feel that Islam is a bias discriminatory religion. The book is a comforting surprise to those who like to know more:)
" said.

" A very well written treatment of Islamic history from pre-Islamic Arabia through to present times. The author unpacks the history against the backdrop of a comprehensive canvas [economic, political, social, religious and tribal realities of the age]. This multi-dimensional approach leaves the reader with a more nuanced understanding when compared to the more myopic understanding achieved when the subject is understood from a purely religious lens. " said.

" Fantastic introduction to Islam and its diverse history. But my deeply ingrained atheism made me question a good majority of the writer's conclusions and remedies for solving the problem of Islamic Fundamentalism. " said.

" Si estáis interesados en conocer más sobre el origen del Islam y sobre cómo ha llegado a ser hoy lo que es, Solo hay un Dios es el libro que estabais buscando para empezar, pues os dará una idea general y os facilitará la lectura de otros libros más detallados. Y si no estáis interesados en conocer más sobre el Islam…, deberíais estarlo. Reseña completa: " said.

"Just finished reading this book. I cannot recommend it enough! I've seen lots of clips and a few presentations by Reza Aslan and always been very impressed by his intelligence, knowledge and eloquence but this is the first time I have read a book he has authored.
He ultimately relays the history of Islam from the context in which it was first revealed, through to its current state in flux. He's very academic but keeps the language accessible and fluid. He tackles events and instances from the life of the Prophet (SAW) which have often been used by opponents of Islam to claim anti-Jewish sentiments as being inherent to the religion, or misogyny as inherent to Islam and completely dismantled such argumentation and not for one moment does he sound like an apologist. Bravo Mr Aslan! I found a lot of consolation in this book and am now looking forward to reading his book How To Win a Cosmic War for my local Bookclub. However I will concede, it isn't a book for the dogmatic.
" said.

"5/5 stars for No God But God by Reza Aslan.

No God But God begins with the journey of the author to Marrakech where he encountered an altercation between a Muslim and a Christian, who was a missionary. Apparently, the Muslim kept on hovering the Christian just because he is a Christian. From here, he talked about the clash of monotheism concept - which apparently is the major conflict between religions in our world today.

This book is written in chronological style which makes it easy to comprehend and follow - It started from Jahiliyyah period, the birth of Muhammad, the Quran revelations, the Khulafa Rasyidin period, the various sects in Islam and current controversies within the Ummah.

This book is richly informative and wondefully told. It provides an informative look at the origins, evolution and future of Islam. I loved how the author analyzes the history and tenets of Islam without getting preachy and apologetic. I learned a lot from this book, and it inspired me to seek out and read more on Islam, as there is so much I embarrassingly don't know.

I think I need to read it like 50 more times because it is SO SO SO good.

Highly recommended for everyone - yes, non-Muslims included.
" said.

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