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UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 94 user ratings

"Okay. It's not exactly high-quality literature for kids, but it's one of the funniest books I've read in a loooong time. Kitty's people go off on a trip leaving Kitty and Puppy with an Uncle. The pets antics while their people are gone is not only hysterical but it leads to a great use of one's own imagination. When Kitty's people return, they bring with them a present that Kitty can't figure out. When Kitty's friends come over, the cat antics are fabulous! The tone of voice clearly comes through when Kitty is being spoken to. Obviously Nick Bruel has been around many kitty personalities and describes them terrifically. I was actually laughing out loud in a couple of places leading the kids to climb all over me trying to see what I was reading and saying, "What?! What's so funny?"

"READ the book!" I said with a great big smile, refusing to let them see the book until I was done (about an hour or so for me).

Of course, they quarreled over who got to read it next!
(Beatrice won. She was the one that actually checked it out from the library.)

So . . want to get your kids to read? Read this in front of them and then laugh your bum off!! They'll be begging to read!!

" said.

"My book name is Miss Child Has Gone Wild and the author is Dan Gutman. The genre is science fiction and it has 106 pages.

In the beginning Mr. Granite’s class one the cleanest class award. They one a trip to the zoo just as Mr. Granite was announcing that a girl named A.J. skate boarded in to the class. Ms. Hannah was the old art teacher and she came right after A.J. in to the class. She said that she was driving the bus and they were about to leave. We all loaded the bus and Mr. Granite told us who are partners are A.J.(boy) with Andrea and A.J.(girl) with Emily and Neil and Ryan. When We arrived at the zoo Miss Child the zoo keeper was waiting for us she had a snake raped around her head and she was holding a tarantula in her hand. First they went to the elephant exhibit where Miss Child showed us how the elephants could paint. Ms. Hannah took one of the painting and said if she sold this that she could save the art program. next they went to the gorilla exhibit where the gorilla knew sign language and started cussing to them through it. Next they split into groups the main character A.J. (boy) and his partner went to the penguin exhibit and then they had to eat lunch in the middle of the lunch Cry baby Emily saw a bug and ran away. When they were done eating lunch it was time to leave but they could not find Emily the last place they looked was Lion Lane and the was in the middle of the pit laying in the bottom. She said she could not get up and luckily the lion did not notice her. Miss Child jumped in to the pit and took her out through the side door Emily excuse was that she did not see the pit and ran right into it. And that was there day at the zoo. I recommend his book to any one it is very funny.
" said.

" I was kind of annoyed with the baby being brought home and able to sit up, crawl, etc. it was later explained that the baby was adopted, which I loved. my niece will think this book is funny. but really, there isn't much funny with cats. " said.

" Another great Bad Kitty book.Very silly and adorable. I love the illustrations as well as the little fun facts pages about cats in trees.This book also includes tips on how to teach a cat to do tricks.Very cute. Loved it. " said.

" Cute and fun to read! Supercute twist in the end! Loved it " said.

"This review consists of two parts: 1. What my daughter thinks and 2. What I, her Mom, thinks.


The book starts with Uncle Murray coming to babysit Kitty. Kitty guts stuck in a tree and Uncle Murray calls the fire department. Then Kitty, the dog, Uncle Murray, and a refrigerator all get stuck in a tree. The next day, there is a surprise for Kitty. Kitty doesn’t know what it is at first so she makes up a talk show. Kitty then thinks it’s another dog so she doesn’t like it. Kitty’s cat friends come over to see the new “dog” and they like her. They think it’s a cat and they want to prove it to Kitty by doing the Pussy Cat Olympics. The baby is good at the Pussy Cat Olympics and wins every event. Kitty is a bad loser and tries to get rid of the baby. Kitty learns that the baby was adopted, just like her and puppy, so then she likes the baby and treats her like her kitty sister.

I liked the book because it’s funny. I liked the “baby talk” like ‘Ba!’, ‘Lo’, ‘Eeeee!’, ‘Ooooo!’, ‘Gabba Gabba Blup Blup Wheeee!’ It was funny when Kitty picked up baby and tried to put her in the litter box after she accepted her in the house. My favourite event in the Pussy Cat Olympics was the “Babbling-on-an-on-without-stopping” event because the baby said ‘Ba!’ all the way to alien land. I didn’t like the kitty “swearing”. The characters in the book are really funny. Kitty is a bad kitty who was mean to the baby at first but then she learned her lesson and then she was a good kitty.

I liked this book and would recommend it to my friends (both boys and girls).


This book is really about adoption and might I say that I don’t particularly care for the way it was handled. So the book begins with Kitty being all alone – and HAPPY (so the book goes). Then, along comes Puppy and Kitty’s world is rocked (not in a good way). Eventually Kitty gets used to Puppy and life becomes good (sort of) again. THEN, along comes “the baby”, which Kitty, upon observing its main characteristics, initially mistakes for a dog. Suffice it to say, Kitty is most displeased with the new addition to the household. The neighbourhood cats are called in to assist in the situation and are immediately smitten with what they perceive to be the new “cat”. To settle the issue, the Pussy Cat Olympics (including events such as the aforementioned “babbling”, “stare-at-yourself-in-a-mirror-until-you-get-bored”, “who-can-create-the-biggest-stink”) are hosted in the household, with Baby winning all the events, including defeating Kitty in the eating contest, long held by Kitty herself. When Kitty learns that Baby, Puppy, and Kitty are all adopted, she does a complete about-face and begins to treat Baby as her beloved little sister, providing some of the funniest parts of the book, including putting Baby in the kitty litter and protecting her from getting a bath.

Can I just begin by saying that I’m not a big fan of graphic novels? This book uses a combination of text and cartoon-like graphics with speech bubbles. I find it very distracting (especially when graphics are used to represent “swearing”). It also leaves little to the imagination. However, that’s just my position, if it gets kids picking up and reading books, then by all means that seems a better alternative to not reading anything at all. After all, I did grow up with comic books (and novels) and I think I turned out ok.

This book provides some comical moments. For example, Chapter 2 is entitled What the Heck is That Thing? Sorry, but if you heard that coming out of my five year-old’s mouth on a regular basis the way we do around here - - well...we think it’s pretty funny. There were even funny moments in the Pussy Cat Olympics, but mostly it’s comical in a “burps and farts are funny” kind of way. There really isn’t much of a story here. Adoption is framed mostly as something negative from the perspective of “siblings” even if the last chapter is about acceptance. She really is a very bad kitty. Oh, and who leaves a baby unsupervised amongst all these pets? Ok, ok, I know...suspension of disbelief; apparently I need to work on that!

The Bad Kitty series is really about the outrageousness and the “flash”, and I prefer books that rely on a good solid story with strong, likeable main characters. Well, that’s just me – do we really need to give our kids new ideas for how they can misbehave (without any consequences)? Also, because this is a graphic novel, I did find it very difficult to read to my 5-year old, so I would say it’s only appropriate for kids that can read independently – although my son enjoyed looking at the pictures (of course!)

One final comment about the physical copy of the book in our hands: we’ve only read the book twice and already there is a page coming out of the binding. These are children’s books – they get handled that way and should be able to sustain some damage. I’m a bit irritated and disappointed by this.

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" said.

" A very amusing look at adoption from a pet's perspective. " said.

"The new kitty isn't quite a kitty at all, it's a BABY! Bad kitty isn't so sure what the baby is and thinks it may be another cat or even a dog. In this hilarious easy-to-read, bad kitty tries to treat the baby like a cat, and even allows it to compete in the Kitty Olympics. This could serve as a great first chapter book. The pictures definitely enhance the story, and make it easier to read. The topic of adoption is brought up, and that could be a great thing if reading to a child that is also adopted, or it could mean you have some simple explaining to do. Either way a great and unique thing to have included. I would recommend this book for age 6-10. " said.

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