Baby-Sitting Is a Dangerous Job Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 37 user ratings

" I read this to my class of 3rd grade students and they enjoyed it. I read this book when I was young and liked it, and it remains a decent read as an adult. " said.

" Everytime you turn around something exciting happens! " said.

" I love Love love love love this book I have probably read it like 12 times! soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good " said.

" This is the kind of story that scares parents. Have they done enough to teach their children how to protect themselves in dangerous situations? Though Darcy is scared, she makes some level-headed decisions in a dangerous situation. This is a good learning tool for kids in case they ever find themselves in a scary situation. This is a must-read for all ages. " said.

" I remember finding this book at a book fair in school and being so excited to start reading it. This book was the inspiration for me to start baby-sitting. I wanted to be responsible and get treated like an adult (who would have thought now I'd be wanting to go back). This poor girl is put through a nightmare and when you add the responsibility of children it can only make things worse. An easy but addicting read for sure. " said.

"Ahh another one of my favorites! I'm lucky to own this book! I never realized that will Davis Roberts wrote some of my favorite books until goodreads. Just saying.
This book is just fantastic! All I have ever done is babysit and this highlights my fear as a child but it is so fantastically written that it always made me feel better haha. Weird?
A super great young adult book that shows so many different issues with society. I love to and would recommend this to the fullest! Worth the hunt for sure (:
" said.

"I recently talked about a Willo Davis Roberts book I reread and really enjoyed, and I don't think this one has aged quite as well. Like, Darcy's family doesn't have a microwave, and there's no particular reason for that. That made me giggle a little. One thing that didn't have me laughing was the child abuse plotline. Not of Darcy's charges, but of another girl. Darcy mentions that Dr. Foster, the childrens' mother, doesn't believe in corporal punishment, preferring psychology. She then says, "My folks used psychology on us, when they thought about it, but when that didn't work they reverted to old-fashioned methods of discipline, which had included paddling when we were smaller." Read the rest on my blog." said.

"This is a very slight book about a baby-sitter who gets kidnapped along with her charges. The premise could be terrifying, but the execution comes off as a bit bland. The villains are a father and his two sons. The father is mean, and a child beater. One of his sons is cruel and greedy. The other is kind-hearted and dim. They are hapless kidnappers, and the wonder of the book is that they managed to keep the kids imprisoned long enough to collect the ransom.

The babysitter is also a bit dim-witted. She makes several mistakes through the book and aknowledges them as such. I actually liked this aspect of the book, or at least I liked it better than if she were a genius superhero. Ultimately, my main problem with this book is that it's supposed to be frightening and I have a hard time imagining any kid, or at least any kid who has ever seen a movie or watched television, being frightened.
" said.

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