Rumble Fish (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Laurel-Leaf Contemporary Fiction) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 32 user ratings

" It was way too similar to the outsiders " said.

" I posted my review on my blog check it out !! I enjoyed this book. It didn't impact me the way other books have but still entertaining and good. " said.

" Wild. What a strange world we live in. " said.

" I read this book in high school and LOVED it. I can't remember the movie, but I'm pretty sure I watched it too.Matt Dillon right? I kinda wish Hinton's books weren't so short. " said.

" I took me a while to connect to the story and the characters, but once I did I was hooked! Another amazing story by S.E Hinton that is as heartbreaking as it is realistic. " said.

" "Aí comecei a pensar nas pessoas com quem eu poderia mesmo contar e não consegui pensar em ninguém, mas não achei isso tão deprimente quanto parece".

Susan tem um estilo de escrita muito característico e consegue nos transportar, exatamente, para os cenários descritos. Nos faz imergir dentro das páginas e viver a história do jeito que ela imaginou. E isso é o que mais me cativa em seus trabalhos.

Não há como comparar suas obras, pois todas seguem pela mesma linha e giram em torno do mesmo universo - uma realidade que a autora viu de perto e por isso fala com tanta propriedade. Uma juventude, numa época em que as gangues estavam se dissolvendo e as drogas tomando conta, que difere em muito daquelas que vimos nos cinemas, de crianças (em sua maioria) e adolescentes que encontraram na violência uma resposta, uma saída, uma forma de fugir ou de encarar a realidade dura que viviam. Acredito que a autora tenta mostrar, exatamente, esse ponto de vista - o que é a violência para esses jovens, senão tudo o que possuem na vida?

O livro é leve, a narrativa é fluída e passa rápido. Apesar do final ter sido muito "aberto", acho que passou a mensagem que deveria. Ficou aquela sensação de vazio e olhos marejados, pois a história me veio na hora certa.

"Aprendi isso. Aprendi que se você quiser chegar a algum lugar, você tem que se decidir e dar um duro danado até chegar lá. Se você quer fazer alguma coisa na vida, só tem que trabalhar até conseguir"
" said.

"I read the book, “Rumble Fish,” by S.E. Hinton. This story is about a boy, named Rusty-James, and his brother, The Motorcycle Boy. Rusty-James is a fourteen year old boy who grew up in a gang. These gangs have disappeared now and he goes on his own trying to be the toughest kid in town. Rusty-James fights a rival from a different town named Biff Wilcox and gets slit open pretty good. Biff comes to fight him because Rusty had been talking to his girl. Then one night, Rusty and his friend Steve go out of town with the Motorcycle Boy to party. On their way back home, they run into two guys down an alley. The one guy punches and knocks out Rusty-James. When he wakes up Steve and the Motorcycle Boy are standing over him, and the other two guys are laying on the ground unconscious because the Motorcycle Boy clobbered them. The hit that Rusty took permanently damaged his head, and eventually makes him black out. He ends up in the hospital and his life was different from there on out.

Rusty-James is a fourteen year old boy with longer auburn-colored hair. Rusty is very defensive. He likes to think of himself as the best and expects others to think of him as the best. Rusty and the Motorcycle Boy are the only two that look the way they do. Nobody else resembles them. Rusty's brother, The Motorcycle Boy, is the most feared kid around. Everyone stops and listens to him, adults and children. Nobody tries to fight him because he always wins. He has an eerie glazed look to him which makes him unapproachable.

The setting of Rumble Fish takes place in a Southwestern town in the United States during the 1970’s. The author does a great job describing the setting throughout the entire book. During the more exciting parts of the book, the author does an even better job explaining the atmosphere. The author makes sure to include where the event is, who is there, what the weather is like, everything. The book is very easy to understand.

I believe the theme of Rumble Fish is about the effects of drugs and alcohol in life. Rusty-James’ dad was a lawyer who lost his job after becoming an alcoholic. Steve, who is against drinking, gets drunk and then gets beaten by his dad. Worst of all, Rusty-James gets his head severely injured, changing his life forever. All three of these characters are greatly effected by the use of drugs and alcohol.

I would recommend this book to any middle school level reader who wants to read something realistic. It is also nice to read because it is from a different time period and gives you a different taste of reading. I enjoyed the book overall.
" said.

" Wow, this was a short read! This felt like an extended short story rather than a full blown novel. Not bad for a quick afternoon read though! 3 stars. " said.

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