Have You Seen My Cat? (Ready-to-Read. Level 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-04 
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" This is definitely a book for the most beginner of readers or audiences. The plot is basically the same two sentences - one question and one answer - repeated over and over again throughout the whole book in easy to read and understand format.

What makes this book special to me is the fact that it is an Eric Carle book so we are presented with a beautiful collection of illustrations to match the story. What furthermore makes this one an interesting one is that the story revolves around people from various countries in their native dress to match the "cat" that is shown on the following page.

The only thing that I cannot quite figure out for the most part is that everyone mentions his cat has a surprise for him at the end but if it is a surprise than why doesn't the boy mention it? Instead he is just as set as he was on looking for his cat although I do like the fact all the characters leading from the beginning of the story contribute in the end as a part of the surprise.
" said.

"Have you seen my Cat? is a great picture book. A little boy has lost his cat. As he travels from page to page, he travels through many countries and always asks, “Have you seen my cat?” As the boy travels to these different lands, he sees many different types of cats. He even sees giant cats like tigers and lions. But these cats are not his cat. Finally, at the end of the book he finds his cat. And not only does he find his cat, but he finds his cat with her new litter of her kittens! She had run away to find a quiet place to have her babies.

This book is a sweet story and has many great attributes. The illustrations are very interesting to look at and are rich in character and color. Also, there is a small amount of text and it is predictable, which makes it a great book for young readers. It also has an element of suspense. The reader wants to keep turning the pages to see if the boy ever finds his cat. Additionally, it is exciting and interesting to learn about the different types of cats in the world and the lands that they live in.
" said.

"This was another fun beginning reader book from Eric Carle. A boy is in search of his cat and asks the repeated question, "Have you seen my cat?" to people all around the world. Each person points to a cat that is native to their region, and the boy says, "That's not my cat" until he gets back home and finds her. The front paper has pictures of all the cats that appear in the book, and their names (jaguar, lion, tiger, cheetah, etc). Great exploration of zoology and geography too!
A teacher could incorporate this book into an animal’s unit or if they are actually studying about cats, this would be a good book to share with the class. This would be an easy book to extent to a classroom book, as each student adds their own picture of a cat or animal. If students are interested in cats, this would be a good book for them as well.
I do like that Eric Carle added the names of the cats on the end papers though I wish the name of each cat was on the page it appears. Again the texture of Eric Carle picture are wonderful throughout this book, the last page is rather busy for my liking.
" said.

" I wonder if he ever found his cat? " said.

" Lyra and V gave Athena this for Christmas. I am constantly asking where the cats are so it's good for learning a phrase she will hear a lot. ;) " said.

" Lovely pictures and endearingly worried kid. " said.

" So many cats featured! A fun, predictable book that will get readers shouting along with you until the grand finale. " said.

" A fun book about many different types of cats. " said.

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