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UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-23 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 40 user ratings

"It breaks my heart to rate this four stars.

I know that's technically 'really liked it', but I wanted this to be the Eric Walters perfection that you can find in so many other books. This has ARCs going out, and American publishers, and I just wanted it to be one of the best books.

There were awesome parts, the dialogue was awesome, but only in some spots. The characters were great, but I found that I wanted them to be explored more. The moral consequences were great, but I feel like some of them weren't properly recognized.

It was just a book of ups and downs. I'd be thinking 'this passage is perfect!', and then a few pages later there would be some awkward dialogue, or misplaced dialogue tags.

Maybe it's just me and being overly optimistic, but I can't see things going down that badly. Obviously the computers and phones haven't been shut down, but I've been in a school were there was a power outage. Everyone just opened the window and continued on. I really can't see people being let out early since the school's responsible for you until the end of the school day.

The two big power outages in my area in my lifetime, I completely missed by chance of luck. Maybe it really would get that bad, but I'd like to think that people'd be rational and not lose their minds like that.

Also, there were a few mistakes. The neighbourhood is obviously on this side of the border. Yet there is no way Adam would have been able to drive alone until August at the latest if his birthday was in January and he took driving school. There is no study period until grade twelve also, and Adam is in grade ten, as he states and by the fact that he's taking history. It really bothered me, but I'm just going to put all the blame on the American copy editors.

Adam was interesting, and so was everyone else, but I didn't find enough about them. The supporting cast wasn't detailed enough for my liking. Especially Herb, because he could have been George from the Camp X series. The characters were developed, I was just looking for more.

The morality of the future of the neighbourhood didn't seem to be addressed in the right spot. It was, but there's just this one thing that was missed.

However, you still all should read every single one of Eric Walters' books.

Pre-release Review

I am so excited for this book!

Yes I know it's outside of Eric Walter's usual realm. But when it comes down to it all, it isn't that far off. It's still teaching us the disasters that could happen in the future, exactly like the disasters that happened in the past and the disasters that happen today.

But honestly, no matter the subject matter, this will be a great book. The writing will still be the flawless writing of always, and I will love these characters. I know that I'll end up reevaluating my life. I know that this will be an awesome book.

One of the things I'm most excited for is that maybe now, some people won't give me the blank state when I talk about Eric Walters. Maybe with Fierce Reads' marketing campaign, this will become a hit in the US. Maybe Eric Walters won't just be an author that Canadian children are taught in schools. Maybe this will be huge.

Because why wouldn't it be? The flawless writing, the characters, the plot are all going to be great. What else do you look for in a novel?

I cannot wait.
" said.

"Do you believe in happy endings?
If you do, this shall be a fantastic novel for you.
Man, was it ever a charm to read this novel as Adam Daley and Herb soar through the sky.
The setting begins with a typical day in high school. Everything that runs from a computer shut down including some cars and planes. Adams dad is a pilot for Delta and was on his way to O'Hare International Airport (Chicago's international Airport). Adams neighbour, Herb, decided to go to the pool store for some reason when they arrived they purchased two-thousand dollars worth of chlorine. Adam has a crush on a girl named Lori. Lori's parents have very good resources and if they don't leave their farm then they could die from attackers. They decide to travel to Adam's neighbourhood and run in to trouble on their way through Burnham Avenue. When they finally returned to the neighbourhood everyone was assigned their jobs. For example, a mechanic,a farmer, nurse/doctor, guard or a 'free-runner' which would mostly be children or woman with babies. Adam has an ultra-light plane in his garage, it just needs the wings put on. He needs someone to help him because his father is stuck in Chicago, lucky enough Lori offers to help him and puts it together in no time. Now that they have the ultralight they can see things that they couldn't from the ground, so they think that they could use an alliance. Adam and Herb go over the closest neighbourhood on the ultralight and drop a box that has a letter. The letter is a request to meet at a bridge and discuss matters. When they met they talked and now have a very good alliance. Adams mom makes a quick trip to the other neighbourhood police station to get weapons and communication devices such as walkie-talkies. Adam wakes up one morning because of a thunder storm and there is a huge knock on the door and Adam took his rifle and it was Herb and Adam had a nice sigh of relief, he said "we got a message from our alliance neighbourhood on the walkie-talkies that they are at war with another huge neighbourhood somewhere in Mississauga" and Adam, Herb, Adams mom and most of the guards went over on their '57 Corvette but as a result they didn't get there in time. It was like a graveyard as how they described it (everyone was dead, lying on the ground). They found a man that was from the Mississauga neighbourhood and took him in as a prisoner and got him to say things such as where their located, how many men they have and why they attacked the other neighbourhood, because of that Herb declared war against them.

The reason I really liked this novel is because it was very well written, the main character is around my age, the book has a somewhat topic with planes (I'd like to be a pilot) so it's just 'my kinda' book'. The book did have some hard parts to understand but I think that's good because it was just over my reading level. I also did not expect and of the ending from the beginning to happen. My favourite part was when Adam and Herb went through Burnham Ave. and saw people ahead carrying rifles close to a Barricade and would not be able to cross so Herb had someone to go with and chose Adam because apparently a old man and a kid will seem more desperate then two guards with heavy duty weapons, they got up to the people and the people told them to take of their clothes, Herb first asked "why is that necessary?" and the nervous man said "just do it and so they did and while Herb and Adam both bent down Adam could here the sigh of relief that all of them let of. Herb and Adam were than there with only their underwear and shoes, "take the shoes off too" the other nervous person said, Herb bent down and pulled out a gun! And said "put the guns down" as he was pointing the pistol at them, they all put their guns down and Adam waved for Mr. Robinson to drive over. The reason this part was my favorite was because of the sudden change of mood. I had a good connection with Adam by how he wants to be a pilot, I also had a connection on the book I've always wondered what would happen if the technology we have today did not exist or stopped working. I would recommend this book fro another student because it's about a boy in my age group and also in the reading level of mine, a lot of my friends also enjoyed this novel. On a rating out of five stars I would for sure give it a five star rating, the reason I give it this rating is because I could connect with the whole novel. "After three days in the dark, the fight for power begins"- Rule Of Three
" said.

" Amazing read. Page-turning and exciting but also thought-provoking. Makes an interesting statement about the reliance that our society has on technology, and what happens when that fails. Worse than Y2K! Would have liked to know more about what caused it, but possibly that will be revealed in the next book. " said.

"I was fortunate enough to have this series suggested by my 13 year old son. What started as an english assignment quickly turned my son into an avid fan, who had me searching for book two for Christmas and him saving his Chapters gift card for book three (just released).

Having now completed my read of this dystopian young adult novel, set in curiously familiar surroundings (if you don't recognize it, google the street names and you can see an ariel view of the place where this novel is set) I have to admit my son is right. Eric delivers a fast paced and engaging book that keeps you turning the pages. The best praise I can give Eric is the challenge tossed at my own feet by my son. "Mom, can you write this well? This book is loaded with plot twists and humour." Fine. It looks like it's game on, Eric! :-) well done! I will be shortly diving into book two.
" said.

"A blackout strikes in Eden mills causing a viral devastation. After three days a fight for power began, as people weren't able to survive on their own. Adam with the help of his neighbor who is a retired government spy and his mother who is a police captain can save Eden mills.

I picked up this book because it was one of the Red Maple books and it seemed to be interesting. The title really brought me into the thought of reading it, and so I did.

I finished this book because I wanted to see how the people were able to handle it without electricity, which means no phone, no t.v, and almost nothing. Usually when blackouts occur for 5-10 minutes in the real world more than half the people are unable to handle it. In that time they could have missed an important call, a text message, the ending of the movie and etc. Many people consider electricity as something which is important in their lives.

I would recommend this book to Betty because she reads a lot of books with extreme action and adventure.
" said.

"When the blackout that hits Adam's school turns out to be a world-wide event that has knocked out all computer technology, Adam and his community rally together to survive. Guided by a retired spy, and Adam's mom, a local police captain, they learn to do what needs to be done in order to maintain some level of safety, and the veneer of civilization.

I picked this book up because I read a really positive review of it. There was a lot of writing being done about this book. Wanting to support Canadian writers, I knew i would buy this book. Reading it would of course happen.

I finished the book because I wanted to see how the conflict that I knew had to happen, would play out. Things were going along to easily. They kept talking about the dire things that would happen, and I was waiting to see how they would materialize.

I would recommend this to all those who enjoyed the Hunger Games. While that book was entertaining and exciting, it was nowhere near anyone's sense of reality. This book, while maintaining a level of excitement, is close to being real. We've all experienced a blackout, how much more would it take to experience the kind of tech crash described within the pages?
" said.


So it's time to start another dystopian series. I found the cover really catching and it is quite similar to Monument 14 also their texture is the same ( because they have the same publisher, at the paperbacks at least).

After reading they synopsis, reading other reviews and reading a lot of dystopia or post-apocalyptic novel, I find this book boring. Also, there is a similar tv show: Revolution, even though I haven't watched it.

So it started when Adam and Todd is writing an essay then the whole school, or the whole America, or maybe the whole world, (hoping questions will be answered on the next two books), experienced a blackout. Everything that contains computers - cars, laptops, cellphones and other gadgets stopped working except some old cars that doesn't have a GPS/"computer" installed. And of course the main character have almost everything. A working old car. A plane. Police mom. And an odd neighbor that stopped every problem/riot just by talking. (It's quite odd that everyone is follows to him. But considering their problem to the problems of other dystopia/apocalyptic books it's quite small. No electricity modern cars/gadgets is quite fine.) Plus the community is not dying it is rebuilding and is not in any form of CHAOS! (the summary tells... a community dies in seconds or something like that).

The whole book just revolves about Herb who just resolve every problem easily with the help of Adam's police mom, her crush-and-now-girlfriend's father and a dozen of others. They are just rebuilding the town with just small problems that is solved right away. Until the last chapters wherein they (view spoiler)" said.

"Lately, dystopian visions dominate the landscape for teen readers. Some have zombies (Ashes), some have vampires (The Hunt), most have malevolent governance (Among the Hidden, Uglies, Divergent). This one sticks to what might actually happen if we can accept the conceit of a massive, simultaneous, world-wide failure of computers. By page 15, normal has ended, beginning as a power outage and slowly sinking backward a century. This isn't The Hunger Games or The 5th Wave; more like Ashfall or perhaps Tunnel in the Sky.

"The Rule of Three" is a survival story, realistically taking readers through what might happen when our beloved technology fails and we revert to the eighteenth century. Walters tells things from Adam's perspective. He's a serious sixteen year-old protagonist to whom many readers will relate. Although it is just over 400 pages long, the pace is generally good and the story believable.

Unlike Lucifer's Hammer or Mike Mullin's books, this is almost 'G' rated. There is no swearing, no drinking, no sex, no cannibalism (it is the first in a trilogy. Who knows what lies ahead). The inevitable brutality is distanced enough for sixth graders. Yet it is realistic and detailed enough to feed those hungry to know 'what if?' While I had minor misgivings - characterizations are thin, female ones especially so - I'll be suggesting this and looking forward to the next books in the series.
" said.

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