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" Not the recent "War Horse" movie story, but similar. The author pulls in enough information but not too much about World War I to make this appropriate for youngsters. It will go well with "Casey Over There" by Statin Rabin as there are few books about World War I for children.I wondered about the connection to Flander's Field as well. Simplistic illustrations keep the focus on the horse and soldiers, but give enough details about the war setting. " said.

"In Bunny the Brave War Horse, Elizabeth MacLeod and Marie Lafrance shed light on a little-known facet of history: the horses from the mounted police forces of Canada sent to serve in World War I. The story serves as a good introduction to the first world war for children who may be a bit too young for the nitty-gritty details.

The illustrations are attractive and eye-catching while still being appropriately subdued for the subject matter. At the end of the book, the authors have included a more detailed history of the events behind the story.

Note: I received a digital galley of this book through NetGalley.
" said.

"Brave Bunny Survives The War

This book was both fun and educational. It is a great way to start teaching children about World War I in a less scary manner. This book focuses on the mounted Canadian officers and their horses especially Bunny and her two riders Tom and "Bud" who were brothers. Bunny was the only horse out of 18 who were sent to Belgium from Canada that survived the war. I think this was a great slice of life history book and will definitely be sharing it with my children when they are ready to start learning world history.

***This book is written at a grade school level and is appropriate for children above the age of reason due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter
" said.

"I am thrilled that more books about the contribution of animals during wartime are being published. It breaks my heart to think about what they had to endure. This picture book tells the true story of Bunny, a horse with exceptionally long ears who accompanied his owners on the battlefield during WWI. Bunny was loyal, had a strong heart, and was the only horse out of the 18 sent from his owner's hometown of Toronto to survive the war. The author's storytelling skills and the illustrations, created in mixed media and then Photoshopped, make the daily grind of war and its many losses very real for young readers. She even includes details about how hungry the soldiers and animals became and the frightening sounds of guns and grenades. This one fits well with Rags: Hero Dog of WWI or even War Horse for an older audience. The back matter offers more information about the use of horses such as Bunny during wartime. " said.

"I really loved this book. It is a war biography - about a horse and his Canadian rider. There are not many stories written about the non-human heroes of the military, and even fewer written in a way that children can understand and appreciate. This book brought tears to my eyes, and stated simply and plainly (without going too far into details) the horrors that soldiers and the animals that supported them faced. The book ends with a more detailed account of Bunny and Thomas' story for adults and older children.

The illustrations really grabbed me with the cartoony realism that had been common in old war cartoons. My daughter loved that Bunny was featured on nearly every page. The story gives enough detail and dates to make this a great history or reference supplement for classrooms or homework projects. I can't love this book enough.

Thank you to KIDS CAN PRESS for a First Reads review edition. This book will be cherished.
" said.

" ***I received a copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for honest feedback*** This book is about a courageous horse with long ears named Bunny. Bunny is a loyal and loving companion during WWI who shows that animals are capable of extraordinary love. This story is based on real events and is a great books for curious young children. I enjoyed it very much. Bunny is a spectacular friend to have in the good and bad times. " said.

"Bunny is a horse with long ears, a big heart and lots of courage. Through the darkest days of World War I Bunny suffers through war with two brothers, one of which will give his lose his life in the war to end all wars. For man and horse the war-torn world of Europe now pockmarked with crevices, mud and barbed wire is no place for anyone to be. But soldier on they do.

Based on a true story young readers will find this picture book well worth a read. With well-done illustration and a lovable horse to follow through the story with youngsters will be presented with some of the harsh realities of war without going too deep into a very tragic event. World War I is presented in a way that the subject matter is not too heavy and easily digested. Quite possible Bunny the Brave War Horse will leave children wanting to know more about this sad period.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” we would like to note that we received an electronic copy of “Bunny the Brave War Horse”  provided by the publishers Kids Can Press, through in exchange for our honest review.
" said.

"What a strange name for a horse....Bunny. He is a strong, brave, well-trained police horse and he has his orders to be shipped across the ocean at the beginning of WW1, as many horses were at that time. He got his name because of his elongated ears and he was a five-star general from the get-go.

Two brothers were aboard the ship that sailed across the Atlantic to Europe. Thomas Dundas and his brother Bud had enlisted to go overseas and fight the war and Tom was very excited and happy when Bunny was to be his horse to ride into the battle. They landed in France and then proceeded to Belgium where the war was raging and they joined in. Together horse and owner faced many trials: gas attacks, enemy bullets, poor shelter, miserable hygiene and shortages of rations for both man and beast. Bunny and his horse friends proved time and time again how courageous they were by delivering messages in active war zones, surviving dangerous gas attacks and by acting as ambulances and carrying the injured and dead off the battlefield back to their fellow soldiers. They stood strong and undaunted as the world exploded around them. Unfortunatley Tom succumbed to the perils of war by his loss of life. His brother, devastated by his death, had the honour of being assigned his brother's faithful steed Bunny until the war finally ended and everyone could return home. Bunny was not allowed that privilege but remained in Belgium where he lived out his days.

The illustrations in the book are vintage, rich and filmic. This true story is one of love and loyalty both from human to animal and vice versa. I loved in the back of book how the author included an historical synopsis of World War 1 and the importance of the horses as they too engaged in the fight for freedom right beside their human counterparts. This is not only a true, educational story but very moving as well. Highly recommended.
" said.

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