Dogs on Duty: Soldiers' Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-20 
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" The wonderful photographs in this book drew my attention immediatly. I believe this book could be used for a wide variety audience from young children using visual reading strategies with the great pictures to teens/tweens interested in animals/working dogs or the military. I would make this book available especially during times such as Veteren's Day and other patriotic holidays to help my audience become familiar with the aspect of miliutary working dogs and what they mean to their handlers. " said.

"This book enlightens children to the inner duties of dogs who help out our troops of soldiers each and every day. This book helps to enlighten children on how dogs can be trained and help law enforcement fulfill their duties while at war. This author went deep into the duties of the military to find a kid friendly subject that is a bright side to some of the uglier parts of war. Also the author included a bit of history to each pager showing dogs that have made a difference in history. A fun book to learn from and also enjoy! " said.

"I'm brave enough to admit that I teared up a few times while reading this book. There's just something about a soldier and his dog. Essentially the book goes through the history of service dogs (WWI, WWII, Vietnam and the current wars), then goes into detail on how the dogs are trained. There are little vignetted stories of individual dogs and their owners (insert crying here). The book also includes photographs of dogs in training and actual photos of combat situations and downtime with the dogs.

" said.

"Most civilians do not realize the tremendous work and sacrifice dogs have given to our Armed Forces...from their uncanny ability to sniff out explosives and arms, to giving comfort and companionship to their fellow military men and women, these dogs provide an invaluable service to our country.

Dogs on Duty: Soldiers' Best Friends on the Battlefield and Beyond is a brief look at the training, assistance, and military duty these companions go through to become a most valued member of the troop.

Includes a Glossary, Index, Sources, and Further Reading section in the back pages.
" said.

" Dogs on Duty chronicles the history of Military Working Dogs (MWDs) with straightforward detail and anecdotes. The author does not shy away from the grim consequences of war, and yet, the essential question as to whether it is moral to use dogs to fight manmade conflicts is unexplored. Perhaps this is best left to the critical reader. For older readers, this pairs well with This American Life's story narrated by Susan Orleans: " said.

"How many of you have dogs at home? How many of you would trust your dog with your life if you were in trouble?

Well, if you were ever curious about what kind of role dogs play on the battlefield and in the military in general, this is the book for you. For many years, dogs have been vital to the work and safety of our men and women serving in all branches of the military. So, while you’ll learn all about how dogs train for service, you’ll also hear incredible stories of friendship, heroism and bravery among MWDs (military working dogs) and their soldier companions.

" said.

"This book is currently on both the ISLMA 2015 Bluestem Award list AND the Rebecca Caudill list. 'Nuff said? It's a well-written, solidly researched look at WMDs - Military Working Dogs. It takes the reader through a brief history of the roles dogs have played in aiding soldiers, examines the selection and training processes, and life after war for these canine heroes. The author includes brief vignettes about individual "hero" dogs and their achievements, beginning with "Stubby" in World War I. A natural pick for dog-lovers, but most readers will be caught in the little-known stories of these previously unsung heroes." said.

"So a few months ago I was listening to NPR and they were talking about this exact topic. I think it's so interesting and something that never gets addressed in history classes. I think it's remarkable that families would volunteer a dog into active duty. Dogs are family members. On the radio they interviewed some families who volunteered dogs into WWII. The interviews were so emotional and heartfelt. I wish this book spent a little more time talking about the dogs from WWI and WWII, but overall I really liked it. I am glad I have a copy for my classroom. It's an interesting non-fiction book for my students to read. " said.

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