Macadoo: Horses of the Maury River Stables Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-05-02 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 2 user ratings

" OK, but it seemed to have a very long plot, like Spirit. Good thing happens, bad thing, good thing, bad thing, and so on. " said.

" I enjoyed reading a story from a horse's POV. The author took me on a journey through the life of a Belgian and I learned a lot about the breed's capabilities. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in therapy horses and what it takes to be one. " said.

"I liked this book however I found it very sad, especially at the beginning. What happens to horses no one wants makes me sick to the heart.

This is the story of a young Belgian colt, his trials and how he learns his place in life, to help, heal and mend people. The old saying that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person is true. Ultimately this book tries to teach us not to dwell on our losses but to look toward the future. When one light goes out another one come on. No greater way to heal a heart than to give it to a horse.
" said.

"Macadoo of the Maury River is a sequel to one of my favorite horse books, Chancey of the Maury River. Macadoo's story can stand on it's own, but if you haven't read Chancey, I highly recommend it. Macadoo is for ages 8-12 and a story the entire family can enjoy. It's told through Macadoo's point of view in the tradition of Black Beauty, The One and Only Ivan and Chancey. The author does a terrific job weaving the story of a Belgian colt who escapes being sold for horse meat in a kill auction to a beloved member of the Maury River Stables. Many children and adults will identify with the kind, saintly horse souls in many of the "school horse" type stables. Macadoo survives overcoming obstacles and flourishes as he not only gives love but learns to accept it as well. Another heartfelt, warm, memorial book from a masterful storyteller.

" said.

"As a colt, Macadoo challenged his father, who bit off the top of his ear. When the farm where Macadoo was born has to sell off some horses, Macadoo and his mother are to be sold off as meat, but they are saved by John Macadoo and taken to Virginia to live with him and Izzy, his grandson. Izzy loves to write and doesn't want to be a rider, but hopes to be a doctor. Macadoo has a grand life in Virginia, but when John becomes old and infirm, he is sold yet again, this time to Mrs. Maiden, who runs a therapeutic riding school. All the time, Macadoo hopes he can be useful, and longs for the day when he might see Izzy again.

Strengths: Lots of good details about how horses feel, as well as how they are bought, sold and trained. The cover is a good one to appeal to girls who want to read books about horses (this would be fine for boys, but they never seem to ask), even though I checked to see if the horse was missing part of an ear. Clever photo cropping.

Weaknesses: These horses are very philosophical and poetic.
" said.

"Just coming off a film festival from a titled film, Red Lines, about the left behind affairs of Syria, amid, much death, destruction, and forgotten behind a cruel dictator - what does that have to do with Amateau's story of Macadoo?

""The world needs us now more than ever to bring a gentle peace. Together, side by side, as we have for centuries" (179). If you are observant enough, and take in the gentlest and deepest lines of this story, you will see this story is not just about Macadoo the beautiful Belgian. It is about compassion, commitment, desire, and dreams. So strong are the memories when I was lucky enough to lead students in need of emotional, physical, and mental repair on sloping hills with the gentlest of horses, this story brings it all back. In no way, shape, or form can riding a horse be represented in any other way with the wind, the woods, and the air at your very beckon and call, but can be shared is a sense of compassion that is found in these pages. Gigi Amateau captures the beauty of so many things around Macadoo and manages to bring together the sense of healing that also results. This truly is an uplifting read!
" said.

"Lovely modern day version of the archetypal Black Beauty story: horse narrates his life as he is sold to a series of owners and makes friends along the way, learns lessons. In this case, Macadoo is a Belgian draft horse, which is a different and interesting choice for a horse story. His mother imparts lessons to him about his breed, that they were important for humans, used in clearing land and doing all sorts of work; and that his job will always be to be strong and to heal people. Yes, the story is a little heartstring-pulling and dare I say schmaltzy, but really nice. Macadoo suffers the heartbreaking first separation from his mother, and then another separation years later from the boy he has grown to love; but he also learns to stay true to his calling and love every new child who comes to care for him or to ride him. And there's a lovely happy ending. I enjoyed learning a little more about vaulting (the sport of doing gymnastics tricks while on the back of a horse running around in a circle!) and therapeutic riding stables. I liked the mules he befriends, Job and Molly, too. My only quibble, and what kept me from giving it five stars, was that the horses were pretty much all-knowing; they all understood their humans perfectly, so they were always aware of what was going to happen to them. Mac's mom knew what an auction was and knew of the historic importance of Belgians; Mac learns to recognize the constellations in the night sky! As in, their real names, not some horse-idea of the constellations. But maybe I am being too cynical. I know as a 13-year old I would have eaten this book up, and I enjoyed being able to hand it to one of my library teens as her summer reading prize recently. I would read the other book in the series, Chancey of Maury River, too. I received an Early Reviewer advance reading copy of this book from LibraryThing in exchange for my (belated) review." said.

"I was happy to win this Advance Reading Copy from LibraryThing. This was an interesting and engaging book told from the horse's, Macadoo's, point of view. Macadoo learned true character and destiny as he grew up and discovered his purpose in life. Macadoo learned to set aside his own unhappiness in order to make others happy. He served others and developed lasting friendships. Through Macadoo, kids will learn that no matter what circumstances they are in, that they have a destiny in life to fulfill. They will learn that no matter what they are told by others, that they matter. They will learn that when people they love leave, they will come back and be remembered. These themes are prevalent through this story and are encouraging themes for kids and people of all ages." said.

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