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UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-22 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 89 user ratings

" A lovely story, hope there is another one! " said.

" It was a good idea to bring Emily to the past to destroy the weapon that is killing the Olympians and fight the Titan war.The idea of bring a mortal was good too. I thought that it was sad to make Emily's friends forget their memory. If there is an other book from the Pegasus series I will gladly read it. " said.

"Before reading I recommend that you have read the previous books in the Pegasus series to avoid spoilers.
In this book Pegasus and Emily find themselves facing another danger - the Olympians are dying. It's only a matter of time before it kills all of them so they must act fast before it's too late.
Overall, the plot was okay but it lacked the original spark that the previous books held in the series. The entire book itself seemed rushed and put together hastily rather than taking their time with it and making it suspenseful and exciting as the others. Also, just the plot in general seemed fake where the previous ones followed real Greek myths. That made it even less interesting because it didn't quite tie in to Greek mythology for I liked to relate both the book in the myth to each other and see how creatively Kate O'Hearn tied it in.
Another dislike was just how overall rushed the book was. There was one scene in general (slight spoiler alert) where it just completely jumped off where they could've had a great semi-plot. But instead it went more like: "It's time to start training!" and then the next paragraph opens 100 days later after training. I feel like they could have done a lot more with that scene to add depth and conflicts to characters rather than just skipping through it all and summarizing that they endured it in a brief paragraph. This kind of thing happened a few times throughout the book and made it less enjoyable because it left gaps in the book, making the overall flow of the plot detached.
Also, the writing of the book was detached as well and some paragraphs did not logically piece together. Some parts were completely irrelevant and others did not explain the whole length. Most of the dialogue techniques in the book were very bland and repetitive, not giving out much emotion.
One thing that bothered me the most was how overpowered they made Emily's character to be. I understand that as the main character they have some advantages and all but she is basically a Mary Sue character which is really boring to read. My favorite book of the series was the first book, mainly because she was easy to relate to and had a down to earth character. In the first book you could feel her conflict and struggle and it would really touch you but then in this book all of it was out of this earth and made you feel no sympathy. I mean she went from a ordinary girl from New York to this overpowered Greek character who can fly, levitate, control fire and do all of these unrealistic things that the real character is lost in itself and becomes uninteresting because no one could relate to this person anymore. It bothered me so much any time she used her powers because here she was, alongside a normal person (handicapped actually) and Joel (a human with a prosthetic arm) and they are trying their hardest and fighting with all their might with actual relational struggle and Emily gets to kill monsters with the first blow. Honestly I'm kind of wishing that they shifted the point of view away from Emily entirely. I Rather read a book from Joel's point of view with a less interesting plot because you could actually feel his grit and conflicts rather than Emily's perfect powers.
Overall, this book was rushed and poorly written with little character development. I think that Kate O'Hearn should have put more time into elaboration to understand the character more and tap in to her perspective so it would be more down-to-earth and you could actually relate to Emily. Also put more time in drawing out certain parts that were just dropped instead of being bothered with to feel like you are on the whole journey, not just unconnected fragments that don't tie together. Honestly, the only reason I read the entire book without abandoning it was because I wanted to know what happened to the characters - not Emily - but rather Pegasus, Paelen, and Joel. Because they are characters that you can understand and feel - even Paelen who is a Olympian - and have actual character depth that moves you.
I know a lot of people enjoyed this book but it is my opinion and I must say I had much higher hopes for this book. I think that Kate O'Hearn should have just ended the series at three books instead of trying to make a fourth one - or at least took her time - hastily just for viewers pleasure.
" said.

"5 stars
I really loved this one. It was better than the rest of the books in the series. I think maybe it was because of the writing. I feel like this book did not drag on and on so much like the others ones in the series. I think that it I'd all wrapping up and getting to the end. There was also more excitement and it is getting more interesting. I think the first three books was more a less introducing everything and the characters. I think this more exciting and I hope the next book will be similar to this book.
" said.

" They HAVE to make a number 5!!!!! " said.

"First half... WHAT. THE. I hate JP for making me read this book... Just saying cause he knows that I'll end up crying because of this book. >:( Isn't he so mean?

First off, Emily finally discovered what she really is. (view spoiler)" said.

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