The Cloud Horse: Short Fiction for Kids Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-23 
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"I'm a fan of Strawberry Shakespeare and was excited to find new work by her. This is a wonderful book for kids who love horses, and for everyone else, too! "The Cloud Horse" by C.J. Dennis is a children's classic and I'm glad that Ms. Shakespeare is bringing it to the public's attention as it is little known in the US and deserves to be read. Her own original tales, "White Fire" and "The Appaloosa Colt," were absolutely wonderful. The excerpt from her children's novel, Horse Kid & Blue: Saving Bluestone Belle was a great choice -- lively and funny. I highly recommend this ebook to kids and families." said.

"I read this ebook with my eleven year old. We thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the chapter on C. J. Dennis by Strawberry Shakespeare. This is the kind of book that adults will enjoy as much as kids. "The Cloud Horse" will please kids of all ages who like a touch of fantasy in their fiction. "White Fire" is a one-of-a-kind story that you'll never forget. I only wish it were longer so I could have savored it more. The chapter from Strawberry Shakespeare's novel, "Saving Bluestone Belle," was charming. I'm glad we had a chance to discover this new author, which is what I love about Amazon. My horse-crazed kid and I are now looking forward to reading "Saving Bluestone Belle," the children's horse book by this author." said.

"I love the way Strawberry Shakespeare tells a story. Reading this book, I was amazed how quickly and effectively my imagination was engaged with the first brief story "The Cloud Horse" by C.J. Dennis, about a boy riding on a flying horse.
Instead of a long drawn out tale, the author quickly activates the reader's imagination with Dennis's story, then proceeds with her own action packed stories. All of the stories open one's imagination to all possibility.

These stories can help a child be more creative and imaginative, in addition to enjoying reading. Each story leaves images and words in mind that can easily bring excitement, hope and confidence to a young (or old; I am 76) reader.

Ideas subtly presented through the stories include finding an amazing healing force within, making dreams come true, and conquering fear to do the right thing. What could be better for children than stimulating their imagination, along with some delightfully fun and positive ideas to make their lives better and contribute to the lives of others (including animals.)
" said.

"As a teacher of third graders, I am always on the lookout for great books for children to read. When an opportunity arises to review new books, I grab onto as many children's books as possible. Diamond Star Press gave me an electronic version of The Cloud Horse for review purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own after reading this book.

It is always a wonderful thing when children are encouraged to use their imaginations. The Cloud Horse inspires just that. As an adult reader, I too, enjoyed the adventures of Neville as he took a ride on the cloud horse. The author does a great job of painting pictures in our minds, so the reader can feel as if he/she is experiencing the same events. The story is whimsical and magical--just what we want for our kids today. Too often, the picture is given to them, but children who still have their noses in books can go anywhere, and for many, a story such as The Cloud Horse will open up their minds to create their own adventures.

The second story in the book is "White Fire," in which a young Native American girl saves her best friend's life. Through this experience, she learns that she is more capable than she thought possible. This story opens the door for discussions with children regarding the expectations they have of themselves and the possibilities that lie within their reach, if they just stretch themselves a bit.

The third story, The Appaloosa Colt, shows how a young girl can show responsibility and work for something that means the world to her. She has a collection of model horses..., which leads to her opportunity. I can see parents and teachers using this story as a guide for their own children/students to the possibilities and connections that they might be able to pursue.

This book containing these short stories would make a wonderful addition to any child's library. Finding great stories, which also involve life lessons, is not always so easy these days. Thank you, Strawberry Shakespeare for putting this collection together for young readers.
" said.

"This is a very good book. Those of you who like or even owns a horse,will not be able to not like the book" said.

"I though that it was a very good book. I thought that it was a very good and interesting book.
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