Kell and the Horse Apple Parade (Aliens Inc Series) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-23 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

"In this second book of the Aliens, Inc. series Kell and his family of aliens move from parties to parade planning. This book for high second grade readers through fourth or fifth grade readers will keep them interested. Kell continues to be confused by many things on earth. Humor abounds as he does not always understand the meaning of the words of his friends as well as others. In each book Kell uses his brain to solve a problem. In this book it is what to do with the horse apples left during the parade. Kell again saves the day and helps to raise money for the Friends of the Police!" said.

"I have decided to give this ebook five stars for such a great story with a bit of mystery and adventures. I found this to be a fast paced type of ebook as well as very easy to read and hard to quit reading it till one has finished reading the book from cover to cover. I had enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for allowing me to be able to do this. I recommend this ebook for children say from first through sixth grade-girls and boys I think could really enjoy it! I received this ebook for free and in exchange I am now doing the reviews. Great work author and illustrator! By Angela" said.

"Darcy Pattison is an Arkansas children's book author and writing teacher. In 1999, she created the Novel Revision Retreat, which she now teaches across the nation. As a children's book author her books have been translated into nine languages, and have been recognized for excellence by starred reviews, Book of the Year awards, state award lists and more. She is the 2007 recipient of the Arkansas Governor's Arts Award for Individual Artist for her work in children's literature.

Sparsely illustrated by Rich Davis in tiny pen and ink drawings and far more of a `mostly words' format than her other I WANT A DOG and I WANT A CAT little master pieces, the book will appeal to older children (the author has noted age 6 - 12). The story is cute and has some sound ideas and makes up in super heroes for what it lacks in the warmth arena. The author's synopsis is sound: 'For Kell, the Friends of Police Parade is a big deal, his first Earthling parade. With Bree's help, he must figure out how to deal with City Hall, figure out fund-raising and find super heroes and super heroines to march in the parade. To make things worse, Principal Lynx believes someone in third grade in an alien, and she has a new Alien Catcher App on her smart phone. Survival on planet Earth just got harder for the Smiths, those friendly aliens from Bix. Will the Society of Alien Chasers catch Kell and his family? Or will they outsmart Mrs. Lynx again. Kell and friends learn about good nutrition, while sampling foods from different cultures. Only Kell thinks all the food is alien.'

Darcy Pattison writes well and it is wise she chooses not to limit her material to a single category. Definitely for the older children - younger ones may well lose interest. Grady Harp, April 15
" said.

"I received this book as a PDF in exchange for a review. I feel like this was an excellent book for me to review as I happened to have a little someone from the third grade target market sitting next to me while I read. The plot of this book revolves around Kell and her family, who are secretly aliens from the planet Bix. The principal at Kell's school is an alien-chaser, so Kell has plenty of adventures trying to avoid suspicion, which all culminates at the town's Horse Apple Parade.
My daughter was drawn to this book by the lively illustrations, and she liked the way the pictures were mixed in with the text. She also enjoyed the author's skill for breaking up the text with lists and other funny inserts. My 9 year old son saw us reading and joined us, and he was laughing out loud at some pages. I definitely recommend this book - the price (especially for the Kindle version) is a great value.
" said.

"For third graders this type of alien may be worthwhile
in showing how hard i the new emigrants in our
modern world have it.
Today we have Iranians running the corner store
and second generation Vietnamese dating the boy next door
who is half native American.
So a skin shedding alien boy who has a strange truth-teller earthling girl friend
isn't a big stretch.
A contest for horse crap in a square on a parade, even has an angle...
I enjoyed the story, but not really enough to take on reading the third
episode as the alien angle is wearing thin for me?!
The question as a scientist occurred to me:
"What if there are really aliens living among us,
and they aren't nice "ET Phone Home" types?"
" said.

"Fun from ants to spiders to cicadas to different foods. Not to mention the mystery of horse apples and what to do about them in the parade. And maybe Kell should get an anteater for those pesky bugs. Kell, the alien is using his creative mind and kind heart to help solve real problems. He enlists the help of his friends and family to keep ahead of the constant threat from Mrs. Lynx the alien chaser. I recommend this book to stir the imagination of children and for its many cool things to learn. The creative accidental art and the practical look up list themes continue to help kids work problems out in a positive way." said.

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